February 27, 1946

Willis’ letters are missing from February 22 – March 22, 1946.  We will be substituting Sarah’s letters in their place for some of the time and other letters from our archive.

February 27, 1946 

Dearest Darling Lover —

I had thought there would be mail from you today, but there wasn’t any. I hope all those letters start to come through pretty soon. However, after that very recent letter of yesterday, I shouldn’t complain. Just the same, it is always a much brighter day when your letters come. It shouldn’t be too much longer before you can come home though, Darling. I miss you all the time – it is hard even to imagine what it would be like to be with you again, so I guess I just won’t try – I’ll let it be a glad surprise. I know this though, I’ll be loving you just that much more. Dr. Wilson had a fine message in prayer meeting tonight on the things that cannot be shaken, from Hebrews 12:27, and he said that true love was among the things that cannot be shaken – it just grows stronger the more it is tried, and I know that is true. How thankful I am for you and for the wonderful love we have together in Christ. Founded on that rock, it can never fail. I love you so, Darling.

  I’m quite tired tonight for some reason. I’ve had quite a busy day. I got up at my old time – 5:15 this morning, and I guess I’m getting soft and am not used to it anymore. I’m going to bed rather early anyway. I wanted to get out to school rather early. It was snowing hard when I left and kept it up till after 10:00, but later on the sun came out and melted it all, and tonight everything is almost as black and bare as it was before. The streetcar was delayed several times this morning so it took me extra long to get to school. I got there about 8:20 and arranged my picture file to hand in and then went to the library to study some more for the M & M test.  However, first I got Dr. Mantey out of his class which he was giving an exam to, and presented him with the stamps you sent. He was very much pleased with them – said they were mint stamps and surcharged – which means that they have been printed over with a different denomination on them, or something. He asked about you of course, and said he hopes you get home soon. He wondered if you still wanted to go to school when you get home and said I thought so, but it is very hard to discuss things long-distance like we have to do.

Mr. and Mrs. Mantey. February, 1945. From Willis’ scrapbook that he kept during the war.

  Dr. Mantey gave a good talk in chapel, and he used the same text that Dr. Wilson used tonight. Only he stressed the point that there is nothing to be afraid of in life or death, and the surety we have for eternity. And all that helped me, Lover. Wasn’t it strange that they should both choose the same text the same day? It was a good prayer meeting both at school and at church. We had the M&M test, and it was surely a good one – comprehensive I mean. I don’t know what else she could have asked. I’ll decline to comment on its ease until I get my paper back. I went over and ate with Gen and the boys. Paul got through with his exam early and went to work this morning. Gen was rather tired and a little depressed for several reasons. The boys were so sweet. Dale’s birthday was Sunday – and I didn’t know a thing about it. He is 6 now – just imagine. Those boys are surely growing up. But I know you will still know that when you come home, and they will know you too, I’m sure. Their apartments truly looks nice and clean with all the nice new paint from front to back. They used enamel this time, which is very wise, as it will wash so much better and last longer.

  I went right home from there and worked on outlining that book for the leadership course, until about 4:45. I really tore through it, and had 10 pages single-spaced typewritten when I got through. I hope she likes it. I was so tired by that time I laid down to relax for a few minutes, and dropped off to sleep by mistake and woke up just as Pop got home. The folks didn’t go to the course tonight, so he drove me down to the church in time for dinner. Lots of folks asked about you tonight – Abernathy’s said they wanted us out for a big chicken dinner as soon as you get back, Wilsons, Helen Anderson, Sammy Anderson, Ruth and Anne Nagel, Normans (Adele has had a bad throat, she is tired) Ed Hall in the bookstore, and several others. We had a nice supper and a good class session on worship mainly. Miss Plummer emphasized the fact that we need to practice the presence of God more and need more time in quiet and meditation and prayer if we are to have true Christian serenity of character. She mentioned the Youth for Christ programs and said she had heard there was a lack of that in them, and I agree with her. I think they are doing a great deal of good, but I feel too much there is a great deal of showmanship and emotional enthusiasm, and not too much deep experience. I hope they can keep that spirit out of the GI Gospel Hour over there. Of course, I don’t know the conditions there, but it seems to me there is too much of the “hurrah” spirit in such things over here, and too many of the jazzy chourses, and stuff. Darling, I’m so lonesome to talk to you about so many things I can taste it. I can talk with you about so many things that I can’t talk with anyone else about, and it has been so long. Every day I think of things that I wish I could discuss with you. But I’ll try not to get too impatient, and pretty soon, the Lord willing, you’ll be back with me again.

  I was talking with Ray about vacation church school tonight. He would still like me to be the dean of the school again, but I don’t feel I should take that responsibility with things as uncertain as they are. Nona won’t be here, or he would get her to be dean. If I thought we would be in Chicago and you wouldn’t have a church, I would say yes, but with things this way, I don’t know. Can you give me any idea about what I should do, Lover? I suppose you’re as much in the dark as I am though. I told him I would work with him on it for a while at least, but if they are going to get another dean they should be doing it pretty soon. There are already about 27 teachers signed up, which isn’t bad. But the department superintendents are selected as yet, except Ray wants to be a junior superintendent. Well, we will have to see. But if you could give me any idea, it would help. The school will be July 1st to 19th, I think.

  That’s all of the news for today, Darling, and I hope I get some mail tomorrow. I love you more than ever – God has been so good to us. I just pray your work may increasingly be to

His glory and that you will have the strength provided from day today. God bless you abundantly, Dearest. 

I love you for always and

 always in His perfect love,


 Colossians 3:3

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