February 23, 1946

For some reason, we cannot find Willis’ letters from Feb. 23-March 22, 1946.  Instead, we will be posting a variety of other things that we have found in the archives.  We will begin with a letter from Sarah.

February 23, 1946 

Willis, My Darling —

Another day and no mail, Beloved. Now I’ll have to wait for Monday to come to see if I hear from you. I said to the mailman this morning, “ can’t you bring me some more mail from overseas?”  And he chuckled and said, “ they’re coming C.O.D. now.” ( the last letter was $0.06 postage due.)  I don’t care how they come – just so they come. For all I know, you may be on your way home already (O Happy thought!) Because the latest letter I’ve had was written February 7th and a lot can happen in over two weeks. I’m not getting my hopes up to that extent, however. I love you very much, darling – did you know that? Well, I do, and more than ever. You id tow very tweet and I wuuuuuuve you, so dere! I surely do hope that mail will be forthcoming Monday. I’m Lonesome to just hear from you, darling – let alone see you. But at least we are one day closer to being together. 

I’ve been very busy all day I – don’t know that I’ve accomplished much of lasting value, but it all had to be done in. Mom went downtown early this morning – Mabel came over and they had a wonderful time shopping. Mabel brought some curtains and a dress, and mom came with a dress – it is navy blue with big white polka dots and trimmed in coral red it. It really looks nice on her and fits her better than anything she has had it for a long time. Mom got home about 8. Mabel couldn’t stay on account of her Stoker.

Bob Price, Sarah’s brother comes home from the European Theater. He is in the top row – right beside his wife Marge. Sarah is seated in the middle of the front.

 I got up early and Margie and I cleaned the house. I did some of the dusting that mom hadn’t already done, and then vacuumed that the whole house. Margie scrubbed the kitchen and clean the bathroom. Then I did some washing and dampened some more things to be ironed. Margie went downstairs to wash with the machine, since she had Bob’s shirts, etc. to do, and I went to the store. It was very nice out, but not very sunny. It didn’t take me long. When I got back, Margie was starting to do some mending on the Machine and I had to help her with the working of the machine. Then I ate lunch, and after grinding through an article in a magazine, I waxed the kitchen floor. While it was drying I read a couple more articles in the new Readers Digest and then polished the floor, and ironed for about an hour. I want to wear my new black dress tomorrow, so I got it out and pressed it and fixed it, which took up until the time to get supper and some after supper. Now it’s fixed – I hope I get to like it better than I do now. I got dinner and Margie and I did the dishes. After I finished with my dress, I washed my hair. You should see me now – I’m sitting with my back to the radiator in my room with a towel pinned over my head, and the other end of the towel is over the radiator, so I’m drying my hair and writing this at the same time. It isn’t as good as the hot air dryer, but it will do until I finish this letter. If I don’t write it now, it will be very late by the time I get my hair dry and I hate to run this machine late at night.

 Jen called me this morning to give me some good news. Dorothy Olson had a letter from Lisa Amundson, and she said the police had picked up John Clark in Florida and were bringing him home. He surely got as far away as he could. I’m so glad they found him. That is all I know about it. Jen had a letter from Iris today and she didn’t say anything about him being located, so perhaps this is hearsay. Jen said it was a beautiful letter. Scheus are very bitter and don’t want her to take him back – I thought they would feel that way – but Iris still has faith in John and wants to save their home if at all possible. I just pray he will have a change of heart and really do better. I think what he needs is a full experience with the Lord. I wish you could talk with him darling, and so does Iris. My heart goes out to them. Iris surely has a beautiful Christ-like spirit about the whole thing. They need our prayers. Jen wants to know if I’d heard from you which I hadn’t.

 Don McClintock also called. He was in the city – had been looking for clothes all day, without much success he wanted to know if I had heard anything further from you since last Wednesday when he first called. Incidentally, he called my attention to an article in the paper in which it stated that some private company has contracted to carry mail for the soldiers, and it should make an improvement in the service. I truly hope they do something soon – this is getting to be a little too much. We used to get better service when the fighting was going on. John was meeting someone and going to Youth for Christ tonight. It was nice to hear from him again. He surely thinks the world and all of you, darling. He said he wrote to you yesterday.

 I got some pictures back today, but they aren’t too good. I’ll enclose a couple of them, and the rest later. I guess too photo floodlights aren’t enough for inside snaps. I should have used time exposure, but it is so hard to set the camera and keep it in the subject still. I’ll try to do better next time. They didn’t print some of them which were dim but I had mom take them down to the Kodak place downtown and I think they can make them show. I’m about through with sending films to Skrudland’s, in spite of the saving in cost. I think they are short-handed and have too much business to do the work properly.

 Sweetheart, that is about all that has happened today, and it isn’t very interesting, I’m afraid. I think I’d better close now and get the drying of my hair. I’ve about decided to get it cut, having seen how it looks in these last pictures. It’s really too long to manage, and it won’t hold a curl at all, especially in damp weather. I’m sure you wouldn’t like me to look droopy – I’ll try to get a nice one. Pop is having the time of his life tying flies – he has some weird and wonderful Creations. He is going to make some and give them to doctor Wilson. It is quite a job to make them, but he enjoys tinkering lover, remember, I love you more than I can ever say. I know the Lord is using you where you are, and that makes it a little easier to bear being separated from you. But you can’t come back too soon to suit me, lover. God bless you in everything.

 I’m Yours, Dear for

 now and always

 in his love


 Colossians 3:3 

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