January 14, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 14, 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, Beloved, there wasn’t any mail today and I had hoped there would be some from you. There is nothing in all the world like a good letter from you to help brighten every day. Of course, as always, I read some more of your last letters over again this evening. I cannot help but wonder just how good it is going to be able to talk and pray with you as we used to do.

Willis with friends. He is front center.

  I was up early this morning and went around to the wards and prepared to make the trip into Seoul to pick up some mail for the patients and several other things. Don and Chaplain Doran (Catholic) also rode in with me and did some shopping while I made all my trips to the various places for the patients. By the way, I saw Secretary of War Patterson, he left Korea today for Manila.

  We got back here shortly after dinner and we were here in time to get something to eat, however. Later, I called on more of the men in the wards and delivered the mail and money orders. There were several men up to my office to see me about things they were concerned about. By the way, this morning I mailed the packages to the Chief and Mom and Bob and Margie. I sent them Air Mail and I do hope they make very good time, and as I said, I hope they like them. I was surely fortunate to get those things, this friend of mine picked up all the things from a large PX in Seoul and he gave me first choice of all he had. I feel quite fortunate that we have had an opportunity at picking what I would like even before they were displayed at the PX.

  Before starting this letter to you this evening, I wrote a letter to Betty Weiskopf and the Galilean class. I’m going to enclose her letter for you to read. They are certainly doing fine work and I only wish there were more young people’s groups like theirs.

  Darling, in one of your letters you mentioned about our one year together at East Moline, right now it seems almost like a dream to me. Won’t it be wonderful to be together again in a home of our own? Just to be near you again will be about the best thing I can think of.

  You also mentioned the fact that Olga sent me the Reader’s Digest for a year. I’m just wondering if she sent it to our home address or sent it to my Army address. Don’t tell her, for she may feel badly but I’ve received one copy of it since being overseas and that about six months late.

  I was interested to hear about Lois Sloan, but I was sorry to know that she hasn’t been feeling so well. I just wonder if she has been working too hard. Knowing her as I do, I know she would put her whole heart and soul into whatever she did. It is good to know that Ray Parry has encouraged them to plan ahead for this summer’s Vacation Church School. It is very unwise to wait until the last minute to plan something so very important.

  Lover,  I’m so very tired for some reason or other tonight, so I’m going to close and try to get a good night’s rest. God bless you richly in all things.

 Just yours, Lover, forever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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