December 30, 1944

December 30, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has been an extremely full day but nevertheless I thought of you many times and how happy we were just a year ago at this time. Real early this morning I woke up and thought about my arrival just a year before. Darling, I assure you that I love you much much more than I did even then. I’m so thankful unto God for your growth in Christian life.

Willis with General Richardson and his staff. 1944.

Carl and I had breakfast together this morning and then he left for General Richardson’s office. I took care of several other matters. And then just before noon I met Chaplain Sugg, the Chief Chaplain of our division. After we had dinner, we came out here to the 390th infantry Regiment to which I have been assigned. I’ve met a lot of the officers, but it will be some time before I’ll be able to meet and remember all their names because this group is many many times larger than our group where I used to be. Early Tuesday morning I am to meet the Commanding General and his staff of our division.

The other chaplain with me in this regiment is Chaplin Kern, a Methodist from Minnesota. He seems to be a very fine fellow and I believe we will be able to work well together. The Commanding Colonel of our regiment thinks we look enough like to be brothers.

I have temporary quarters now and hope to have permanent one in two or three weeks. This is certainly a beautiful place. The mountains with the clouds hiding the highest peaks are beautiful. And we are close enough to the ocean to hear the breakers. We have a full moon tonight which adds to the beauty of such a place. It seems so entirely different to smell flowers and beautiful green vegetation. As well as a nice garden spots. Where I came from you could see for miles and then nothing but glaring white coral dust.

I had my first meal with the outfit this evening. It was such an improvement over which I have been used to. I’m so thankful unto God for His every provision. Darling, there are many many things I would like to tell you but they will have to wait until we are able to be together again. Won’t that be a great day?

It was surely good to be with Carl again. He is such a fine Christian. We had prayer and read our Bible together before going to bed. Both of us prayed for his wife Ruby and baby Catherine and for you, Dear. He told me how wonderful it was to see Ruby again. As I told you before, General Richardson went back to the States and he went along and while there, the General gave him 15 days with Ruby and the baby.

This morning when I went into visit the Chief Chaplain of the Pacific Ocean areas, he greeted me by saying, “Well, here’s Reed from  Christmas Island. Did you see your picture in the Midpacifican?” He gave me this copy, so I removed the front page and will send it to you this way. See if you recognize me. It isn’t such a good picture, but it’s me. I thought you might like to have this copy. Today is our 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary. And how grateful I am for you and your wonderful love. I didn’t think about today being my birthday until almost noon.

Well Darling, it is late and I am very tired so I would like to get a good nights rest. God bless you in all things, my Dear. Give the folks my love.

Always and forever yours in Christ’s Love,


Colossians 3:3

P.S.  Please address all my mail as follows:

Chaplain Willis A. Reed 0-529294

Htq. 2nd Bn. 390th Infantry Regiment

A.P.O. #98 c/o Postmaster

San Francisco, California

I will be so glad when your letters arrive. I’m anxious to know what you have been doing since the 17th of December.

One thought on “December 30, 1944

  • John T Reed
    December 30, 2018, 3:37 am

    “Today is our 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary. And how grateful I am for you and your wonderful love. I didn’t think about today being my birthday until almost noon.”
    Willis always had an uncanny ability to remember a wide variety of anniversaries. He always would speak of Dec. 7th as Pearl Harbor Day, and knew all the birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones. Being as selfless as he was, it’s not surprising that he almost forgot his own birthday (his 28th??). He’d certainly lived a very full life already–even before he turned 30!

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