February 27, 1944

From February 23-27th Willis travelled by boat to Hawaii.  As the letters could not be sent, he wrote them in a series and sent them when he arrived.  

Sunday 2/27/44

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

Yesterday afternoon’s sailing was beautiful and the waters of the Pacific were such a beautiful deep blue. Later in the afternoon we ran into several rain squalls and that gave us the opportunity to see several rainbows. Before going to bed last night I stayed up on the top deck alone and watched the new moon peeking in and out among a few drifting clouds. Our ship seems to glide along so gracefully through the water. It all seemed to be like a dream. I wish you could have seen it for I know you would have enjoyed

Yank Magazine February 1944.

such splendor. Beholding all these things made me very conscious of the presence of God. I went to bed around 10 P.M. and had a very good nights sleep. I got up early this morning and went up to the top deck to watch the sunrise. It was indeed beautiful. In the east could be seen a rim of dark gray clouds and a few puffy white clouds drifting overhead-these turned to the most beautiful gold you could imagine just before the sun appeared from behind the dark gray clouds in the far east. In the far west and south could be seen several small rain squalls. As I looked to the sunrise I thought of you Dear and how much I love you and how much you mean to me. The same scene that was just rising on us was already at noon day where you were. I tried to imagine you just leaving church and talking to some of our many friends at North Shore. When you see any of our friends be sure to give them my love and best wishes.

There are to be several services aboard ship this morning-three Catholic, three Protestant and the Jewish service was yesterday morning. I will not write you anymore now until after services.

I went to all three Protestant services this morning and was rather disappointed because the most real gospel that was heard was the messages in the hymns and the prayer of one chaplain in one of the services. Darling, pray for a real concern on the behalf of the Chaplains. I know there are many men on this boat who have no saving knowledge whatsoever of the finished work of Christ for all men. It is a great encouragement to me to know you are continually praying for me and my work among the men. As you know, my whole desire is to truly represent Christ and lead others to Him. God bless you my Darling. I will write you more later.

I led a devotional service for the Protestants aboard this morning. I used as my text Acts 20:28 to the end of the chapter. The key verse was Acts 20:28.

It is growing much warmer and tomorrow I think I’ll dress in my fatigues.

I think I’ll close this letter and start another. It has been a week tomorrow since I received a letter from you and I have read your last few letters several times. I’m continually thanking God for your love and devotion which are always an inspiration to me.

 Always and only yours in Christ’s

redeeming love,



Colossians 3:3

Philippians 1:3 forever

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