January 15, 1945

January 15, 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

We were all up very early this morning and on our way before daylight. I certainly like training like this. In spite of being very busy, I thought of you many times and was hoping some more of your back letters would come through. And to my great joy late tonight all of your letters from December 20th to January 10th arrived, that is, there are three of them missing. They are for the following days, January 6th, 8th and 9th. Sweetheart, words cannot in any way whatsoever describe my joy in receiving those wonderful letters of yours. I am certainly thankful unto the Lord for such a wonderful Christian wife as you are.

Sweetheart, in that this is very late I am not going to be able to write you a very long letter, I will seek to answer most of the most important questions in your precious letters that have arrived this evening. Because of our type of training, I’m not going to be able to tell you very much that I do in my letters this week.

Sarah and Earl Reed. December 1944.

First of all Darling, I want to thank you for your wonderful love and kindness to my father while he was there in the folks home. I probably won’t have an opportunity to write to the folks for a while so be sure to thank them for me also. Words cannot possibly describe my gratitude to the Chief for working so hard to see that my father has a good set of teeth. Be sure to thank him Dear, and let him know I love him more than words can tell and I want above all else to be a son-in-law worthy of his love and trust and hope in me.

I am also happy that the Chief told Mom and Mom told you about my fathers need of an operation. Of course I feel very badly about the whole thing, for he never did mention it to me. I feel as you feel, that we are to do something about it. I, as you feel, it would be an investment that would bring us interest in terms of my father’s better health which is much more important than all the money we can ever hope to save or put in the bank. Darling, thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful wife. Darling, I will not be able to send you any more money until I’m paid at the end of this month, but if you have $200 send it to him right away. I don’t have very much time but I will write him a short note to tell them that you are going to send the money to him from us and that we want him to get the operation taken care of as soon as possible. Thank you for telling me all about this, Dear.

Another thing you mentioned in this group of letters several times and I will answer, and that is concerning your thesis. Darling, of course I would like to see you finish it this year, but as I’ve said before, your health comes first. I hardly know how to advise you, so I will suggest that you talk it over with Dr. Mantey, for I have always found his counseling among the very best. If you finished it this year and I haven’t returned by this fall, you will even enjoy your other courses more because you will be able to take what subjects you like and read what other things you feel will be of most help to you. All I ask Darling is this, by all means don’t overwork and ask the Lord for His leading and know you will make the proper decision.

By the way, last night I was so rushed before I had to finish the letter before lights out that I didn’t have time to mention the fact at exactly 5 years ago yesterday I preached my first sermon at Lexington, Illinois. You will also find enclosed with last night’s letter and this one a bulletin for yesterday’s services.

I have no way of knowing what I will be doing tomorrow evening but if at all possible I will try to answer some more of your questions. Remember Darling, I love you more than ever I have before. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

Ever yours in the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    January 15, 2019, 3:31 am

    “We were all up very early this morning and on our way before daylight. I certainly like training like this. ” Indeed, Willis remained on the go before sunrise for the rest of his life! Must be in the Reed DNA, as many of us still follow suit to this day 🙂

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