January 13, 1945

January 13, 1945

Sarah, My Darling Wife:

I had so hoped there would be some mail today, but none arrived, so I will have to hope there will be some tomorrow. I know you must have sent all of your letters through at the same time. Anyhow, two of them really got here in a hurry. They were dated the sixth of January and I received them on the eleventh. I am glad part of them arrived for the day that marked the completion of one whole year without seeing you. I have read your last letters this evening and will probably read them several times before more mail comes in from you. Your letters really help me out a whole lot. 

Joseph Rivard. Picture sent to Sarah by Willis.
January 1945.

This morning I spent almost the whole time working on services for tomorrow. About an hour before dinner I visited around the various company areas with some of the men. I also had my dinner with another one of the outfits. I want to do my best to get acquainted with all of the men, for it helps a lot if you know the men.

Immediately following dinner, I came back to my quarters and read my devotional material for today. I always enjoy reading the material. After that I left here to call at another hospital. I got to see five of the men while down there. While there I also met the Chaplin who is the chaplain for the hospital. He is a Lutheran, Missouri Synod. After coming back to my quarters, I started to get my quarters cleaned. The wind has been blowing very hard here today and as a result everything was covered with dirt. I also took the time to clean and polish some of my equipment. This next week all of us will be taking jungle training. I will have a service here tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock and and another at 4 o’clock up at jungle training center. And then we will return to this area so we can have our evening service in the Post Chapel. I wanted to start this letter to you rather early this evening, but a soldier came in to see me and we visited for almost 2 hours. He was very much interested in the Bible and asked a lot of questions.

Now I am going to take the opportunity to answer some of the questions in your last letters of January 1st and 2nd, which happen to be your last, all the others in between are missing. Maybe they will come tomorrow, I do hope so. Darling, I am so glad to hear about the interest the Chief has taken in studying the Bible. I’m sure he will be a fine example of what God does for those who seek to know him better. You mentioned in your letter of the first that when my father returned he was going to the office to have the Chief work on him, and that you hoped he liked his new teeth. I’m sure you must have told me more in some other letters that I have not received. I take it that the Chief is doing some work for him. That is certainly wonderful of him and I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

That was very nice of you to write to John Stroo, I know he will appreciate your letter very much. He is a very fine Christian fellow. He told me that he wrote a letter to you. It surely sound strange to hear about the cold weather back there. Your first day in school was really a full day and it was too bad that you were late because of the slow streetcars.

Darling, you got a very good grade in history, keep up the good work. It really makes me so thankful and happy to know you are doing such very good work, and most of all I am happy that you are enjoying your work at Northern.

I am glad to know that you gave Dr. Mantey the money for my birthday. From all you have told me in your letter, Mr. Sellers must have given a very fine message in chapel. I have met him on two or three occasions and like him very very much. I don’t think he would remember me though. I was very much surprised to hear that Dr. Koller has received a D.D. degree from Eastern. 

I was very much surprised to hear that Still Hines has been operated upon, is he getting along alright? Was it a very serious operation? I’m sorry to hear about little Shirley Bender, I do hope that she doesn’t have to suffer too long. By the way, are the Benders related to Mrs. Henry? That used to be her name before she married Carl.

Darling, I got a kick out of reading that statement you made about buying a new book and getting a Hershey bar with the purchase. The way you said it was so very very sweet. I know you must have been happy and glad to see Paul and Gen after the holidays. I am sure the boys must be really growing. I would certainly like to see them. I was surprised to hear that Ralph was there visiting. I do hope that the influence of Paul and Gen will help him. I am not too much surprised about Kinzer, and I do hope that something will happen to make that man come to himself. I will certainly surprised to hear about Sarah Coyne, I never thought she would change you so much, although I have had enough contact with those of the profession that she is preparing for to know that she could be easily led to think nothing of doing all the things you mentioned in your letter. Many of those of her profession over here drink and smoke and think nothing of it. I could tell you some things that would break your heart. Such as cheating on the behalf of officers, even though they are married and have families, and I know in several instances the nurses involved know they are married but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I assure you I will pray for her, because she is too fine a girl to fritter her life away on such things.

It is encouraging to know that Stan and Lee are getting started so well with their work in the church. I feel confident that the Lord will bless them and use them for a real blessing in that community.

Well Lover, in that tomorrow is Sunday, I want to get a good nights sleep so I will be fully prepared for the responsibilities. I love you more tonight than ever I have before. God bless you in all things is my earnest prayer. Give the folks and all our dear friends my love.

So thankful to God for our Oneness

Forever in the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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