December 12, 1945

Seoul, Korea

12 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

Well, one more day has slipped by and how thankful I am for that fact. I came up to the office early this morning and devoted a good share of the morning to studying. I haven’t had a decent chance to do any studying for quite some time. It took a couple of hours to call on all the men in the wards and I stayed right here reading my Bible and other little things until noon. As soon as I had my dinner I came back here to the office and wrote a letter to Mr. Kraft. I waited purposely before writing to him because I wanted to think it over for a while. He may show you the letter, I don’t know, but if he doesn’t I told him it was the most challenging thing that we know about thus far and that we will make it a matter of prayer; and I asked them to do the same.

by Willis on back: Mr. & Mrs. P.C. Hansen standing on the steps of the apt building of which they are assistant managers.

  I had hoped to do some more studying this afternoon but several interactions took place which naturally ruined most of the afternoon as far as studying was concerned. After eating this evening I came back here to the office and studied and planned my message for tomorrow evening. I don’t have it all done but at least I have it in mind.

  With this stack of letters staring me in the face I knew I must get busy so I made up my mind to try and get some of the letters out of the way this evening. As a result, I wrote to Jean Peden, Aunt Annie Scurlock, Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Hansen and Joan Cable. I also made up another envelope of letters for you to read.

  It was two below zero this morning when I got up and I have been pretty cold all day, but don’t worry, I’ll be all right. As soon as I finish this letter to you I’m going to hurry over to my hut and crawl into that good old sleeping bag. If that sleeping bag never paid for itself before it has certainly done so since my arrival in Korea. I suppose you are having some pretty cold weather back there now also. The sun shone a good share of the day but the snow did not melt.

  Darling, I’m going to enclose Joan Cables last letter and pictures in this letter, for I know you will enjoy reading her very fine letter. It is certainly good to see the wonderful work which the young people are doing in Long Beach. I know just what you mean when you said you become hungry for that kind of fellowship and service for the Lord. I do wish North Shore would get into gear in that respect. By the way, the pictures are Mrs. Cable and Carl, The Hollys, and Mr. and Mrs. Cable and Joan iand her father. I’ve tried to figure that situation out at North Shore Baptist Church but for some reason or other, it seems that I cannot see the situation clearly enough. But sometimes I’m inclined to believe that the trouble may be in the pulpit itself. There should never be compromises when it comes to the presentation of the truth of God’s word.

  I would like to talk to some of those brethren who are so critical of the Northern Baptist Convention. The trouble is they believe something which someone tells that is not true, rather than investigating and endeavoring to find out the facts. I cannot go into detail in this letter but I have made some definite observations concerning missions since being over here that might do some of the brethren good to look beyond the end of their own noses and beyond the reach of that which they have in their minds. I admire moral and spiritual courage but it is indeed foolish for them to disregard the facts.

  Lover, it is rather late and I’m very tired so I think I will close for now and try to get a good night’s sleep. God bless you and be sure to give the folks my love.

 Just yours tweetheart for always

 in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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