December 3, 1945

Seoul, Korea

3 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

  This afternoon Don and I drove back to my old outfit to see about some things, and much to my great joy I found four of your precious letters waiting for me. They were yours of November 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Those letters were so very very good and they helped me very much. It will be so good when we can sit down and just talk and love and pray like we used to do when we were together. That day can come none too soon to suit me. Along with your letters was a very fine letter from Mr. Kraft, Paul Vogel and a beautiful Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Young, the mother and father of a fine soldier killed in the battle of Okinawa.

7th Division at the capital building. Korea 1945.

  I spent the entire morning calling on all the new patients who were brought into the hospital last evening. And had some very interesting experiences. Immediately following the dinner hour Don and I left here for the 184th Headquarters. I also went to another place to pick up some writing paper and envelopes for the men in the hospital ward. On our way back, I stopped at the Capitol building and visited with Dr. Underwood, General Arnold’s advisor (General Arnold is Military Governor of Korea).  Remember, he was at Rody’s home for dinner that evening I was. We discussed some very pertinent problems facing us here in Korea right now. But Darling, I feel it wouldn’t be best to write about them for at best it would be hard to understand, and besides, they are very complicated and involved. It was good to visit with him again for about such problems. Having been here and living most of his life here, he can see the problems through the Korean’s eyes.

  This evening after the evening meal I came up here to my office and had my devotions and then a certain man came in to talk for some time. After he left, I wrote a note to Gail Hollensteiner for her birthday and a letter to Bob Vogel for his birthday. Bob and Gail’s birthdays are the same day. I also wrote a short note to Paul and Gen along with Bob’s birthday letter. It isn’t much but at least it will be them know that I’m thinking of them.

  It started to snow this evening. It has quit now, but from the looks of things it may start it again anytime. It wasn’t too cold driving into Seoul today.

  The letter from Mr. Kraft sounded very interesting and as soon as I answer it I’ll send it on to you to read. Naturally, what he said was a great surprise to me, that is about us, but I will say it is challenging to me but I want above all else the Lord’s will done in this matter and as to our future together for the Lord. Of course, I would like to know where those areas are (where churches are needed).  Perhaps Dr. A.M. McDonald has that information in his office. If you should happen to talk to Mr. Kraft any further on this matter, you might ask him about that matter. And then, of course, I’m not just sure of the setup we would be in if we did not go out as the leader of a mission from North Shore Baptist Church.  In other words, Darling, I wouldn’t be very keen about being under Dr. Wilson directly. I haven’t any particular reason, that’s just the way I feel. Do you know what I mean? From the very few letters I received from Maurice and Edith Jackson, I could sense that thing which to be directly under him might tend to hold back rather than help. However Darling, I, as you, feel it the greatest challenge which has thus far presented itself to us as to the future. We shall continue to pray about it and let me know what you think about it by the time this letter reaches you. Also, let me know little developments which may take place from time to time in this respect. He said he was going to start talking it up, do you suppose he means to talk to various people such as Emma, Abernathys, Larsons, etc?

  It makes me feel badly to know that Bob is so sold on O’Hareism. They both certainly need stabilizing in the things of God’s word. It’s strange no one else has been able to uncover all the truth which he claims. I’ve noted that he only reaches a certain type of people.

  It certainly makes me feel badly about the church down in Lexington. There is an opportunity there if only Rev. Dollar would buckle down. I know you must have been happy to hear from Aunt Annie.

  Sweetheart, don’t you ever worry about me not liking your cooking when I return. I’ve always loved your cooking and always will and I mean it with all of me. Well, Lover, it is very late so I’ll close tonight. God bless you richly in all things.

 I love just you forever, Dear 

in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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