December 26, 1944

December 26, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It is late but I want to take enough time to let you know that I am thinking of you and loving you more. In that there were no planes today I am still here and waiting for transportation. As I said in yesterday’s letter, from the looks of things it may be two or three more days before something arrives. All my things have been weighed in ready for the flight. All I have with me is a towel, my shaving equipment, Bible and pajamas.

Early this morning, Raymond and I left here for the infantry area to see a certain soldier. I had sent a request through the Red Cross for a welfare report from his father. He seemed much relieved to know about his father’s condition. We drove from there to the engineers to see another soldier about a problem I have been working on for him.

An Alua that Willis caught. 1944

Eventually we drove to the Air Base to check on planes. While there, I saw many of the soldiers and had a good visit with them. I got to see Orville Wilson and had a good visit with him. We would have visited longer but he had work to do. I hope to see him again before I leave the island. He is certainly a mighty fine fellow. I have certainly enjoyed the privilege of his friendship. I only wish we could have been able to know one another longer. After having dinner I returned to my quarters, read my devotional material as well as reading some more in the Bible.

Lieutenant Fox called and wanted me to go fishing with him in the lagoon. In that there wasn’t any plane due, another officer, Lieutenant Fox and I went fishing. I caught an Alua, which weighted around 35 or 40 pounds. I also got a shark. Lieutenant Fox caught two Aluas but his were much smaller, about 5 pound for one and about 10 or 12 pounds for the other.

In that it is so late, I’ll close for now and try to write you a better letter. God bless you beloved in all things. I love you much more than ever.

Yours forever in the love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    December 26, 2018, 3:52 am

    “All I have with me is a towel, my shaving equipment, Bible and pajamas.” Now that’s traveling light! He must have been feeling tremendously anxious–it’s difficult to comprehend the full sense of his uncertainty.

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