January 10, 1945

January 10, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has been a very busy day but I have thought of you many times and found many reasons for thankfulness to our Lord for your precious life. A year ago tonight was our last evening together and I thought about that more times than you will ever know. 

This morning I spent all my time studying and getting some things in order here in my quarters. As I studied I thought of some of the good discussions we have together. It is certainly a blessing to have such hallowed memories, especially during this time of our separation. I worked and meditated on my message for the midweek service. The rest of the time I spent reading my devotional material. 

Note from Captain Hirsch to his wife. Sent through Willis and then Sarah.

Immediately following the dinner hour, I left here to do some more hospital calling. It was certainly good to see the men. While calling at one hospital I saw Captain Hirsch. By the way, he has been very sick. (Don’t tell Mrs. Hirsch though, because there is a lot of domestic trouble.)  As I told you last spring, I was afraid it was coming. It is very difficult to write things in the letter, that is to a satisfactory understanding on your behalf. I feel it unwise to say anymore. I talked to him for sometime and the whole case reveals the lack of Christ in their relationship with each other. You cannot be unfaithful and expect to harvest joy and peace of heart. Pray about it Dear, as you know the future years of their daughter’s life is involved. 

It was time for supper when we returned to headquarters. After supper, a certain officer came to my quarters for a visit. We had a good time until I had to leave for the Post Chapel for our first midweek service. I am thankful to report there were 17 in attendance at our first meeting. There was an officer there also. It is very late now because two soldiers stayed to visit me for quite a while. It is certainly a privilege to become acquainted with such fine Christian men. 

By the way, while in a certain PX I bought two more caps, a picture folder for the Holly’s picture and a pair of sunglasses. I hated to spend the money for them, but they do help when on certain types of training. They had cheaper ones but I bought a pair of polarized glasses which cost $16. That is certainly a lot of money for sunglasses, but I thought they would be better in the long run. 

Darling, do you remember what we did together for the last time a year ago last night? I often think about it and wish we could do such things again. Do you ever think about it? 

I will certainly be happy when some of your letters start coming through, I’m so lonesome to know what you have been doing. 

Dear, it is very late and I must go to bed because I’m leaving here early in the morning with a company of men on some specialized training. I think a good way to learn to know the men is to go out on their maneuvers with them, no matter how rigorous they may be. In fact, I enjoy it very much and it challenges me because it makes me realize more and more how well we are to be trained and prepared to serve Christ effectively. 

Good night Darling, and remember, I love you more tonight than ever I have before. God bless you in all things, my Dear. 

I am ever and always just yours in the 

Love of Christ our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

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