February 26, 1944

From February 23-27th Willis travelled by boat to Hawaii.  As the letters could not be sent, he wrote them in a series and sent them when he arrived.  

Presumably : February 26, 1944

4 – This is surely a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and only a few drifting clouds can be seen on the horizon. The ocean is quite calm this morning and only once in a while can you feel any rocking of the ship. The sun is becoming warmer and it is easy to tell we are getting into warmer climate. Lover, I was planning on writing some more last evening but they turned the lights out earlier than I expected so I was unable to finish what I had started to write you yesterday.

Men aboard a troop ship.

Sweetheart, since leaving the shores of the U.S.A. I have learned many things even though we have been aboard a ship.

I’ve noted so many things that will make good illustrations in messages to be used for young people and regular worship services.

Each day I am more convinced that Christ and His message is the only hope for our sin sick world. The condition of the world is only an indication of the disease of sin in the hearts and lives of men everywhere. The one ray of hope through all the turmoil and anxiety of this day is the assurance we have in God’s promise, “that He will even make the wrath of men praise His name.” My heart has been burdened  by the loose living of some who are supposed to be Christian gentlemen. I realize that there is many things in my life that are not pleasing to God, and my Dear I’m counting on your prayers for me as I daily live to let Christ have control in all the avenues of my being. All our professions of Christ are canceled by one deed of contrary and lose-living. I sincerely believe the hour has struck for a living that speaks of the fact that a man is a servant of God. So many are celebrating what Jesus did but very few are willing to surrender themselves to Christ to the extent of obeying His commandments. Jesus said the only proof of love to God was to obey His commands. And in the truest sense of the word we only have faith in the extent we obey Christ in our lives. Well my Dear, I’ll close for now and write you more later. God bless you, I love you so very much because you are such a consecrated Christian wife. And you are a constant source of inspiration to me to live as godly a life as is possible through true consecration.

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