December 1, 1944

December 1, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

What a day this has been. Around 10 o’clock this morning we had some more first class mail, and to my joy and surprise there were two letters from you. They were for November 10th and 21st. I am only missing your letter of November 20th now. Besides your lovely letters, I had letters from Charlie Mosher, Betty Weiskoph, Gail Holly, Paul Vogel, Dolores and several other official letters. 

But the big event of this day, as far as I’m concerned, was the arrival of your wonderful Christmas present. Sweetheart, when I saw your picture my old heart welled up within me until I couldn’t talk, and yes, some tears were shed, but they were tears of joy and thanksgiving to our God for the privilege I have in being your husband. This is one of those occasions when words are not at all adequate to describe what is in my heart. Darling, that picture means more to me than I’m sure you realize. It is obvious that you are growing more beautiful. And when I say that, I mean it with all of my heart. It is no exaggeration when I say I can see more of the beauty of Christ in your face, your letters have been indicating growth and now I can very easily see it in this precious picture. Honestly, this evening I have just sat here for a few minutes and studied and I did talk to you across the miles on our wavelength. I also thanked the Lord for such a wonderful wife as you are many times.

There were nine packages for me in this afternoon’s mail, they were from the following people: Kenyon and Gen, Dolores Nelson, Mabel, Don and Rachel, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mildred, Normans, Faith Allen and your two packages. Your little package with the razor blades, corn plaster and preparation for my hair was rather clever and I enjoyed it very much. In the box from Kenyon and Gen, there were two bars of nice face soap, a toothbrush, a comb, two tubes of shaving cream and a large box of tooth powder. The box Faith Allen sent me was a nice box of chocolate candy. (Wasn’t that thoughtful of her?) Dolores’ box was a nice set of Air Mail stationary. Mabel’s box contained Yardley’s shaving soap dish, a nice fruitcake, a puzzle and a talking Christmas card. Normans box contained candy and nuts of all kinds. The box from Uncle Jim and Aunt Mildred contained candy and toilet equipment. The box from Don and Rachel was rather unusual in that it contained almost every kind of small cans of food you could imagine. I suppose they got a lot of fun out of sending these things. Whenever you see any of the folks be sure to convey to them my thanks for their kindness and thoughtfulness. I only wish I could do something for you and them, but being in a situation like this it is impossible to do anything. Just be assured of this my Dear, although I’m not be able to buy anything for you this Christmas, I do love you more than words can ever tell.

The letter from Charlie Mosher was very nice and he said he was certainly lonesome for Nettie, at the time he was writing the letter to me, he had a call in at that time for her at Waterloo, Iowa. I surely know just how he feels and I will be so glad when we can return to living a normal life and we can be with those we love.

Betty Weiskoph wrote me a very nice letter and assured me that I was much in their prayers. It is certainly a privilege to know such wonderful young people who love and live for Christ.

The letter from Gail Holly was really lovely. She was thrilled to pieces with the new fountain pen I sent to her from us for her birthday and Christmas. Her birthday is the 13th of December. I didn’t think it would reach her quite so soon or I would not have it sent it through when I did it. She told me to be sure and thank you so much for a wonderful gift, it was something she has been wanting for a long long time.

Yank magazine from December 1, 1944.

The letter from Paul was just like him and how I praise the Lord for such wonderful friends as they are to us, Dear. I love them, every one, more than I have ever loved any other friend. From what he told me in his letters he has really been busy preaching and working and going to school. I have a feeling that he will get a church in a couple of years. If he does, it will really be a lot better for them in every way.

By the way, I failed to mention above that I received a very very nice Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Hansen. She also enclosed with it a nice long letter. For some reason or other they have always liked me. If there is any good in me it is because of our wonderful Lord and Savior.

I read your letter of the tenth over twice and found it very very interesting. I was certainly glad to know that the program went over so well. I wish I could’ve been a little mouse somewhere in the chapel. Sweetheart, I was really happy to see your name as chairman of the program. Everything about you gives me reason to be thankful unto the Lord.

This morning I prepared my report for the month of November and started it on its way to the Chief of Chaplains. The rest of the day was routine, but my heart is filled with joy beyond description because of your beautiful and inspiring Christmas gift. Thank you, Dear. I only wish I had the folks’ for the other side, it would then be complete. Surely their pictures couldn’t have been too bad, were they? Especially when I see how nicely yours is finished. You tell them that I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of their picture.

My Dear, it is very very late so I will close for tonight. God bless you forever in the work which is yours. I love you Darling with my whole heart and life for the ages of the ages.

I will never care to love any 

Other because of our relationship in the 

Loving redemption of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed you will find more pictures and negatives.

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