February 14, 1945

February 14, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, another day is almost past and I am tired as can be. I imagine I will be able to sleep very well tonight. It rained very hard during the night and as a result I was awakened several different times. Rain on your little pup tent generally makes a lot of noise. All morning it was really muddy and wet as we walked around through the jungle. When we came in this noon we were all very hungry and tired.

Last night after I wrote your letter, I went over to another location to find the Catholic chaplain. Today is the beginning of Lent and of course that is a very important day as far as the Catholic men are concerned. He is coming over here in a little while to have a short service for the Catholic men and provide ashes for their men. By the way, you will probably be wondering about Bible class in midweek service, in that Paul Wells is still at our same permanent location, I asked him to take care of those services in our absence. It is just the second battalion that is out here for the week. The other two battalions and service units attached are back at our permanent headquarters. However, we are planning a service (midweek) here for the men tonight. It looks rather rainy right now, but I’m going to try and have service anyhow.

Early this morning I got up and studied and prepared our bulletin for this coming Sunday, I also worked on my message for this coming Sunday morning. After eating this noon, I came over to my little pup tent and I took the time to write a v-mail letter to Dale Vogel. His birthday will be February 24th, it isn’t much, but I thought it might make him happy. I also wrote a short note to Carl Anderson wishing him a happy birthday, his birthday is the 17th. In that it was a year ago today that the Hollys took me to the train for my departure for the Port of Embarkation, I wrote them a little note. I never shall forget their kindness to me. They are certainly like my very own. Darling, I know you will love them very very much. I also wished them a happy wedding anniversary. The date of their anniversary is February 25th. Darling, I will enclose some of their last letters in this letter to you and then you can place it with the other letters they have written to me in the past.

Willis Reed and Paul Wells. February 1945

Well, that is about all the details I will be able to give you now, so I will answer some more of your questions in your last letters. Our mail orderly hasn’t returned as yet, but I am not expecting any mail after getting so much the other day. Your description of Mabel and Mom looking for a coat was good and I can almost visualize them in the midst of the whole escapade. Yes, Paul Wells remarked about you being in his Theology class last year and he also told me what a fine girl he you were and what a very fine student. Paul isn’t assigned into our outfit, it just happens that his outfit is stationed at the same headquarters.

Helen Christie is certainly a problem to me. That girl is going to have to get a hold of herself or she is going to end up in a most miserable situation. I was also surprised to hear that Gilbert Davis and Pat Vaux are going to be married. Of course, I don’t know Gilbert very well, but it seems to me they are not the best suited couple. Nevertheless, the main thing is that the Lord’s will be done.

I was certainly surprised to hear that Kenyon has a farm now down in Texas. I suppose one of these days he will be buying another one of the planes like the government has up for sale.

From what you said in your letter, you must have had a nice visit with Margaret’s family. I am so glad to know that they are such fine people. I know that Bob and Margaret will be happy when they can be together. And I hope it won’t be too much longer before they will be able to be together. Your description of their apartment was very good and sounded nice and cozy. I was glad to hear that you finally got to see Vivian Schaeffer, she is such a fine Christian girl. I was glad to hear that Norma is getting along so well. I know that must be a real encouragement to Mrs. Wheeler. 

The Men’s Class night sounded very good, but I was sorry to hear that the service was so long. I agree with you about applause in the church. It just doesn’t seem that it is the proper place for applause. To me, it always seems something is lost when the people applauded. Dear, I, as you, like the bas-relief very much. The series of sermons that Dr. Wilson is going to preach sounds interesting. I was surely glad to hear how the Chief entered into the part of getting as many as he could out for the Men’s Class night. You can be assured that I will continue to pray for him.

Well Darling, I will have to close for now, it looks like it might rain, but I’m going to try and have midweek service anyhow. God bless you Dear in all things. I love you more than words can tell.

I am forever just yours 

in the love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed are the last letters from Hollys.

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