February 6, 1945

February 6, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

Again it is very very late but I will drop you a few lines before I go to bed. This was certainly a wonderful day for mail for I had your letters of January 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th. That is about the best time for me mail since I have been overseas. I suppose I will go without mail now for a few days. Sweetheart, your letters are lovely and I certainly love to read them. I have read them over twice now and will read them more I know. I’m writing this letter again with a flashlight which is a rather difficult thing to do when you are deprived of so many things. Besides your letters, I had a very nice thank you letter from Bob’s Margaret. She surely seems like a splendid girl. Bob ought to be most grateful to the Lord for such a fine girl. Gail Holly sent me a very nice valentine. As I said in a former letter, I do hope that the box will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hawaii 1945

The Division chaplains had a meeting in Honolulu two days ago, so I was able to go downtown and do a little looking around for about two hours. While looking around I found a little book which I am going to mail to you about the islands. I also found some very fine postcards. The reason I bought them is because they are so very good and besides, these have passed censorship. And if you took your own, they may not pass. You will be able to show these around and they will look nice in our album also. While downtown I also blew myself a little bit. I found a very nice book store and bought Moffett’s translation of the Bible which cost $6 and a book of Fosdick’s sermons. And also a little book by John R. Mott entitled, “The Larger Evangelism.” These two cost me three dollars, so altogether I spent nine dollars. As soon as I read those two books I will mail them home to you, Dear.

Later this afternoon, I spent some time with the men in the field, and then immediately following the supper hour I read your very precious letters. After reading them I worked and studied for some time on the third chapter of John. We had a wonderful time in our class this evening. Chaplain Wells was there and helped with the discussion. There were 22 men in attendance.

I had hoped to come right back here and start this letter to you, but a soldier wanted to see me about a problem which he has. He came to my quarters and we talked for over an hour and a half. Some of these men have all the reason in the world to wonder what there is to life anyhow. I sought to help him by telling him about the way Christ would have men to live. He seemed to be feeling much better when he left my tent.

Well Darling, it is so late that I will close for tonight and try to write you a better letter tomorrow evening. I guess I have been saying that for almost a week but I will certainly do my best unless something unforeseen happens. For I know just how you feel when you get a longer letter because I always feel better to see a long letter when I open the envelope. God bless you my Beloved in all things. Be sure to give the folks in my love.

Yours forever I am in the love of Christ

Jesus our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

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