February 21, 1944

February 21, 1944

Dear Darling Sweetheart:-

We have been busy today and around 3:30 P.M. I went over to the Post Office and got the nice letter you wrote me last Wednesday night. It was very sweet and I enjoyed the poetry very much. I’m sure I’ll be able to use them sometime in my services later.

I had my (censored) shot in the series of (censored) today and my left arm is really quite sore and stiff tonight.

It rained most of the day, the sun only appeared two or three different times.

This morning I sent home my dress uniform (Green trousers, Blouse, Service hat and one field jacket). I sent them by express collect because I wanted to keep what cash I have. Please take them out of the boxes as soon as possible and hang them up. I will not be able to get the receipt, (information cut out by censorship on reverse) at our Battalion Headquarters said he would mail the receipt to you if I left a self-addressed envelope. So I left the envelope and I suppose you will receive the receipt in a week or so.

I’m glad you enjoyed the table mats Dear. If God wills, we will have many opportunities to use them. Won’t it be grand when we again can have our own home and our own church?

Paul and Genevieve Vogel and their children. 1943

I got a grand letter from Paul Vogel today. Knowing him as we do – you can imagine what a fine letter he would write. He is surely a sincere Christian and I’m sure he will be used of God to win others.

I wish you could have seen the sunset tonight. I’m sure you would have enjoyed it very much.

Don’t’ forget what you are to do for your birthday and Easter – a new dress or suit, gloves, shoes and hat especially from me. As I said to you before, I want to think of you on Easter Morning in a complete new outfit. And as you wear it, think of it as indicative of my love. As I told you before Dear, I want you to have the best. I love you so very much that the best is none too good for you.

I’m glad you were able to encourage the officers of the junior department to seek to make their room more worshipful by getting some new pictures appropriate for this particular age group. I hope you will be able to get them to develop a worship center idea for their room.  (information cut out by censorship on reverse) that will add much to their feeling of reverence for their opening exercises every Sunday morning.

Lover, it is growing late and I’m tired so I’ll close for now and will write more later. Each day I love you more my Dear and every day I find additional things to thank God for because of your precious love. May God richly bless you in all your schoolwork. I am so happy you are enjoying your Master’s degree work at Northern. So long my Dear.

 Yours and yours alone forever

 in the matchless love of Christ,


(Censored – XOXOXOXOXO)

(Censored – Most likely Col. 3:3)

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