February 12, 1946

Seoul, Korea

12 February 1946

Dearest Darling Lover:

This has certainly been a lulu of a day, but the best part for me was the fact that I received two more letters from you, they were yours of January 19th and the 27th. It is rather hard when letters come so mixed up all the time. Besides your letters, I received a letter from Dolores, a birthday card from my father, a nice letter from Paul Vogel, a very fine letter from Mr. Mason, Major Mason’s father. There were several North Shore Baptists and a nice calendar from the ABPS for the year 1946.

  There were more interruptions this morning than you could keep track of, but I did find enough time to get things lined up some for the radio broadcast this coming Sunday. Immediately following dinner I left for Seoul to pick up some money orders for some more of the patients. And then I went over to the Capitol Building to take care of some other things that needed attention.

Seoul train station after liberation.

And then about 3 o’clock I went down to the Seoul station and picked up Alrik at the railway station. It was really good to see him again. That was the first time I’ve seen him in about six months. We have really been having a great time since. I’ve had more good laughs since we’ve been together this afternoon then I believe I’ve had in the last six months put together. We have always had a lot of fun together.

  There were several different ones up here to see me this evening and of course that mixed things up to an extent, and then of course, Alrik and I were trying to visit as much as possible. By the way, above I failed to mention the fact that I received a very nice letter from my cousin Jim. I answered it right away. I had another letter from him which I received some time ago, but because of his moving, I didn’t answer it right away because I thought it would be better to know what his address would be. I’ll send his letter to long for you to read.

  By the way, in one of your letters you were wondering if it would be wise for you to go ahead and register for the third quarter, as things are now Beloved, I think it would be best for you to go ahead and register for some courses that you would feel would be worthwhile and helpful in our work together in the future. And if I do come home before the quarter is over you can drop them if it seems wise. I do hope you’ll be able to finish your thesis by March 1st.

  Sweetheart, it is very late and Alrik and I must try and get some rest, for tomorrow will be rather tiresome with the chaplain’s meeting clear down at Jinsen.  God bless you and be sure to give those folks my deepest love.

 My deepest love now and forever

 in Christ’s wonderful love,


  Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Alrik sends his best wishes and greetings. 

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