January 15, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 15, 1946

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Another day slipped by and no mail. I thought we would have some today but no such luck. I really miss your wonderful letters, they are so essential to refueling me for the tasks of each day. Remember how we used to refuel each other? To be near you again and talk and pray and just be quiet will be about the most wonderful thing I can imagine this side of Eternity. I read some more of your letters over again this evening, and of course that helped some, it seems they grow sweeter with each reading and they never fail to remind me of the very good talks we have had together.

  This has been one of those rounder days when everything seems to come up to consume time and then you find yourself at the end of the day apparently accomplishing very little. This morning early I visited some of the wards and then came back here to the office and used the rest of the morning to do some reading and studying. After dinner, I called on some more of the wards again and that took until almost 4 o’clock when on arriving back at my office I found a man here to see me. Later, I had my evening meal and after that I came back up here to my office and washed out some clothes.

  Two more men came up to see me, they are leaving in the morning. We will have another large evacuation in the morning. I understand that a hospital ship arrived at Jinsen this afternoon.  I would certainly like to have the privilege of going aboard for that nice ocean voyage to the east, ultimate destination, 1522 Elmdale Chicago 26, Illinois, to see a tweet wittle dirl which I wuve wif all my heart and wife for the ages of ages. You id tow very tweet. Darling, it is so good to have a wonderful Christian wife like you are to me in every way. Please pray for me to become useful in the Lord’s hands and thus in the long run a better husband it to you, Dear.

The Muellers from East Moline.

  I wanted to get several letters off this evening but the best I could do was get one off to Joe Travers (find his letter enclosed), and a letter to John and Helen Mueller (find enclosed the picture which they sent with my Christmas card).  It is a very good picture I think but it surely doesn’t do Helen justice.

  You will be interested to know that it was much warmer today, in fact, after dinner it’s thawed enough to become a little sloppy. We will only have about another month of real cold weather, then we can start expecting better, or I should say, warmer weather. About an hour ago the wind came up and is blowing rather hard now, so I suppose we may have some more snow during the night.

  Concerning this promotion to the next rank, I don’t fully understand, but I have made it known that I do not want to be promoted and will not accept it if I can help it. I’ve told them how I feel but I’m not going to make myself miserable about it. I’ve left it in the Lord’s hands and I feel confident that it will work out for the best.

  From what you told me in your letter of December 22nd, the Christmas tree which you had this year must have been very nice. That must have been something watching all of you decorate the tree. I can just see the Chief working on the lights.

  I hope you will soon be sending me some more pictures of yourself, I haven’t received any now for quite a while and I’m really lonesome for them. Remember, pictures of yourself is about the best thing you can do to help me bear the separation so many thousand miles away.

  That was a very lovely letter which you received from the Foiles and I was surely sorry to know that they have had so much trouble. It is good to know that she doesn’t have to be alone now. She’s a good mother and must have had some very trying days during the time he was in the service.

  From what you said, you must have had a very nice visit with the Nixons. I’m just wondering if he was called to the church where Paul and Gen go? If he was, it will really make it nice for him to take more work at Northern.

  Well Lover, it is rather late and I’m pretty weary so I think I will sign off for tonight.  God bless you and all the folks in all things.

 Yours and none others for

  always in Christ’s precious love,


 Colossians 3:3

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