January 17, 1946

Seoul, Korea

17 January 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

29 months ago today I left for Harvard University and at least I know that we are that many months closer to the time when we can be together. I do pray the Lord that it won’t be too much longer until we can be together. I don’t mean to be complaining but I’m so very lonesome for your wonderful love and presence. After all, I’m so very thankful unto the Lord for the wonderful blessing which the Lord has bestowed upon us.

Written on the back: “Two Mexican boys I told you about, Sweetheart and Carlos Turner on extreme right.” Taken while at Long Beach – 1944.

  I received a lot of mail today but there wasn’t a single letter from you, Sweetheart. The letters were from the following people: Jack and Bertha, two letters from Dolores, Harry Shute (a discharged medic of the 184th Infantry), Lemmerts,  Mr. and Mrs. Zude,  the Northern and a number of bulletins from North Shore, Tremont Temple and Long Beach. As soon as I answer the letters, I will send them on to you so you can read them.

  I was really cold early this morning, I checked the thermometer at eight-thirty this morning and found the temperature to be six below zero. I’m surely thankful that we’ve had enough fuel the last few days to keep warm. One of the men received an emergency leave for the States so I drove him into Seoul to get everything taken care of for him, so he will be ready to leave here tomorrow morning. That was certainly a long cold drive in there this morning. It was noon by the time I got back here so having had my dinner I came here to the office and studied for a while and then called in the various wards on all the new patients who came in.  It really keeps you going here now, we are understaffed and with so many patients it means there is a whole lot to do.

  Shortly before the time for the evening meal, I came back here to the office and studied on my message for this evening. There were only fifteen in attendance this evening. I spoke on this theme, “An Enemy Aboard”,  using as my scripture Ephesians 6:10-17.  Sometime I will tell you how I developed the whole thing. I wanted to get this letter started to you right away but several different men came up here to see me, and as a result, I find it rather late and I’m pretty tired.

  From what you said in your Christmas letter, the new dictionary which the folks gave us must be very fine. I know it will prove helpful to us in every way. Be sure to thank them very much on my behalf. All of you must have had a good time opening your presents around the Christmas tree.

  It is good to know that things are going so very well for John and Sherry. I do hope that they won’t have to be separated like we have had to be separated. I don’t blame them for liking Southern California. By the way, while calling in one of the wards today, one of the patients gave me two pictures. He used to be stationed on Ie Shima.  One is of the surrender plane landing on the airstrip and the other is a typical Okinawa woman having another woman load a sack of sweet potatoes on her head. Lover, it is so late and I’m tired so I will close for tonight.

 God bless you Lover,

Always just yours in His love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find Dr. Hepburn’s Christmas card.

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