February 10, 1945

February 10, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, I was happily surprised today with the arrival of your letter of January 17th. I had really thought it must have been lost. With the arrival of that letter I have all of your letters now up through and including the first of February. It will be nice if one of your letters comes tomorrow because it will be 13 months since we saw each other. I certainly hope it won’t be that much longer, but it is very hard to tell how long it may be before we will be able to be together again. As always, your letter was an inspiration to me even though it was an older letter.

Picture sent from Willis to Sarah. Taken from Sarah’s scrapbook. 1945.

For a while I studied this morning and then I spent the rest of the time with the men. You do have to have some time alone. They have an officer’s club here in the area, but I never go unless I have to, as for example, when they show us secret pictures. I’m sure I need not explain why I do not though. My coworker spends a lot of time playing cards and so on with them, but as for me, all the available time I have I am going to use it to become better acquainted with the Bible and to know our Lord better. When you are out like this you need that indwelling presence and power more than ever because there are untold numbers of things to be faced and cope with, and apart from His help, I have found it impossible to do so. I’ve learned to love and rely upon Christ more than ever. There are times when you almost feel like your heart will break, but then I remember Christ and your wonderful love and it does help carry me on with whatever may be at hand to do.

This afternoon I spent the entire afternoon visiting with men in the large hospital. I always enjoy such visitation with the men. Just as I was ready to leave, Chaplain Lee asked me to have dinner with him this evening. So my driver and I stayed with him. It is so much nicer where he is, it is entirely different from our field set up out here. It started to rain here about 4 o’clock and has been raining since. It has stopped now for a little bit, but we still have an overcast. This evening I found a very nice valentine from the Larson’s that was thoughtful of them to send it to me. When you see them, be sure to thank them for me.

I studied for a while this evening and then I wrote a letter to Chaplain Schreyer, to Mrs. Riley in Boston, and a short letter to Paul and Gen. Darling, I will seek to answer some of the things in your letter of January 17th as well as the last of the letters which I have not answered before. I was surprised to hear about Kelvin Lee sending you the Honolulu papers, that was certainly kind and thoughtful of him. I haven’t seen him yet, but I hope to do so soon. Dear, I think that was very kind of you to give more toward helping with the funeral for little Shirley Bender.

Dear, it seems you are having a trying time with the Intermediates. But from all indications you have more influence than you now realize. Keep up the good work and the day will come when you will be able to see what was accomplished in the past. I know it is trying, I would certainly like to work with a crew like that; that age has always been very challenging to me. It is so late and I am so tired that I will close for tonight. God bless you Dear in all things. Give my love to our dear friends.

Yours forever in the love of Christ

Which makes us one,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Find enclosed tomorrow’s bulletin and a believe it or not about the Infantry which is very interesting and TRUE.

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