December 13, 1945

Seoul, Korea

13 December 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has been a lulu of a day, to say the least. I’ve been on the go the entire day and it is very late now. I got up early this morning and came over here to the office and shaved before time to eat. Where I’m living now there aren’t any washing facilities so I’m doing my shaving and other things in this room which I use as an office.

  I called on all the wards and then came back here to the office to try and do some studying when I received a call from Chaplain Schreyer in Seoul, and he wanted me to come down there tomorrow afternoon and help practice the radio broadcast which we are having this Sunday as a special Christmas program from Korea. I’ve arranged to have two of the nurses sing along with two of the men. I think they will make a fine quartet. They will sing two numbers then one of the girls will sing, “Oh Holy Night.”  That took a lot of work for we had to make arrangements for all of them to be off tomorrow afternoon so we can practice in the Seoul Studios tomorrow.

I used part of the afternoon to study and prepare for this evening service and then called on more of the men in the wards. I certainly like hospital work but you surely have to budget your time. This afternoon one of the men came up to see me and he visited for some time. About 3 this afternoon it started to rain and it really came down hard until about 8 this evening. It is only drizzling now. I certainly hope it doesn’t become cooler, for if it does, everything will be covered with a sheet of ice. It seemed so strange to have it raining so hard. I thought that any moment it my turn to snow but so far it hasn’t.

American Nurses that had been released after being POWs. 1945.

After eating this evening I came back up here to the office and was quiet for a little while and just prayed and thought for this evening’s message. My scripture was 1 Samuel 3:1-10.  And the title of the theme of my message was, “Haven’t You Heard?”  The idea being that we need to be in the right place before we can hear the Lord thus it behooves each one of us to be in the right place. And then finding ourselves in the right we go from there to the joy and service of being one with Christ. I concluded the message by using the idea of panics and mobs, they are such because they listen to the wrong voices. I didn’t get to ask Don the exact number in attendance but I would say it was around 45. I had wanted to come right up here to the office and write some other letters and then write yours but we had choir practice for the coming Christmas services which lasted until about 8:15. Miss Mason, one of the very fine nurses here, wanted to talk to me so we stayed in the chapel and talked until almost 11. I wish you would pray for her and some of the few other good nurses, for it isn’t to live over here under these conditions for often some men become quite demanding. Miss Mason makes me think of you and I told her about our wonderful love life and how it is founded on Christ and His love. And I assured her that we will both remember her in prayer. I can see that it isn’t very easy for them and my eyes have been opened to some of the things since I came over here to this new assignment. I cannot go into a lot of detail now but when I come back I will tell you all about it. I encouraged her in her stand for that which is right and assured her that the Lord would honor her in that stand in years to come with real joy and in Eternity with riches untold. Darling, I’m so very glad that you don’t have to throw in with such an environment as some of these girls have to live in. I’m not afraid that you couldn’t stand up under it but it would make me feel badly if you had to endure such things. When we are together and can talk and love like we used to do, I’ll tell you some of these things and then you can experience them through me. I explained to Miss Mason that all this would automatically straighten itself out if life was placed in its proper place. And that proper place is in Christ Jesus and then further showed her that she can be hands, feet, and tongue for Him. She said she had begun to feel that something was wrong with her because she refused to do all that was asked of her and then had it thrown in her face that she was old-fashioned and a killjoy. She thanked me and said it helped her very much. And she said she would like to be remembered to you and that she hopes someday to know you. And Darling, you know how happy I would be to have you know any of the people I’ve met. As I told her tonight and have told you, “You will always be to me God’s little girl.”  And I know that your life to her or any of the other friends would be a challenge and inspiration as it is to me.

  Well, Lover, it’s late and tomorrow will be a rather busy one with having to go into Seoul and practice for the broadcast this coming Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Lover, you are so very very sweet and I love you more than ever. I’m going to try and get by to the 184th to see if I have any mail. I’m getting pretty lonesome to hear from you.

 With my deepest love forever in

 Christ Jesus,


 Colossians 3:3

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