December 20, 1945

Seoul, Korea

20 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

It is again very late and I’m pretty weary but I do want to get a letter off to you before I retire. I had another shot for typhoid this afternoon and it really made me feel bad since about 6 o’clock this evening. I will sleep it off I’m sure. Tomorrow I have another shot for cholera which will make my 26th shot since coming into the Army. I had hoped that I would receive a letter from you today but none arrived. I did receive a nice card and letter from the following people: Aunt Annie Scurlock, Mil and Daunt, Hansens, and a nice long letter from the Hollys. Their letter was really wonderful I will send it along as soon as I answer it.

  This morning I worked for about two hours getting all of the order of services ready for the coming Christmas services. With everything so uncertain, it is very difficult to plan things with any degree of certainty. And then the rest of the morning I spent calling on the men in the various wards. Having had my dinner, I came up here to the office and dashed a letter off to Louise Davis and also a letter to Bob and Lois Peterson at Grant, Nebraska.

American Servicemen celebrate Christmas 1945.

After having my shot I drove into Seoul to take care of several things for the various patients. That was a long cold trip and it was about 4:30 by the time I got back here to the hospital. I sat right down and did some studying for my message for the evening service. After supper, I came back here to the office and continue to study until time for this evening worship service (midweek).  I used as my scripture Romans the 13th chapter. The title of my message was, “By What Authority.”  It was the largest midweek service we have had so far. There were around 60 in attendance. The big surprise to me was to have 12 of my old faithfuls walking in from the old 184th. Chaplain Wells has dropped some of the services which I used to have when I was there so they got a truck from the 184th motor pool and drove over here in the cold for our service. They were very gracious and said that they miss Don and I very much back there and that things are not the same. Chaplain Wells’ assistant came along. They asked if it would be all right for them to attend our Christmas Eve communion services. Of course I assured them that they were welcome, but I do hope that Chaplain Wells doesn’t think that I’m trying to get them to drive all that way over here for our service. Of course the service will be over before this letter reaches you, but I do wish you would pray about it. I talked to his assistant on the side and told him to use his own judgment and pray about it, for I don’t want him feeling bad about the situation. Jimmie Butler (Chaplain Wells’ assistant) is a wonderful Christian and I know he feels pretty much burdened about the situation. Darling, it isn’t easy to talk about this thing in a letter, but honestly, at times I feel very sorry for Chaplain Wells but he just somehow or other doesn’t reach the men. I know I don’t do so well but the Lord has given me a deep feeling and a darling wife who is a constant source of inspiration and challenge, and of course, that is bound to make a difference. I know I’m not greatly gifted but I do mean everything I say and I’m seeking every day to walk a little closer to the Lord.

  It has been warmer today than for sometime but it is getting colder now and by morning I’m inclined to believe that is going to be very very cold. Most of all the snow is gone now, only the higher mountains are still completely covered with snow.

  I was glad to hear that the United Thanksgiving service at North Shore was so well attended this year and that Herb Lockyer brought such a very fine message. I don’t know whether I ever told you or not, but we were in many of the same classes at Northern. It is good to know that he is doing a good work at the church. The church he took over has always been known as a hard church to handle. For what reason I’ve never known.

  Your description of the ride out to Val, it must have been very beautiful to say the least. And I’m glad to know that you had such a lovely day there, I was sorry to know that Jeanne was unable to be there for the dinner. The Lord willing Jeanne and I will both be there next year.

Llover, in that I feel so miserable after today’s shot I think I will call it quits for tonight. Here’s hoping I have some letters from you tomorrow. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

 Just yours Beloved forever in

 Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find the last letter from Bob and Lois Peterson. 

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