December 1, 1945

Seoul, Korea

1 December 1945

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has really been a full day and it is late and I’m tired but I want to talk to you for a while before going to bed. I read all your precious letters over again this noon and twice this evening before starting this letter to you. Words cannot possibly describe to you how much they really mean to me. They refueled me all anew.

  I got up early this morning and as soon as I had something to eat I came up to my office and worked on tomorrow’s services. I plan to speak on this theme, “Reconstruction Includes You” for tomorrow morning. My scripture is Isaiah 52:7-10.  For some reason or other I cannot get it shaped up like I want to, so I decided to just quit for tonight and read your letters and write to you. I have a lot of notes and ideas but cannot seem to bail it down properly. Well, I’m going to get up early in the morning and perhaps my mind will be clear after a good night’s sleep.

A jeep in frigid conditions.

  This has really been a cold day, we had quite a strong wind and it seemed to drive the wind right through. Even the larger bodies of water were frozen over during the night. This afternoon I went over to the at 184th in my Jeep to get Don. On the way, it started to snow and it really came down for about 2 hours. It was so heavy for a while that I just went along slowly to avoid taking any chances. Don and I arrived back here around 4:30 and then I helped him locate his quarters. Honestly, it was so cold when we got here and I was numb. An open Jeep is a pretty breezy affair even under the best circumstances.

  We had our evening meal, then we visited for some time with the Catholic chaplain before we could make further plans for things in the future. I thought some more on that sermon for tomorrow morning and then decided to start this letter to you, my Lover.

  I saw a Chaplain Wells for five minutes this afternoon while riding back there to get Don. He is taking care of my old outfit now but it is much easier because all but three of the companies have been pulled into the immediate area of the Regiment.

  Sweetheart, I’ve just read your good letter of November 1st again and it made me feel so thankful to the Lord for the wonderful privilege which is mine in being your husband. I love to know you only love me and believe that we are each other’s forever and always in Christ. I can still see how you look on that night we first met. And then the night I first saw you at Buena when we went to your prayer meeting together.

  Darling, I have not heard from Solomon Dubner (the other Jewish boy) since I left Oahu early this year. He must have been transferred somewhere. I suppose he is discharged right now because he had a lot of service and most of it was overseas.

  I was very sorry to hear how rude they were to Dr. A.M. McDonald. I know for I’ve seen the same thing happen while I was attending Northern. I’ve always liked Dr. McDonald and personally feel he has done a mighty fine piece of work in a place of great responsibility with very little appreciation or credit on the behalf of others. Dr. Mantey said in his letter that they had tried to get Al Dimon to take his place.  Has Dr. McDonald resigned now, and if so, do you know where he is going? If he leaves I do hope they get a good man to take his place. I was glad to hear that you received such a nice letter from Raymond Cox’s wife.

  Darling, of course, it’s a lot of trouble for you to try and keep your hair nice when it’s so long, and it’s hard for me to tell you whether I would like it long or not, but in that it is hard to manage, it seems it would be best to have it cut and get a permanent.

  Lover, in that I’m so very weary I will close for tonight. God bless you Lover in all things. You are so very sweet.

 Yours and yours only in the love

 of Christ,


Colossians 3:3 

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