January 20, 1946

Seoul, Korea

20 January 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has been a very long and full Lord’s day and I’m really very tired and weary this evening. I’ve just finished reading some of your last precious letters over. As I mentioned last evening in my letter, there wasn’t any mail but I’m surely hoping there will be some mail tomorrow. I wanted to get this letter started sooner, or I should say earlier, but several different men came in to bid me good-bye. They are leaving early tomorrow morning. Don is leaving with them. I’m certainly going to miss him, it is really hard to see so many going and always being left behind. The Lord surely has some purpose in it, but I’m desperately lonesome for you.

Taken by Willis. In Sarah’s scrapbook.

  After calling in some of the wards I came back to my office and went over my morning sermon. There was a very good crowd out for services this morning. In fact, the chapel was filled to capacity. This evening there were thirty-three in attendance which isn’t too bad when you consider the tremendous shortage we have in manpower. I’m not going to go into detail concerning the sermons. The outline of the morning sermon was: ( 1)  We limit God by our sin. (2)  We limit God by lack of prayer. (3) We limit God by our lack of service. Enclosed find our order of service. Also find  enclosed the G.I. Gospel Hour order of service. I spoke there this afternoon but we had more in attendance at our morning service. We are just getting it started here and it is difficult to get it going when so many of our old faithfuls are leaving all the time. As you will note, I spoke on, “In Whose Interest?”  The scripture was Matthew 10:38-39.

  It really warmed up a whole lot today and started to thaw around 9 o’clock. Almost all the snow and ice are gone now and the roads are in pretty bad shape. A day like this made me think so much of spring in the States. We will probably have some more cold weather but we will probably start having warmer weather around the 15th of February.

  Sweetheart, your letter of December 31st was beautiful and it really meant a whole lot to me in every way. From what you told me, the Watch Night service at Buena must have been very lovely. They have always had such very fine services. Darling, I like very much your selection of our prayer verse for this coming year (Philippians 3:9-10).

  It is good to know that I can forget mentioning what you earned working for Mr. Paul. I’ve also been informed that here but I don’t know whether we will report our income tax over here or not, if not, I will take care of it when I return to the States.

  From what you said in your letter, Paul must have picked up a very nice bookcase. I’m sure we will need another bookcase or two and as soon as we are settled I’m going to try and get them for us. Sweetheart, it is so late and I’m so tired I think I’ll close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things. Remember that I love you more than I ever have before. Thank you for being such a wonderful sweetheart and wife.

 Always and forever just yours in

 Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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