February 4, 1945

February 4, 1945

My Dearest Darling:

It was certainly wonderful to have your letters of January 22nd and 25th. I found so much joy and happiness in them. I only wish you knew just how much those wonderful letters mean to me. As it is now, I am still missing your letters of January 17th and 24th. They will probably be coming through in a few days. I certainly hope the letter of the 17th isn’t lost somewhere along the way. Darling, besides your lovely letters I have letters from the following ones: dad, Donald, Dr. Koller, Venetia Kinsey (of the First Church, Long Beach), and Gladys Carson, you will remember it was her letter that I sent you some time ago. They live in Bloomington now. I baptized her while I was at Lexington.

Well, the service this morning was just a little bit larger than last week. There were 67 in attendance I believe. This was communion Sunday as you know. I asked two of the enlisted men to pass the bread and two of the officers to pass the cup. The officers were my good friends Captain Mason and Captain Wilson. More men made remarks about the service this morning, I wish you could have heard some of them. However, it is to be remembered that it is nothing in me, I have merely consecrated what I am and have to Christ.

Captain Mason, Willis Reed and Lt. Martin. February 1945.

Paul Wells came over shortly after our service was over and we visited while I washed the communion equipment, by the time that was finished it was time to eat. I had invited him to eat with me. So that way it gave him an opportunity to meet our officers. After dinner he arrived here around 1:30 and we visited until almost 3 o’clock when he had to go back to work. It is certainly a joy to your heart and when can help a man to know Christ better. And it is a blessing when they come to you and want to know about Him, instead of coming and telling of marital troubles or some other situation they have got themselves into with some strange girl during a spree.

The rest of the afternoon Paul and I visited and we certainly had a good time. It means everything to know a chaplain who believes in the word of God and is anxious to see men come to Christ. We had dinner this evening at his headquarters and after that we came back here to hear the other chaplain’s five minute sermon. He played the records and read some scripture and talked a little and played two more records. There were exactly 6 in attendance counting Paul, my assistant and I. In other words, three besides us. I cannot see this business of apologizing for the gospel with a halfhearted program. Paul led the singing for us tonight and I preached on “The man who knew what he wanted.” Taken from Mark 10: 46-52. We had 39 in attendance this evening. I wish you could have heard those men singing. I gave the invitation this morning and this evening, but none came at the time. After dinner, the above-mentioned fellow and tonight about an hour after the service was over another fellow came to my tent and said he thought he ought to take Christ. Another fellow was with him, we kneeled right here and had prayer and I talked to him briefly and asked him at the next service to make a public confession.

Darling, it is very late and I will have to close, but as Paul and I were visiting today we thought it might be grand for you and his wife to get together. They have a very sweet little girl. Perhaps you could invite her over to dinner some Friday evening and show her the things I sent home to you. And you could also give her a necklace and shells for earrings. Her address is Mrs. Paul K. Wells, 3826 North Kostner and the phone is Palisades 0167. I gave Paul your address and phone so he could send it to Margaret. I am sure you two could have a fine time together. God bless you, Dear. I love you more than words can ever tell.

Always and forever yours because of Calvary.

I love you Darling more than you will ever know

On this side of Eternity.


Colossians 3:3

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