February 15, 1945

February 15, 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, another day will soon be past and I know I will certainly be glad when I can roll up in my blanket for the night. Right now I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve been on the go since before dawn this morning. I went to several of the problems this morning, and enjoyed it very much. I really had to crawl over some rugged ground. This tropical vegetation is so thick in some places that you can only see a few feet. Another thing that helps to make me so tired is the fact that in the middle of the night we were awakened to go on an alert. Then another time it rained very hard and that woke me. As I said in yesterday’s letter, rain on a pup tent certainly makes a lot of noise.

February 15, 1945.

Darling, you will be interested to know that we had our midweek service last night and there were 38 to present. I had hoped for more, but when you are out in the field like this it is rather hard for the men to gather in one place. I picked a high spot of ground where we could see the towering mountains off in the distance with the sun painting many different colors on the great thunder heads. It sprinkled several times during the service, but I went along alright anyhow. From the point I had chosen, we could get a wonderful view of the mighty Pacific. I know you would’ve enjoyed the beauty of the spot. We sang three songs during the service and they were for the opening, “Onward Christian Soldiers”, and just before my message, “Day is Dying in the West.” And after the message “Abide with me.” In that yesterday was the beginning of Lent, I used as the theme of my message, “Give up those things once and for all that will not lead to the joy and peace the Lord has promised.” I used as my text Galatians 5: 16-26. Someday I will try to tell you more about the service and the setting. Darling, some of the terrain out here would make the Dunes look like a picnic in comparison, that is, when it comes to climbing them. On a volcanic island like this, you really run into some rough and rugged ground, especially when so much of it is formed from solid rock.

By the way, this noon the mail orderly brought out a little mail, and all that I received had been sent down below and returned. There were three copies of North Shore Baptist and The Guide. The latest date being January 30th. I don’t understand it, they sent me two directly to this address of an earlier date, for now some reason or other they are sending them to my old address. Dear, will you please check into that for me and see that they send those things to me at my present address? It always takes a lot longer to get here this way, and besides, it is a lot of work for the mail orderlies to check back through the files and find out where you have gone. And then of course it takes up valuable shipping space. I know it is a big headache for the men who are continually checking back to find out where certain individuals are. Some are so careless about changing their addresses. As small an outpost as my former assignment was, I have seen them send out as many as 11 sacks of mail that had to be forwarded. So you can see, the result when people are careless about changing their addresses. The same thing happened with material from the Judson Press, for a couple of weeks they sent us things to me at this address, now I am receiving things of a later date which are being sent to my old address.

I also got a nice an v-mail from Captain Wilkinson, as soon as I answer it I will mail it on to you because I think you might like to read his letter. Dear, I got a card from Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Koelsch at North Shore Baptist Church. I must confess, I don’t know who they are, I guess I’m getting very forgetful. Please enlighten me, for I would like to know who they are. It was a very nice Valentine’s card.

Now I will answer some of your questions beginning with your letter of February 5th. Darling, thank you for praying for our work, it is growing. Of course, it isn’t as large as I would like but when you consider the fact that they have never had such things before, it is coming along. As I said one other time, in work like this you cannot count anything for sure because men so often want to see you and they may come in at most any hour. You were wondering if they have blackouts here anymore. No they do not, only on practice air raids. However, they do have a curfew which means that everyone must be in their permanent locations by 10 o’clock.

I was surprised to hear how Bartels talk about the Baptist Leader. I agree with you Dear, I think he didn’t use very good judgment in bringing the matter up as he did it. As I have said to you before, there are ways of doing things that I personally feel that way isn’t the best. It was surely a great surprise to me to hear that Paul Allen has resigned as the pastor of Judson Church. Dr. Frazier used to be pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bloomington, Illinois and I understand that he did a marvelous work while pastor there. In fact, I think he did the best work of any man in the the history of the church. At least Miss Hulva used to tell me that, you’ll remember she was the woman in the Bloomington hospital who was a sister of Aunt Annie’s.

I am surely glad to hear that things are going along so well for Stan and Lee. Surely it is alright with me for you to let Stan use our typewriter until he can get his fixed. It is good to know that they have been able to raise so much for the Benders. Going through such things are indeed difficult, especially when going to school. Darling, under present conditions I feel it is not wise to take time off, as I have said before, I want to do my best to see that things are going before I take a day off. If I could explain some things to you, I think you would understand, but that isn’t possible at the present time.

Dear, I feel about Amy just like you do, and after reading what you said I can easily see what she has in mind, especially after reading your letter. I’m going to send her letter to you to read. You can see she has certainly wrapped Chester and Dorothy around her finger. And I know from several sources that materially they have collected plenty. You remember how she used to act when I would refuse to let her buy things for you or for me. I wish she would catch on to herself.

Well Dear, I see the mess line is forming and it will soon be dark so I will have to close for this time. God bless you in all things. I love you more today than I ever have before.

Yours always in the love

Of Christ which makes us one,


P.S. I forgot to tell you that I wrote a short note to Dolores last night with the use of my flashlight. I also wrote to Jack and Bertha. It is rather cramped writing in a pup tent, especially when you have all your equipment on the inside as I have to have to keep them from being soaked. A field organ is no good at all if they ever get wet.

Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    February 15, 2019, 4:01 am

    Quite the newsy, lengthy letter for a man who was so sleepy he could hardly keep his eyes open!

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