February 1, 1944

February 1, 1944

My Dearest Darling Wife:-

I love you more than ever my Dear – this day has been a lonesome one and you know why, don’t you Dear? No letter from my Dearest of all earthly possessions. You will also be my dearest Heavenly possession also because you and I are one in Christ forever.  I love you so very much, Dear.

Yank Weekly Magazine. February 1944.

About last night, you may be interested – around 11 o’clock one of the men in the guardhouse drank a bottle of iodine, left a note and was practically unconscious by the time the doctor arrived to force milk and raw eggs into the man’s stomach. After some period of time, they pumped his stomach and he is going to come through all right, of course his stomach will be very sore for sometime. He left a note for his wife who is in New York. They have a baby around a year old. It all came about this way, the young fellow (27 years old) became involved with a married woman here in Santa Monica who now expecting a baby since they have been so intimate. The sad thing is this, she is all ready the mother of three children. I haven’t been able to find out where her husband is as yet, but from what some other soldiers said he is in the Army somewhere. Girls and women around here throw themselves at the soldiers, it’s no wonder we are always having so many cases of this kind to deal with. Girls put on strip tease, ask for the soldiers and then howl when they are caught. The Lord only knows how many are involved in intimate relations. So far, it’s only the ones who are going to have babies that come to me or to other chaplains and want me to see what I can do about making the soldier take care of the hospital bill and the coming baby. They keep on letting themselves go all the way with soldiers until finally at last, by some slip, they become pregnant and then started crying out for help. On several occasions so far I have had them admit that they were not sure that the soldier they were accusing was the father of the unborn baby. On several cases so far the soldiers have refused to marry girls for that reason because they knew the other men had also had relations with the girls. It goes without saying that our whole nation needs a revival that will change the hearts and minds of all individuals.

Well, Chaplain O’Gorman and I didn’t hear anything as yet concerning our move to San Francisco.  I surely wish the orders would come through, this waiting business is hard. As it is, you cannot make any plans for this outfit, for as we have heard, we are being taken out of here completely and will be reassigned to new outfits up there or somewhere out in the Southwest Pacific.

They had five women to dinner at our officers mess again this evening and they and all the officers smoked, as per usual I was the only one not smoking. Before dinner several of them had a little to drink, they asked me a couple of times and I refused, then they started to explain to me that they weren’t drinking men but drink to regulate their systems. All I can say is this-personally, I can think of better things to regulate the system.

Chaplain O’Gorman and I had a real visit this morning – he drinks a little and smokes but all and all he is a fine fellow and has convictions and principle and that’s a whole lot more than you could say for Campbell. The two men cannot be compared in any sense of the word. Campbell was always polishing the apple with Colonel Smith, but Chaplain O’Gorman never polishes or shines up around Colonel Sherman.

I saw my rating from Harvard for the first time yesterday and much to my surprise it was “excellent.” Major Hammond of the 507th told me my rating for work there was also “Excellent.” You see, when you are transferred from one outfit to another, they always give you a rating so your next outfit will know what kind of work you do.

This afternoon I read most of The Reader’s Digest for February, it is very interesting.

I also received a letter from Connie today. She said she talked to you and was glad to talk to you.

Darling, I will close for now but remember I do love you more and more all the time, Dearest. God Bless you Dear.

Forever and Ever yours in

Christ’s wonderful love,



Col 3:3

Deut 9: 1-3

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