February 26, 1946

Willis’ letters are missing from February 22 – March 22, 1946.  We will be substituting Sarah’s letters in their place for some of the time and other letters from our archive.

February 26, 1946 

Dearest Darling Sweetheart —

Imagine my great surprise and joy, Lover, to find your February 20 letter in the morning mail. The one for Margie and Bob also came. I could hardly believe my eyes. That is absolutely the fastest I’ve ever gotten mail from overseas. Perhaps this is a sample of the new service we will get – I hope so. I still don’t have the others from February however – the 2, 3, 5, and from the 8th on. I suppose it will come straggling in eventually. But it was so wonderful to know what you have been doing so recently, Darling. It made you seem lots closer for some reason. I hope my mail has started coming to you better. Mom’s mandarin also came, and she is so thrilled with it. It is really a lovely one. You are so generous and thoughtful, Beloved. She is just writing you to thank you for it. It is more like Margie’s than mine. It is very beautiful, but still like my own the best, Lover.

  In this afternoon’s mail all I got was a note from my Aunt Helen. She said that our cousin Lieutenant Colonel Ed Billings was stationed in her office for 10 days and she found out that he established the 29th General Hospital in Korea, and when he left they were waiting for a new chaplain, which was probably you. It is too bad you didn’t meet him, but then you probably wouldn’t have discovered the relationship anyway. He is a doctor – psychiatrist, I think. Helen said to tell you she hopes you get home very soon. She wrote Mom a long letter, and she is terribly busy – they took four of the six girls out of their department, and now two of them left have to do the work of all 6. She is sounding about worn out. She has been in Washington almost five years now, and has never had a vacation of more than a couple of days – I think she would be very weary, to say the least. She has been to the opening of some art gallery and almost bumped into Lord Halifax. It was some affair, with the President and family there and a great many of the people in formal clothes. Far contrary to my usual custom, I answered it immediately and sent also a picture of me in my lovely mandarin and the best one of you that you sent last. I know she enjoys pictures, and she is getting a bit lonesome to see the family, I think.

Sarah Reed in Dr. Stiansen’s class. She is in the front left portion of the picture, looking at the camera.

  I haven’t been out of the house today. I said last night that I was going to spend the day on thesis, and I did. I didn’t get too much more written, but I did get it more clearly organized. I thought maybe I could get it done to hand in to Mason for correction tomorrow, but I didn’t. Mom was home all day too. I got dinner and did the dishes, and then studied for some of my M. & M. exam tomorrow. Then Helen Christie called and I had difficulty shutting her off, although she said she had no news. She has a new radio-phonograph, and a new bedroom suite that is about to arrive and so she had to tell all about that. I finally had to tell her I had work to do, and cut it short. She is a good child, but she does ramble on about nothing. Then I got to work and outlined almost half of the book I have to outline for that leadership training course at church. It is due tomorrow night so I’ll have to finish it tomorrow afternoon. But it isn’t bad, as I have it all underlined. I just finished that and started this to you, Lover. I want to get to bed early so I can finish up early tomorrow and do some more studying. It doesn’t seem possible that this quarter is over already.

  It has been the gloomiest day as far as weather is concerned. It kept getting darker and darker, and finally, while we were eating, it snowed quite hard. But not for very long. I suppose about a quarter of an inch fell, and now all is still again. It is supposed to get colder. Pop went down to play shuffleboard – about 25 men were there. It is good for him to get out once in a while.

  You will be interested to know that Jack Liljan called me today. He wanted to know if I had heard anything more from you and sent his best wishes. He is working and keeps pretty busy. Then he is very active on the Winnetka Bible Church,  and I was glad to hear that. He didn’t seem to stammer quite as much as the other time I talked with him. Perhaps the war conditions aggravated it. He seems like a nice chap. He said he still wants to come down, but wouldn’t set a date because he is so busy. I would like to meet him, but I would just as soon have it be when you come home, Beloved.

  So you sent me another box February 20th? I imagine it contains the things you bought earlier in the month. I surely hope they come through without breaking. I’m very curious to know what the box contains, but I’ll just have to wait. You id tow tweet, and I wuve you more dan ever.

Lover, there isn’t so much news today, as you can see, so I think I better sign off for now and put my wee self to bed. But I’m loving you more every single day that passes, Beloved, and I just pray the Lord will continue to use you and give you strength for the great task that is yours.

 All my love for always 

in His love –


 Colossians 3:3

 Isaiah 26:3

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