December 2, 1944

December 2, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

I have thought of you so many many times today and I find I love you so much more than ever. My Dear, it is such a comforting and joyous feeling to be sure we are each other’s forever in Christ, no matter what the future may hold. As I think back over our wonderful days of courtship and our few months together in the most glorious of all earthly relationships, (that of husband and wife being united not by the laws of the state, but by the Kingdom of God, as we know it in Christ). As I have said before, I carry with me in my breast a constant ache and burden that keeps me ever mindful of our physical separation. And Darling, that will vanish when again I am with you and always near. Of course, the Lord knows best and I do want His will first, but if this desire is selfish I do hope He will forgive me because it is my hope that we will never have to be separated this way again. Some nights after I crawl into my bed, I can hardly keep back to tears for longing to be with you. I have always known that I loved only you and will never want to love another, but this time of separation has revealed to me beyond the realm of doubt that our love surpasses that which the human mind can grasp. I can think of no other way of letting you know how I love you than remind you again of my often repeated statement, “To me you are God’s little girl, and thank you for being such a constant, sweet, devoted in Christ-like wife.” I love you Darling with all my heart and life forever in the love of Christ.

This morning Raymond and I went to the Air Base early to see if we could find out anything on the radiogram I sent concerning the tragedy in one of the soldier’s home. A message came through but I had the Commanding Officer send out another message to see if we can get an emergency furlough of the soldier involved. While up there, I had a good talk with another one of the officers. Eventually, Raymond and I came back to headquarters and sorted some of the magazines and papers that came through the Red Cross. Most of them are between two and three months old, but to us  they are new and I think most of the men will enjoy seeing them. We will probably deliver them this coming Monday morning.

After dinner we had to go to the native village and we had a very nice visit with the natives. Mofete wanted a picture of us together to take back to the island when they return. He wants to show his wife and friends our picture. The only picture I had of us together is the one I have in my billfold ever since you sent it to me at Long Beach. It was one of the pictures we took when I came through Chicago on my way to the West Coast. I gave it to him and he thanked me very much. After all he has done for me I could not think of refusing. However, I would like to have another to carry, for I do miss it. I’m wondering if you will find the negative and have another printed for me, so I can replace it in my billfold. It is the picture where you are standing at my left side. As you look at them check closely, for in one of them you are standing at my right side. I think you will be able to tell which is which, for in the one where you were standing on my right side, my wedding ring shows up in the picture and undoubtedly it will in the negative also. How happy I would be if you were standing by my side right now.

Native Pastor, leader and dear friend of Willis’ , Mofete.

After supper I went up to the Air Base to see if we had received any further word concerning the above mentioned soldier, but nothing has come back in so I came back. On the way, I stopped by the Infantry area for a while and visited with some of the officers for a while. I arrived here at my quarters just after dark. I did some reading and read your letter of the 21st over again. I looked at your picture for quite a while and thanked the Lord again for you and all you are to me. As I said in last night’s letter, you are growing sweeter in every way and it is so noticeable in this lovely picture you sent me for a Christmas present.

I am anxiously looking forward to knowing what your final grades were for the work you are carrying for this year at Northern. I’m certain it will be something to be proud of, and remember, everything you accomplish is a very rich blessing and challenge to our life in Christ. The beauties and depth of love as we have found it together Dear transcends the realms in which the human mind is able to comprehend. At least that is the way your wonderful love affects me.

I was interested in what you told me about the speech you gave for an examination in Speech class on the book, “Man of Like Passions.” I will be interested to see if you take speech the second and third quarters. I’m certainly sorry to know that Bernice Ptacek is having such a difficult time with the Junior BYF. I feel that the problem she has finds its roots in the problem that all of  NSBC faces and that is this, they may have many members but the workers are very very scarce and that in itself seems to indicate a definite need of a revitalized Christianity in the entire membership. As best said, a “Wholly Christ-o-centric program.” Sometimes I’m afraid there is too much overlap in the church. What do you think, Dear? Since being in the Army I have come to some very definite conclusions in the field of Christian education, and by that I mean training and edification, I’m still trying to come to some conclusions that would be worthy of use in the church. Sometimes I think we need an entirely new church school set up, what do you think, Dear? Weekday religious education is doing something, but I still feel that it isn’t enough and it is sure it isn’t adequate. Many times when I’m going along in the jeep I am thinking of just such problems. With all your added experience and understanding, I anticipate some wonderful times together as we work for Christ in our next church. Darling, it means everything to me has been to have such a good wife as you are to me.

It was interesting to hear what the doctors told Mrs. Vogel on her visit to Iowa city. Yes, E. Stanley Jones is correct in his book on Abundant Living about the effect of the mind upon the physical. I have seen just cases since being in the Army. The talk given by Bobby at the church must have been very very good. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a fine children as Paul and Gen have? Sweetheart, I do hope the Lord sees fit for us to have our own someday. I’m sure you will be such a good mother to our children and the Christ likeness in you will be a blessing beyond description.

That was very nice of the woman in Taft Hall to ask you to the party they’re having for Lee. I’m most grateful to Paul and Gen for asking you to stay all night with them. I do hope you won’t take any chances, Darling. I hope things straight now for them and that the former minister’s wife will get out completely.

I was interested to hear what Mrs. Paul mentioned to you about that the Bob Hope show. What little he told me I agree with, but I will tell you about my impressions when we are together, Dear. I would rather not say anything in the mail. Nobody loves humor or a good laugh more than I do in the proper places, but this business of being vile and vulgar for a laugh is behind me. I’m so happy you don’t have to hear the profanity that I’m constantly hearing. Actually, it hurts me until I can hardly stand it, especially is that true when some of the men have had too many beers. Some people are always forcibly using other people’s ears as sewer pipes for the things they utter. I know it’s difficult for men who really try to live and exemplary life. Our dear Lord’s name is used so much in vain that my heart is constantly being hurt.

 From what you mentioned in one letter, I suppose you spent Thanksgiving Day out at Valparaiso with the folks. As I read that in your letter this thought came to mind, did you have thanks for the food before eating? And do you have thanks for the food every day at home? Darling, I have no idea where you will be for Christmas dinner, that is I mean I’m not sure where you will be, but I have this little request to make if you are at Mabel’s or at home or whatever it may be, will you please offer the thanks for the food? I’m not sure where I will be eating my Christmas dinner, but I would like to know that you thanked the Lord for His mighty provisions at that most blessed birthday in the history of mankind. As you offer that prayer, remember I will be right there in that place in your heart which is mine now and forever. Your meals are so very good so please thank the Lord every meal for the food. Please tell the folks that also, I know not what the future holds but if I go into battle knowing all of you back there are duly thanking the Lord for His bountiful provisions it will help I know. I wish these men out here would quit their complaining and thank the Lord for the food we do have. My, I think it would make them more grateful than ever for the blessings we have had in the past. As I write this letter to you, there are boys and girls and grown folks who are starving, not because God’s good earth is not productive and fertile enough, but because of the selfishness of men. Did you ever stop to think of the food that has been lost because of sinking ships, rotted because of laziness and labor disputes, and yes, even burning and plowing under on purpose. In brief, the Chief, Mom and you be sure to thank the Lord for each meals food, be it even a crust of  bread and water. That may sound sermonic, but Darling I am constantly seeing men who have been spoiled by the blessings of our country and instead of thanking Lord, they complain. We have lost the rare art of thanksgiving as a nation and a people.

Darling, it is very late and I’m tired so I will close for tonight. God bless you in all things and remember I love you more than ever I have before.

Always just yours in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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