January 21, 1946

Seoul, Korea

21 January 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I had hoped that I would have some mail from you today, but there wasn’t any mail at all, so now I’m hoping we will have some tomorrow. I have just finished reading some of your last letters over again. The best thing about this day is the fact that it brings us one day nearer to the time when we can be together.

Willis with his assistant, Don McClintock. Taken shortly after they began working together.

  At 7:30 this morning I bid Don goodbye. It was very hard to see him go. He is a very fine Christian and I know I’ll never be able to find anyone to take his place. As far as I know, they will spend the night at the processing center and load on the troop ship sometime tomorrow. I have a feeling that they will probably sail late tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning. He will probably be home in about 2 and 1/2 weeks. He looks to be in Joliet sometime around the 10th of February. Words cannot describe how hard it was to see him go and be left behind. I’ve seen so many of my friends go and still be left behind. But I’m hoping that it won’t be too much longer before I can start back to the good old USA.

  Early this morning I called in a number of wards and then came back up here to my office and studied until noontime. I have so very little time to do any reading so I have to snatch what time I can here and there. And then the entire afternoon was spent trying to get some of the things straightened out around here. I got some more of the things rounded up for one of the chaplains who used to be with the hospital and I’m going to have them boxed up and sent to him. It is hard to go through so much stuff and know what to do with it, that is, what to save and what to discard. It was time to eat by the time I had gone through all the things.

  After supper, I came back up here to the office and did some more reading and then Miss Asmus came in to visit and stayed for about an hour and a half and she had only been gone a short time when another soldier came in to see me about some things. 

This has certainly been a very beautiful day in every way today as far as the weather is concerned. It was just like spring. It is very muddy and sloppy and most of the snow is gone. Of course, the mountain peaks are all covered and really make a pretty sight.

  From what you said in your letter, you must have had a very fine time at Julie’s. I’m glad that they arranged to pick you up at the end of the car line. I was truly sorry to hear about Mom’s rash, I hope it clears up very soon. Poor little Mom seems to have her share of things. Darling, I was truly glad to hear about the good report what you gave me concerning Mr. Riley, the new field representative for Northern. We need more men like him.

  Lover, when you see Vernon Ritter be sure to give him my very best wishes. I’m sure that he must be very very busy with all his school work and church work. I will hope to see him shortly after my return. In that I’m so tired and it is late, I think I will close for tonight. Be-de-bop-boo, I wuuuve you more dan ever forever. You id tow tweet. Give the folks my love.

Always just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find 9 pictures of Okinawa and Korea – read on the back. 

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