February 8, 1945

February 8, 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

This evening I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of your letter for January 31st, I didn’t expect any mail from you at all. Our mail has certainly been coming through good the last three days. I suppose we will have to go a few days without again, at least that is the way things generally go. Your letter was so good and it certainly gave me a real lift. Besides your letter, I had one from Connie, one from Hazel Blomberg at North Shore, and one from Uncle Jim and Aunt Mildred at York, Nebraska. Hazel was thanking me for writing a little note to the Guide and the letter from my relatives at York was very very nice.

Chaplain Robert D. Workman.

I have been on the go all day, but it seems that I have been able to accomplish very little. About 9:30 we left for Honolulu and the chaplain’s meeting, this meeting including all chaplains in the area for the Army and the Navy. Chaplain Robert D. Workman, the Chief Chaplain of the Navy, was the main speaker. He certainly gave a fine message. He talked about saving the souls of men, so often you hear fellows talking about goodness and beauty that it did you good to hear a leader like him not mince words in talking about the necessity of saving men. The great joy was the meeting of Alrik, that was the first time I have seen him since coming back up here. We had a good visit and of course we talked a lot about our dear wives an about their baby and Hazel and John. If possible, we hope to be able to get together for a visit sometime. I also had the privilege of seeing a good Navy chaplain friend. I met him on Palmyra Island about five months ago. He is up here now and we had a very good visit. I failed to mention above that Chaplain Wells went along with me in my vehicle.

Immediately following the meeting of the chaplains, I did several things which took a lot of time. I will not be able to tell you now. By the time I had finished with them it was time to get back to camp. As soon as we arrived back here we had our supper and when I came over to my quarters I found the mail which had arrived for me. After reading it, I studied for tonight’s Bible class. We had 17 in our Bible class tonight which is very good considering the fact that some of the men were out on night problems. It was certainly a fine meeting, it was such a great blessing to my heart. Darling, I say that humbly for I do not want to take any credit, for all that I am I owe to our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Most of the men said they have never been in such a fine meeting. So many of them said that things were cleared up in their minds. I know the Holy Spirit was there, our meeting lasted over one hour and 45 minutes, but I brought it to a close for I one the men should have a little time to write letters, even though they want to go on. I would rather have them wanting to go on then to have them feel those meetings are too long. There wasn’t a single one present who didn’t enter into the discussion someway or other. We were studying about Nicodemus and Christ and we also brought in such things as what is soul, spirit, Holy Spirit, virtue and innocence, etc. Chaplain Wells told me afterward that I gave the finest and clearest definition of soul, spirit and Holy Spirit that he ever heard, if that be true, I take none of the credit but merely thank God for His goodness to me in every way.

By the way, I happened to pick up a Honolulu paper this morning and looking through it I found the clipping about Dr. Lindner, Mary’s husband. It doesn’t state whether she was along or not but if I have sometime I may try to locate him at the University. I’m also enclosing a Sad Sack cartoon which I thought you might like to see. You will also find two more postcards and a snapshot of my friend Lt. Norman Martin. Darling, it is late and I am tired so I will close for tonight. God bless you in all things, my Beloved. I love you more than words can ever tell.

Always yours in His wonderful Love,


Colossians 3:3

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