January 18, 1946

Seoul, Korea

18 January 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has really been a rounder of a day as far as interruptions go, in a few minutes it will be midnight but thank the Lord we are one day nearer to the time when we can be together. The real joy of this day was the arrival of three more of your letters, they were for January 7th, 8th and 9th. I’ve just finished reading them again for the third time. They were really good and helped me so very much. I also received a nice letter from Marguerite Simonian and the magazine sent out by the Army and Navy Commission on chaplains. 

Seoul, Korea. January 1946.

I was up early this morning and started to prepare my message for this coming Sunday. I’ve been asked to be the speaker for the Youth for Christ here in Seoul Sunday afternoon at 2:30. I wish they would have waited for three or four more weeks before asking me to be the speaker because I have been one of the main backers and planners of the movement, and naturally, some of the brethren are jealous anyhow. I cannot go into detail now but will tell you all about it when we are together. They asked me the last of last week but I asked them to try and get someone else but they really said the committee wanted me to be the speaker because they really didn’t want to hinder the movement in any way just after getting it started.

  There were several interruptions this morning, but I did manage to accomplish some on my sermons. However, the afternoon was one continual series of individuals wanting help or advice. And then Chaplain Kuester came to my office and stayed for about an hour before leaving. I only had a few moments before supper, having had my supper, I came back up here to my office and found another patient who wanted to see me about some difficulties.

  We had 12 in our Bible class this evening, which is better but still some of our regulars couldn’t attend because of the work. It is very difficult for them to come when we are so very short on personnel. If we would get some replacements it might help some.

  You mentioned in your letter of the seventh today that you wrote a letter to Dr. Russell Orr in answer to a letter which he had written to you. What did you say to him? I’ve been thinking for some time that I ought to drop him a few lines. I’m willing to go anywhere and do my best but I’m hoping we will be able to get something fairly good, for I’m just a bit weary of the Army and the things you have to put up with, especially is that true if you like to feel that maybe you are accomplishing something.

  I was certainly surprised to hear that Wayne VanKirk is home already. I know they must be very happy about such good news. By the way Darling, in your letter of the 9th of January you said you were still missing my letter of December 18th, but in reading over your letter of the 28th of December again I find that you said you received my letter of December 18th on that day. I’m just wondering if you made a mistake about that date? What day’s letter is missing?

  Well, Lover, it is so late and I’m so tired I must close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Always just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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