February 8, 1946

Seoul, Korea

8 February 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Another day has slipped by and I’m sorry to say there wasn’t an email, I was truly disappointed as was everyone else. You would think that they would be seeking to do more than ever in trying to get mail over here to the men, for after all, this occupation duty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. About all some of us live for is the arrival of mail and after receiving a letter from those we love, it does help us carry on.

Some of the men from Willis’ division. Korea 1946.

  I was up early as usual this morning and went into Seoul and bought a good number of money orders for the patients, and by the time I got them and arrived back here, it was time for us to eat our dinner. It was surely a long cold ride in there and back in the open Jeep. It was cloudy almost all day.

  After dinner, I came back up here to the office hoping to get some studying done when a Korean Presbyterian minister and his wife came in to see me. They had heard about me and came out to see me. I cannot go into a lot of detail but things are very difficult for them because of the terribly high price of rice. There was a very good crop this year, but things were very poorly managed and as a result the price is way out of reach for the average person. He has a family of 7 children and a very lovely wife. His name is Reverend Kwang Suk Cha and graduated from the Presbyterian school and seminary where Dr. McCune used to be. I told him about the death of Dr. McCune and naturally he felt very badly. They stayed for about 2 and 1/2 hours and we had a very nice visit. I showed them your picture and they say as many others thought we look alike. As for me, I know of no one I would rather look like then you, my Lover. When they left, I gave them almost the equivalent of $5 in American money and told them to use it to help buy some rice. I also gave them three bars of soap and a box of matches. I gave him those things from us in Christ’s name and love. Lover, I know if you were here you would have done the very same thing. With what I gave them, if they are lucky they ought to be able to get half a bushel of rice.

  After supper, I started to study again when I was interrupted several different times before Bible class and then after class I came up here and three other friends came up and visited for some time. As soon as they left, I sat right down and wrote a letter to Laura Pettygrove and now I’m writing to you, my Lover. I’m sending Laura’s letter along for you to read. In that it is so late and I’m so tired I will close for tonight. God bless you my Dearest in all things.

 Always and forever just yours

 in Christ’s eternal love which

 makes us one,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. I’m sorry of the ink splat on the paper, this pen has been dripping ink lately, it probably needs a new sac (ink). 

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