February 5, 1945

February 5, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

This noon I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of your letter of January 24th. It was so good to have another one of your letters. I’m beginning to wonder about your letter of the 17th. I only hope it isn’t lost. It should be here by now. Your letters are always such a blessing to my heart. I look forward to the arrival of each one of them. Besides your letter, I received a letter from the following people.: Ruth Reid and Betty Weiskoph. I received the Baptist Leader for the month of February. I just glanced through it hurriedly and I saw several things that looked very good. When I can grasp the little time I am going to try and read them.

Newsweek from February 1945.

This has really been a wet and muddy day for us. It started raining in the night last night and rained almost all day. It broke for a little while this evening, but it started to rain again. In a place like this it doesn’t take long for it to really be a muddy mess. I think one of the most dismal looking sites is an Army (field style, tents) on a rainy day. This morning I spent most of the time with the men, even though it was muddy and nasty. I could’ve stayed around my quarters, but I would rather be with them when they have to go through certain kinds of tests. When we get up there I want to be as ready as they are if possible. This afternoon, I read for a while and then spent the rest of the time with the men. By the way, if I make mistakes in this letter forgive me because I’m writing this letter with a flashlight. When you are in a situation like this you have to learn do a lot of things. I don’t remember whether I told you or not (because of being so tired last night) that I received a nice letter from Dr. Koller and a nice letter from my father and a very nice letter from one of the men down below.

As per usual, there were some other things today but they must remain untold for now. After supper I came over here to my tent and read some more and then wrote a short note to Laura Pettigrove, the Scheu’s, and a letter  to Louise Davis. I wanted to write several more but a soldier came to see me which took sometime. Sometimes the things I hear almost break your heart. There are so many little ones coming into this world, not because they are planned but because the individuals responsible played around hoping to escape through various methods. It cannot help but make you wonder how many there are who do get by with it. Darling, I am certainly thankful unto the Lord for the privilege we have of salvation. You are such a good wife and the Lord blessed me so abundantly in giving you to me.

Darling, I had hoped to write you a longer letter but because of existing conditions this will have to suffice for today. By the way, can you find out what Bill Doten’s address is? If I have a moment sometime I may try to look him up. By the way, one of the soldiers that wrote me yesterday enclosed two pictures from down below. I am sending them on to you. As soon as I answer his letter I will send it on to you to read. These pictures are not very good, but I thought you might like to see them. God bless you Dear in all things and give the folks my deepest love.

Yours forever and ever in the 

love of Christ Jesus our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

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