December 30, 1979

In honor of my Grandfather’s 101st birthday, here is a sermon that he preached on his sixty-third birthday – 1979.  In his preaching he begins with talking about the biggest news item of the day – the Iranian hostage crisis.  Little did they know at the time that it was the just the beginning of an ordeal that would last 444 days and wouldn’t end until the election of Ronald Reagan in 1981.


The one thing that we can see is how the panic of today is so easily forgotten tomorrow.  For those of us that were alive during time that the hostages were taken, it seemed as if the world was going to implode.  Willis talks about the communist threat and the uprising all over the world and the nationalism that was spreading throughout our own country as  in reaction to these feelings.  Sound familiar?  I was only four when the hostages were taken and nearly six when they were released, but I remember my parents talking a lot about it.  When I asked them about it now, their eyes drift back in time and they say, “Oh, yes. I remember…”  But all the fear, uncertainty and panic of the times?

A distant memory.

Replaced by a new one.

Assassinations, Chernobyl, Stock market collapse, Desert Storm, 9/11, Challenger, Dotcom bust, Ferguson, unrest in the Middle East, Russia, Freddy Gray….

Fear, hatred, distrust…

There’s only one answer.  And it isn’t in government.  Willis makes that abundantly clear in his sermon.

The answer is in Christ.  There lies our true freedom.


2 thoughts on “December 30, 1979

  • John Reed
    December 30, 2017, 4:08 am

    “The final test of humanity is not much we achieved or how much we accomplished, but how did we treat one another?” Wise words for the ages, indeed. Wonderful to hear Willis’s voice speaking these words again.

    • Doris Chittenden
      January 1, 2018, 10:55 pm

      So true,and yet how quickly we forget. See the the name Genevieve Vogel. My granddaughter’s married name is Vogel. Wonder if there is any connection.

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