December 18, 1945

Seoul, Korea

18 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, I got two letters today, that is I should say a letter and a card. The letter was from my grandmother and the card was for Christmas from Bob and Margie. My grandmother told me all about Connie’s third operation. I’m sure she is coming along all right, at least I hope so. As soon as I answer the letter I’ll send it on so you can read it.

Life Magazine, December 1945.

  This has really been a rounder of a day, it has been unbearably cold all day. And actually, we have had a hard time keeping some of the rooms warm for the patients. I spent the entire morning calling on the men in the various towards. And then it took part of the afternoon to take care of some other things for them. I came up here to my office to try and do some studying but it was so very cold and I couldn’t do any concentrating so I did some other things around here. After having have supper, I came back up here and had my devotions and then studied for Bible class. We got down to the 13th verse of the first chapter of John. There were only ten in attendance this evening but we did have a good time and it proved to be helpful to me.

  After Bible class I wanted to write to you right away but one of the men wanted to talk to me for a while about some things. That took quite some time so it is rather late now. Before I wrote this letter to you I dashed off a short note to the Krafts enclosing a copy of the concert which Rody had this last Sunday. I thought they might like to have a copy.

  You will be interested to know that Captain Main just finished developing the first roll of film taken with the camera you sent me for Christmas. I’m sending the negatives to you so you can have them developed. We don’t have the means of printing them over here so you can have them printed and enlarged to 620 size back there. Don’t send them back to me for I will see them when I come home. Captain Main thinks they will make some good pictures. And I hope that is correct. I think I’m in about three or four of them.

  Lover, I didn’t get very much sleep last night because of sleeping cold, and for that reason I’m very tired and weary and it is late so I think I will close for tonight. Please forgive me for such a poor letter but I do love you more than ever I have before. Please don’t worry about me but I think I will be able to sleep much warmer tonight even though it is very cold. God bless you Lover in all things.

 Always and forever just yours

 in Christ’s eternal love,


 Colossians 3:3

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