February 9, 1946

Seoul, Korea

9 February 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

The best part of this day was the arrival of two more of your precious letters. They were yours of January 20th and 24th, that means I’m still missing yours of the 19th and 23rd. I do hope that they soon show up for this business of trying to guess what you must have said in some other letters isn’t so very easy. They were such good letters and helped me more than words can ever tell. And the big surprise was a letter from Bob, that was really fine and I appreciated his thoughtfulness very much. As soon as I can get a little time I will write him a letter.

Willis and Captain Mason. February 1945.

  Well, this day about caps them all when it comes to a lot to do, it is now past midnight and I’m a little tired. It was so long and varied that I’m not going to bother to going to detail. There were several interviews throughout the day. Besides having two very seriously ill patients, I’ve tried in between jumps to do a little more thinking and preparing for tomorrow morning’s message. This evening I thought I would try and write a couple more letters but no such luck. I did finally finished one to Major Mason’s father before starting this one to you, Lover.

  Two different ones were here to see me after 8 o’clock. One poor fellow is all mixed up. (He is sick of mind).  And then after that, a fellow came to see me about some very distressing problems. I’ll tell you about it later, Darling.

  Sweetheart, it is so very late and I’m so tired that I will close for tonight, but please remember that I love you much more than ever. I’m sorry for such letters to the one I love most and best of all, but I’m sure you would want me to try and get a little rest before tomorrow and its responsibilities. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Forever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

“You id tow tweet and I wuve you more dan ever forever.”  XOXOXOXOXO

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