December 5, 1944

December 5, 1944

My Beloved Darling Sarah:

This has been another one of those busy days, and I am thankful for it makes the time fly by faster, and as you know, the time for us to be together again can come none too soon to suit me. As always, I thanked the Lord many times for you and your wonderful love and devotion.

Early this morning I wrote a letter to the Chief of Chaplains out here about something he wanted to know. Just about the time Raymond and I were going to leave here for the various outposts, an officer called me from the Air Base and wanted to know if he could send a certain soldier down here who had a problem. He arrived about a half an hour later and I talked to him for almost an hour. It is trouble at home, a wife, four-month-old baby and parties, dates with other men and so on. I’m sure I need not go into detail. Each one of these cases makes me more grateful than ever for what a wonderful blessed Christian wife you are to me, as I have often said, I trust you unreservedly in all things. It means more than you know that I am sure you are faithful and true and above all living for Christ and each other, even though we are separated by thousands of miles. 

We left for the Air Base and I did some more investigating on the case. And I had the opportunity to talk to him about another half hour while up there. The man is so upset that he is sick. I’m going to write a letter to his wife as I have on many other occasions when we are faced with such a problem.

After returning to my quarters at around 2:30, Raymond and I nailed up the box of books and got them ready for shipment to you. I am going to enclose a list of the contents so you will know what is in the box. As you look through things, I think you’ll find several things of interest and I know when you have the time you will probably read them. After that I read some in two late pony editions of the Newsweek and Times that came in.  I always try to keep as well informed as possible so I can hold a fairly intelligent conversation. There were several things of interest to me, a few of them have enough importance I thought to warrant sending them on to you. I noted especially the conclusions of the Catholic Hierarchy meeting and their statements, personally I think some of them are very good. What do you think, Darling?  Another article of interest to me was the one concerning the postwar era of prosperity. And I enclosed the one about crime to give to you some idea of the results of our wonderful bottled spirits. It also gave a graphic example of what people will do. All of these things to me indicate graphically our desperate need of a Christ infilling revival from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Canadian border to the Rio Grande. 

I read your letter of the 23rd over again and I enjoyed it very much. From what you told me in that letter, you must’ve had a great time out at Valpo. Having been there on several other occasions, I can imagine what a wonderful time you must have had. Undoubtedly the children keep things moving for all of you.

You told me about the snow, that certainly sounded strange. It was really very warm here on Thanksgiving Day. Your description of the way the snow clung to the trees was indeed beautiful. Perhaps if God so wills I will be able to see snow again. It is very still here tonight and as a result it is very warm.

I’m sure that Mabel and Jeanne had a grand time with you on their stay in Chicago. You really made a short visit to the Dunes. I will be so happy to go out there again. Darling, I often think of the lovely times we had there together. If it is summertime when I return, perhaps we will be able to go up there and spend a week together. All I want to do when I get back is be with you for a while. I will naturally want to see the folks, but I would just as soon get away from people for a while and be with you.  Sweetheart, as I have said so many times before, being away from you I know there is something lacking and that lack can only be supplied by being in your presence. I assure you, no one else can ever take your place, and as for me, I will never love another; that place in my heart is yours now and for all eternity. It means so very much to love and be loved that way. It is a great assurance and help to me in this time of our separation. 

I think that is very nice of you to knit a little hat for Lee and Gen. I’m sure they will like them very much. Sweetheart, you are always doing such kind and lovable things. The attendance at the Thanksgiving sunrise service was truly disappointing to me. I thought surely there would be more in attendance than that. I think that is a graphic example of the real energy and spirit filled courage there is in our Christianity of this day. If I remember correctly, I think I have never had the privilege of hearing Dr. Winters speak. He spoke in the chapel at Northern one time but I did not hear him for some reason or other. I have heard that he has liberal tendencies, but of course I don’t know because I cannot vouch for what I have heard spoken.

Well Darling, it is rather late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight and will be praising and thanking God further for you and your love. Give the folks my deepest love.

Yours forever and the perfecting and

Purifying love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Sweetheart, all letters you write me after December 17th hold and mail them when I notify you of my new address. Otherwise it will take them quite a while to reach me. I know it wouldn’t be much fun to write letters and not mail them but I think that is best, as this way they will reach me sooner because they will not have to come down here and be readdressed. God bless you my Dear in all things.

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