February 6, 1946

Seoul, Korea

6 February 1946

Dearest Darling Lover:

This has been another one of those lulu days but thank the Lord we are that much nearer to the time when we can and will be together always. I was surely disappointed when we didn’t receive any mail today. It cleared up today and visibility was pretty good, so I’m hoping that maybe they got into Korea for us today. My heart truly feels empty when I don’t hear from you, Lover. It will certainly be wonderful to know day-by-day what you are doing and not have to wait weeks, in fact, the joy will be doing some of the things with you.

Almost the entire morning was spent calling on the patients in the various wards, I did manage to get about an hour studying done this morning before dinner. Shortly after dinner, I left for Seoul to take care of some of the things at the Capitol building. Three of the nurses rode in with me for they wanted to do some shopping on Bun Chung Street. After taking care of the things I met them there and walked along with them and looked at some of the wares displayed in the windows and counters. The girls bought several things. And Darling, I bought two things for you and I do hope you will like them. Right now I’m trying to decide whether to send them to you or to try to bring them with me for safety’s sake. I’ll let you know later what I decide to do about it.

  We only had 12 out to our midweek service this evening, that is the smallest group I’ve ever had since my arrival here at the hospital. It makes me feel quite badly, but I’ve been doing my very best. However, I can understand part of the problem when so few are able to get off and most of the rest who are off are to the movies or out on dates.

  This evening I again had big plans of writing a couple of other letters besides yours but several different ones came in to see me so it is now tomorrow morning and I must close. I didn’t accomplish all I had hoped to do. Darling, find enclosed in this letter a nice Christmas card and letter from Mrs. Fosdick at Chenoa, she is such a fine Christian woman. She’s always been a very fine to me in every possible way.

  This isn’t such a good letter I know but I must try to get some rest before tomorrow morning for from all indications tomorrow will be a rounder to say the least. God bless you in all things and be sure to give the folks my love.

 Just yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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