January 11, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 11, 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

Two long years ago tonight I saw you for the last time Darling, and those intervening 24 months seem almost like that many years. These days it seems so long and trying, but at least we are 2 years near the time when we can be together all the time. That night as the El Capitan spread towards the west coast my heart seemed to become heavier with the passing of each mile. And the passing days have only intensified my longing and loneliness for you, Beloved. You are so very precious in every way and I know I love you more than ever and I’m so thankful unto the Lord for the privilege which is mine in being your husband. The nurses around this hospital are the first women I have seen for almost 2 years, but they only give me more reason to be thankful unto the Lord for a wife like you are. Miss Mason and Miss Asmus are the finest of the nurses, but Beloved, you outshine them as the sun outshines the moon. Again, thank you, Darling, for being such a good Christian wife to me.

Seoul National University Hospital.

  I spent the entire morning preparing and planning the services for this Sunday. There were several interruptions but I did manage to accomplish quite a lot. After dinner, I called on all the wards and then took care of several things which needed attention. It doesn’t seem that I’ve accomplished very much today, but after all, I did have time to do some studying. I had hoped there would be some mail from you today, but there wasn’t a bit of mail of any kind. I’m hoping that there will be some tomorrow.

  After supper, I came back up here to the office and studied for a while for our Bible class. There were only nine in our class this evening, but as I said before, several of our old faithfuls have to work in the evenings so that makes it very difficult to have a larger number in attendance. I wanted to come right up here and try to write several letters this evening, but some of the men wanted to talk and ask questions so I sought to help them, praying that it would strengthen them in their Christian life. They left and then I wrote a letter to Major Mason which I will enclose in this letter for you to read.

  Darling, I think that was a good idea of you to send fifteen dollars to my father for Christmas. That way he can buy what he would like or needs the most. I was glad to know that Gen and Paul liked the subscription to the National Geographic so well. As you said, it should be very helpful and educational for the children also.

  It will indeed be interesting for you to be on the committee for the VCS of the Chicago area. I suppose Doug picked you because of your experience last summer at North Shore.

  I was glad to know that Mrs. Heaton volunteered to give you some helpful suggestions in the matter of writing your thesis. It’s too bad Dr. Mason doesn’t show more interest in that respect. You would think that he would be eager to help students in that way. It was something to hear about Earl Stemple being back in the States. I know Jane must be very happy about it. Does she still work at the Seminary? Well Lover, I’m pretty weary tonight, so I think I will close for tonight. God bless you richly in all things.

 Always and forever just yours in

 Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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