December 10, 1945

Seoul, Korea

10 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has really been a lulu of a day for me from the very beginning, and now the day in a few minutes will be over and a new day begun. The highlight was the privilege of receiving two more of your precious letters, they were yours of November 28th and 30th, the 27th and 29th are missing and I’m hoping they reach me. Nothing so brightens or cheers a day as the arrival of your good letters. Besides your good letters I also received letters from the following:  Calvin Lee who is in Japan, Harold and Buena, Dolores and Al Beaudoin,  pastor of the church in East Moline, Illinois.

Memorial Day service on Okinawa led by some of the chaplains. Schreyer on left.

  As I told you we had to move early this morning, naturally that took time and as soon as that was over I came back to the hospital building and called on all the men in the wards. Many hadn’t had mail for a while so I made up my mind to trace some of it down for them. Besides that I got money orders for some of them and took care of many other details. I had dinner with the men at the 184th Infantry. And immediately left there for Corps Headquarters. Upon arriving there I found that I am to be in charge of the music for a special Christmas program which is to be broadcast to all the troops on Christmas. That besides all my other programs and work out here. I made arrangements with Chaplain Schreyer to meet me here this evening and I would  get things lined up for special music. By the time I had done all that I had promised to try and do for those in the wards, it was almost 6 this evening. I had a little to eat and then came up and Chaplain Schreyer and I spent about 3 hours getting things lined up and worked out for the above-mentioned Christmas program. It is difficult enough to take care of getting the ball rolling here in the hospital without having other things to do. Well, I know we are short on chaplains now but under existing conditions I’m willing and will do my best.

  By the way, I received two more packages today, they were from Kenyon’s and Don and Verla. And then we also received some other religious material. By the way, Al Blomquist called this afternoon while I was gone. Of all the times this is the one time I would have to be away.

  It was very cold today and I really had a long cold ride doing all that driving around today.

  Lover, this is not such a good letter I but I’m very tired and must get some rest for tomorrow. I wuv you more dan ever (I said it first and wast).

 Ever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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