February 11, 1945

February 11, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

I am so tired I can hardly see straight but I do want to take a few moments to write to you. As you know, I love you more than ever and I am ever so grateful unto the Lord for your precious love. I had hoped there might be a letter from you today, but none arrived so I thought about you a lot and thanked the Lord many times for the wonderful privilege which is mine in being your husband. The only thing that I had in the mail was second-class materials such as papers from ABPS.  I also received the book from the Galilean Bible class, the name of the book is, “How to read the Bible” by Julian Price Love. I have read parts of it before and found it very very good. I’m going to use it in connection with our Bible classes.

Willis Reed preaching at a memorial service while still on Christmas Island. 1944.

Well, this morning I preached to the largest group since my coming into this outfit. There were 71 in attendance. I had hoped for more, but I shall keep on doing my best and perhaps we will reach our intended goal. I certainly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit with me as the service was going on. I could not help but realize that you were praying for our services in the chapel. There were 38 in attendance. Paul Wells led the singing and had the prayer. I preached on “What’s your ceiling?”, using as my text Genesis 13:1-15. Having flown so much since coming overseas, I realize the importance of ceilings. The four points of my sermon were, “no ceiling, low ceiling, high ceiling and ceiling unlimited.” I am thankful to tell you that a man came forward tonight. That is one more, keep praying Dear, for I am anxious to win men for Christ. I am going to pass this onto you, I hesitate to do so, but you asked me to tell you some of these things, but here goes. A men after the service was over tonight came to me after the service and said with tears in his eyes, “Chaplain, I have been in the Army over four years now and that was the greatest sermon I have ever heard since being in the Army.” This man came because he had heard about the services, he isn’t a man out of our organization. He further said he was glad to see a chaplain who had enough courage to give an invitation to the men at the close of the service. He said other things but that is all I will tell you now.

This afternoon Captain Wilson and I had a good visit for about an hour. We had such a good time talking about our wonderful wives. He is a fine Christian man and I am thankful to God for his kind. I know that he has a good wife and I only hope you will have the opportunity to meet her some day. Later, a soldier came to see me about a problem and that took up most of the afternoon. After church an officer wanted to see me about something, so I talked to him for a long time, I will tell you about it some day, Dear.

Darling, I had hoped to answer the last of your questions but I am so tired and weary that I will have to go to bed. We leave early tomorrow morning for more training out in the field, so we will be roughing it till the week end. I will do my best to write to you, Dear. By the way, I am going to enclose another one of the other chaplain’s programs. Note the evening service, I attended the morning service and it was filled with more of the same. It just makes your heart ache, I often wonder what they think being a chaplain means.

God bless you Dear in all things and be sure to give my love to the folks. I love you more than words can ever tell.

Always and forever yours in

The love of Christ Jesus


Colossians 3:3

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