February 25, 1946

Willis’ letters are missing from February 22 – March 22, 1946.  We will be substituting Sarah’s letters in their place for some of the time and other letters from our archive.

February 25, 1946 

Willis, My Darling —

Well, Dear, I finally got your January 31st letter today, and that was all. I thought for sure mom’s mandarin would come when that letter came, but it didn’t. I imagine it will be coming through pretty soon though, so don’t worry about it. I can’t see why the mail service is so bad from there. Your letter of February 7th is the latest one I have, and I still don’t have yours of February second, third and fifth. Perhaps more of them will come tomorrow. But I would like to hear what has happened lately. I love you more than I can ever say, Darling. You grow more and more precious all the time.

  This has been a varied and busy day for me, Lover, although again I haven’t accomplished too much. I overslept this morning, but I guess I needed it. However, when I got up, I got right to work and wrote some more on my thesis. I really have to get busy on it, for you might be popping in on me any day now, and besides, I want to get the old thing off my mind. I’ll probably have to rewrite the thing a couple of times before it suits Mason.  Before I began writing, your letter came, and it was in for a couple of readings right away of course. Thank you for the 1 yen note, Dear. I think the money of foreign countries is very interesting to have. I have some French money, and some older Chinese, German and English money, and some others, I think from the last war which Don gave me one time. The stamps were also very interesting and I’m sure Dr. Mantey will be pleased with them. You’re so very thoughtful, Darling.

  I thought I would call the beauty parlor for an appointment for a permanent this morning, thinking I would have to wait about a week. But she happened to have a cancellation and said I could come over at 11:45, which I did. I thought I might as well get it out of the way. That took till after 3, and it is a very nice one I think, Lover. I hope you will like it. Now I won’t have to take so much time fussing with it and it will look nice even in damp weather. I know you wouldn’t want me to look sloppy, as it did often. I’m enclosing a piece of hair that she cut off – she cut off quite a bit,  but it will grow soon. It’s a nice soft wave, and thank you, Darling. You id tweet. Margie thinks it looks very nice and so did all the gals tonight. Miss Meighan  And Glenna at the beauty shop asked about you, Dear, and said they hope you come home soon, and all the club girls said the same thing.

  When I got through there I came home and got cleaned up and went downtown. I forgot to tell you I gave Margie the pink wool soakers for the babe that I finished Saturday, and she was so thrilled. Now I’ve started a pair of white cotton knit ones for her – she doesn’t know about these. I worked on them while I sat under the dryer and on the way downtown. I don’t like to work on cotton yarn – it is harder to work on because it doesn’t stretch. But I got on anyhow. I tried on some of the hats for a few minutes but didn’t get any. Now is a good time to buy spring hats, and I need one. Then I went to the public library and got two books that I had gone clear down to the University of Chicago library to use. Of course, I didn’t know what to look for at the time. I have used them before for my thesis, but as I get to writing I find I didn’t take some of the notes I will need – that is always the way. I took plenty of notes, but left out some of that I will need. So now I feel better about it and can fill in a few gaps I have found.

  It was a cold and damp and windy day, and I had to walk down Michigan Avenue to the Fine Arts Building – 410 South and met the girls in the Piccadilly restaurant there. There were 12 of us, including Helen Gedelman who is Alyce’s sister-in-law and Betty Froehling, who isn’t in the club. Betty was just engaged last night and was very excited about it all and told us about it – he is a law student and evidently a very fine man. She is a little younger than I am and very attractive. I have always thought some man was missing something very nice by not finding her. They only met in October for the first time and then not again till December, so this has been fast, but not as fast as ours was, Lover. They will be married May 28th, however, so they beat us in that respect. I hope they will be very happy. We were all sitting at a long table and there were usually three conversations going on at the same time, which made it hard to get all the news, but I don’t think there was too much that was new. Edna finally quit her job that she has had for almost 10 years and is now in the Wrigley building, and I’m very glad it. The firm she worked for wasn’t too good, and it will do her good to have a change. She will do bookkeeping. I wish Edna could find a nice man and get married – she would make the right man a wonderful wife. We had a very nice dinner and a good time together. They are a grand bunch of girls. And I surely enjoy being with them. Joyce and I rode home together and had a good talk. We came on the subway and sat on the side seats, and who should I see when I looked up but Jean Protter, a classmate at college, whom I haven’t seen since we were married. She is married now, and her husband was with her. We carried on a lip-reading conversation across the aisle until our view was blocked by a very large man who plunked himself in front of her. I’ll have to drop in to see her sometime, as she lives right below Aletta.  I always liked Jean very much, but in this big city, it is surely easy to lose track of friends. She asked about you too.

  Mom went downtown today and got a couple more shots from the doctor, and then stayed downtown most of the day – she didn’t get home until after 4:00. The shots made her feel punk, so although I got home at 9:00 she was in bed when I got here. I just finished talking with Alice Bantli on the phone and she said the selection of speakers for Youth Sunday is now official, and they are to be Marlin Tabb, Mitchell Kietzman, and your Tweetheart. So you pray for us, and especially me, Darling. I want to do my best for the Lord. Alice said again to tell you that if they had been sure you would be home by that time you would have been their selection, but since you can’t count on anything in the Army, they couldn’t take the chance and had to settle it as soon as possible, for the purpose of publicity.

  You know, we still haven’t started to receive Life magazine that Don got for us. They said it would be a while before the magazine started to come, but I didn’t think it would be this long. However, it will continue just that much longer. That must have been a very interesting window shopping tour on Bun Chung Street. I surely wish I could have been a long, for it must have been fascinating and you know how I love to look in windows. I hope you have received my picture by now, but the way mail is, I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. At least I hope you receive it before you leave there.

  Darling, I want to get a good night’s sleep so I think I will retire, although it isn’t very late. But I want to spend tomorrow solid on thesis, and I will need to have a rested and alert mind. I love you more than ever, Beloved, and I’m so lonesome to see you again. It has been 25 and a half months now since we have seen one another, but you are just as bright in my heart as ever, only brighter. God bless you in all things, Dear. I love you, I love you, I love you.

 Forever and always yours

 Dear in Christ’s perfect love –


 Colossians 3:3

 John 4:18

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