December 14, 1945

Seoul, Korea

14 December 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

The highlight of this whole day was the arrival of four of your beautiful letters. When I went over to the 184th I found them waiting there for me. They were yours of November 27th, 29th,  December 1st and 2nd. I’ve just finished reading them through a little while ago. I also got two lovely Christmas cards from loved ones who I wrote to on Okinawa about the passing of their own. And then I had a Christmas card and note from Ruth Reid, a nice letter from the Pearsons at Chenoa.

  I was up early this morning and came over here and had breakfast and then called on all the men in the wards. After that, I prepared a box of personal belongings that belonged to a chaplain which used to be with this outfit about a year ago. I checked in the personnel office and found out his emergency address and sent the things to him. I know I would appreciate such a favor if some of my things were lost.

Korean Stamp 1945.

  Then after dinner, I took the two nurses and two men into Seoul to the radio studios to practice for the program this Sunday. While they worked on the program as to timing and so on I used that time to drive over to the 184th and several other places to pick up mail for the men’s sake here in the hospital. Chaplain Schreyer is to give the message at the broadcast. I was supposed to make arrangements for the music. According to present plans I am supposed to have the message the latter part of January sometime. It was quite late by the time they finished planning and practicing so Chaplain Schreyer had all of us eat over at his headquarters. As a result, we had that long drive out here and it was rather late when we got back here.

  I delivered the mail to the various towards and then came up here and planned the bulletin for this coming Sunday. Don is downstairs cutting the stencil on another typewriter. This one is such a wreck that it just ruins a stencil. As soon as I had finished that I wrote a letter to Dr. and Mrs. Mantey and enclosed a few Korean stamps for them.

  It was rather warm today after all the cold weather and snow we have had. A good share of the snow disappeared today. But it probably won’t be too long before we will have more snow and cold weather.

  From what you told me in your letter you must have had a very nice visit with Betty and her husband. I was glad to hear that he is such a fine fellow. Betty is really a fine girl and ought to make him a real helpmate. Darling, I do think it would be nice if we could give them a wedding present and Sallman’s Head of Christ is very fine. Not so long ago I wrote Betty a letter and sent it to her Boston address. I suppose her folks will send it on to her.

  It was surely good news to hear that at last you had heard from Charlie and Nettie. I would surely like to see them again. They are such a wonderful couple and I’m so glad they can be together again. Charlie was really lucky when it comes to the time he spent overseas.

  Darling, the way you fixed the red velvet dress sounds very nice and I will be glad to see it when I return. Just to see you again will be very very wonderful. Oh how thankful I will be when we can be near to each other.

  The news about Helen being divorced for almost a year and going to be married again soon about bowled me over. After all of the cases and situations I have handled I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I guess it affects you a little differently when it is one of your immediate family. How thankful I am unto the Lord that I have you for my wife, Beloved. I do hope everything works out all right now. The man she is marrying now, has he ever been married before?

  Lover, it is so late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight. God bless you richly in all things. Remember, I love you more than ever and you are so sweet.

 Yours alone for all the ages

 because we are His in love and life.

 Your tweetheart,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find one of Dr. Mantey’s letters

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