December 10, 1945

Seoul, Korea

10 December 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has really been a lulu of a day for me from the very beginning, and now the day in a few minutes will be over and a new day begun. The highlight was the privilege of receiving two more of your precious letters, they were yours of November 28th and 30th, the 27th and 29th are missing and I’m hoping they reach me. Nothing so brightens or cheers a day as the arrival of your good letters. Besides your good letters I also received letters from the following:  Calvin Lee who is in Japan, Harold and Buena, Dolores and Al Beaudoin,  pastor of the church in East Moline, Illinois.

Memorial Day service on Okinawa led by some of the chaplains. Schreyer on left.

  As I told you we had to move early this morning, naturally that took time and as soon as that was over I came back to the hospital building and called on all the men in the wards. Many hadn’t had mail for a while so I made up my mind to trace some of it down for them. Besides that I got money orders for some of them and took care of many other details. I had dinner with the men at the 184th Infantry. And immediately left there for Corps Headquarters. Upon arriving there I found that I am to be in charge of the music for a special Christmas program which is to be broadcast to all the troops on Christmas. That besides all my other programs and work out here. I made arrangements with Chaplain Schreyer to meet me here this evening and I would  get things lined up for special music. By the time I had done all that I had promised to try and do for those in the wards, it was almost 6 this evening. I had a little to eat and then came up and Chaplain Schreyer and I spent about 3 hours getting things lined up and worked out for the above-mentioned Christmas program. It is difficult enough to take care of getting the ball rolling here in the hospital without having other things to do. Well, I know we are short on chaplains now but under existing conditions I’m willing and will do my best.

  By the way, I received two more packages today, they were from Kenyon’s and Don and Verla. And then we also received some other religious material. By the way, Al Blomquist called this afternoon while I was gone. Of all the times this is the one time I would have to be away.

  It was very cold today and I really had a long cold ride doing all that driving around today.

  Lover, this is not such a good letter I but I’m very tired and must get some rest for tomorrow. I wuv you more dan ever (I said it first and wast).

 Ever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

June 23, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

23 June 1945

Sarah, My Dearest One:

Well, Beloved, this evening I was made happy with the arrival of your letters of June 13th and 14th. I’ve already read them twice and will probably read them over again tomorrow morning early. Besides your letters, I got letters from the following: the Chief, Mrs. Weldon, Esther Mason (Capt. Mason’s father), Dolores, Connie, and news from Northern Baptist Convention.

Bob Price. 1943.

Of course, the surprising news in your two letters for me was the announcement of Bob and Margaret’s proposed marriage. After all, it is their decision to make and I do hope both of them the best of everything. I only wish he was being discharged, it will not be so easy to leave this time. Having been given four battle stars for being in the Air Corps stationed in England, he should have enough points for discharge. That was indeed a break for him. We in the Infantry face direct enemy fire and all the privations and dangers that go it, and still only receive one battle star for this Okinawa campaign. In this campaign we were in direct contact with the enemy for 82 days before all organized resistance of the enemy was broken. We still have the problem of mopping up, blowing the caves and crevices. Until all are captured will be threatened with sabotage and infiltration. I’ve had occasion to be in contact with several different branches of the service and the Infantry under combat really has it harder than any one branch of service. I’m glad Bob got 25 points so easily. A man on this operation only has five additional points after all these days of tough fighting.

Well, Bob’s marriage turns out just like my brothers. He was married before I ever knew he was intending on being married. Of course, before you ever receive this letter you will have written me all of the details of their marriage. From today’s letter their plans were most indefinite.  I do hope they have it so at least you and her folks can attend. Has Bob ever given any indication of what he plans on doing when he leaves the Army? All I can do is hope for them half the joy we have experienced as each other’s in the Lord Jesus Christ. I do hope they put Christ first in their home and all their relationships together. I gather from what you said that Margaret is planning on working until Bob comes back. Personally, I wish Bob would get out of the Army now and then he might be able to get settled in some civilian occupation. It is a sure thing he will have to settle down and start preparing himself for his life work. Because he will have an additional responsibility in caring for Margaret. I hope them God’s riches blessings.

I was very glad to receive the pictures you enclosed in today’s letters. The one of you and mom together was really good. I also like the one of you and Margaret together. The picture of Stan and Lee and the children was exceptionally good and I was really glad to have it. Well, Lover, I’ll write more to you in the morning early.

Early 24 June 1945

Good Morning Sweetheart:-

We still had activity a quite a lot of firing here around our area but I slept a little better and a little more than I did night before last. To go to bed and not be interrupted with all the things that make for war will indeed be something. It is breaking day in the east now and the sky is indeed a beautiful sight. It is grand to know 10 hours before you too have seen the same sunrise.

I’m answering questions and making comments on your letter of May 23rd. I’m sure Batten’s must have been overjoyed to hear from Roger, and especially to know he is on his way home. Isn’t it the truth how poorly people support the Lord’s work? If just half of our memberships tithed what great things could be accomplished for the Lord. For instance, NSBC could give over twice as much as they give now for missions.

I was very sorry to hear about the woman backing out of the beginner’s superintendency. But if you can get Dorothy Reid that will be fine. She is very good and a fine Christian so I feel definitely she would be a good leader if you can get her. It is a shame the way you have to beg and plead for people to help in a which they profess to be so important. I do hope Mrs. Milne will cooperate and seek to make one whole unified program. I shall be interested to know how things come along. I assure you of my earnest prayer on your behalf. Glad Ray Johnson was in prayer meeting, I would like to see Ray again sometime. We have had a lot of fun together. I believe he will do a good job as Director of Evangelism for Illinois.

The letter from the Chief was very nice and I’m glad he liked what I sent him. I have a couple other things to send him and I have a few things for you, but it will be a little time before we can send them. At the present time we have so much to do that it is impossible to send these things off. I love the Chief very much and want to do all I can to make him happy. Well my Dear, I must close for now and may God bless you and the folks richly.

Forever yours alone in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

June 2, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

2 June 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, another day is about past and I’m really tired and weary after climbing and walking so much. I spent almost the entire day visiting among the various companies. I had hoped for mail today but due to weather and road conditions none came in. And from all they tell me, we have very little opportunity getting any now until Monday evening. It started raining again this afternoon. So it means more trying times and aching muscles. Well, be that as it may, as long as we can come through with less casualties I’m willing to put up with almost any kind of weather.

Nisei interpreter calls on natives to come out of cave, Okinawa, 1945.

There is very little of interest except that I helped get some natives out of the caves. I will not go into details now but someday I will tell you about it. I’ll tell you about one touching scene as we were moving them. That sweet little girl of about five I’ll never be able to forget.

Well, in that I have a few minutes, I’m going to start answering some more of your letters starting with yours of May 7th. I certainly wish your back letters would start catching up with me. For I am very lonesome to hear and know what you have been doing. Nothing in all this world can take the place of your precious and helpful letters. It certainly means everything to have a wonderful Christian wife as you are.

I was glad you had such a nice visit with Paul Allen’s wife. I know she must have been very happy to see him so soon. Paul hadn’t expected to be home until August or September. Men in the Navy certainly have an advantage over men in the Army. They always have a  decent place to sleep, good food (fresh), and a definite period overseas and then return to the Mainland. Paul was certainly fortunate to get 18 days leave. What Paul said about fleas is true but I’m sure things could be even worse. It has been most uncomfortable at times, but I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m willing to go through a lot if I can just return to you, Darling.

I was interested in Mr. Kraft’s statement about Mayor Kelly calling him to pray and have NSBC, “for their prayers reach heaven.” I’m inclined to believe that is indicative of the church mentioned in Revelation, “neither cold nor hot.” NSBC will continue to mark time until they rid themselves of the glory which is self proclaimed.

Well Darling, it is about dark so I will have to close for tonight. God bless you My Lover in all things.

Yours alone because we are one in Christ,


Colossians 3:3

December 13, 1944

December 13, 1944

My Beloved Darling Sarah:

I have just finished reading your letters of yesterday over again and they are such a blessing to me. Darling, I wish I could find words that would express fully to you just how much I love you and just how much you mean to me. Each passing day I realize more than ever what a wonderful wife you are. If you knew of cases I have dealt with, you would understand just what I mean. I am so very thankful for our promise of ourselves to each other forever because I realize more than ever I would never want to love another. Sweetheart, I only hope I can make you personally as happy as I am in your wonderful abiding love. There are so many things about the Army that are discouraging and distressing, but when I think of you and know that we are each other’s forever, no matter what happens, it does help me over the rough places along the way. 

Things were routine as ever today except that later this morning Captain Wilkinson, Raymond and I went down to the native village. By the way, I have just been interrupted and it is very very late, so I will not be able to write you a very long letter. I will tell you about it some day. You can never plan to do anything definitely for it seems something will always come up to hinder you in someway.

Willis in his Jeep visiting his men. Christmas Island 1944.

Late this afternoon I called on a certain soldier who wanted to see me. He was certainly feeling low. He had just received word that his wife’s mother had passed away 24 hours after their first baby was born. The worst of it was the fact that the wife thought right along that he knew about her death because she sent a telegram to him. But we have checked thoroughly and we have never received such a message. Please remember Darling, if anything should ever happen, don’t try sending it through regular telegraph, send it through the Red Cross because all Red Cross messages are given a priority. As some of the men say, you don’t know whether to look forward to mail or not because many times it brings heartbreaking news. I can understand what they mean but how thankful I am that our dear Lord has given us the assurance of His care and guidance.  As I have said, this time of separation from you hurts more than anything I have ever experienced and I will be so very very glad we can be together again. 

I have read your letter of November 27th and I’m going to make a few comments. I was surely sorry to hear that Gen hasn’t been feeling well. I do hope by this time this letter reaches you she will be feeling very much better. I know she must have liked the little hat you knit for her. It was good to know that Stan baptized two in his church. I think that the former minister’s wife will lose a lot of friends and hurt herself by acting the way she is.

I am certainly proud of your Church History grade and your grade in your final exam in New Testament. Keep up the good work, for it helps and encourages me more than you realize. It is good to know you are getting your thesis pretty well organized. Darling, I’m so very very thankful and grateful for you and your wonderful life and love. I do wish you could take Religious Journalism. I liked it very much. 

I’m beginning to wonder if Bob and I will ever get a picture of the folks. It is a sure thing we will never have it for Christmas, and I sometimes wonder when, for in your letter of the 27th you had said you thought they were going to try to get their pictures taken the next day. You were wondering if I wanted a large picture or the miniature. I would like to have the large picture, otherwise my picture frame you gave me with your picture will look rather strange without the picture that is intended for the other side. The note you placed in there about reserving the side for Mom and Pop’s picture is still in there. 

Well Darling, it is already a day later than the date on this letter so I must try and get a little rest before time to get up. God bless you Dearest in all things, and remember, I love you more than ever I have before. Give the folks my deepest love.

Yours only, forever in the 

Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

September 28, 1944

September 28, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Sweetheart, I love you so very much and will be so very happy when I can tell you that face to face again. This time of separation makes me realize more than ever how good it was to be together and tell each other of our love for each other. I shall never forget some of those talks we used to have together. It was so good to just hold you in my arms and feel your nice soft hair against my face. You are such a sweet and precious wife to me, Darling.

This morning we went through our usual routine, that is calling on the men at the various outposts. We also went down to the native village and while there Raymond and I were able to have a good visit with Timete. Timete is surely a good man and a very quiet leader for the men. By the way, the men had some more presents for me. I will be hoping to have a box ready to send home again to you soon.

Willis with Timete.  From Sarah’s Scrapbook 1944.

This noon I had dinner up at the Infantry area and had a good visit with most of the officers. While at Captain Merrow’s quarters we listened to the news by shortwave, then I came back to my quarters and started to study. I spent the whole afternoon studying. After supper I went up to the Air Base to play another ball game. I pitched again, we won this evening by a score of 11 to 10. I also had pretty good luck at bat.

As soon as the game was over my assistant and I hurried away to the farm for our regular farm service. We had nine in attendance this evening. We had a good song service and then I spoke on James 4:13 to 17. I emphasized the necessity  of knowing Christ personally. To enjoy and receive the benefits of the Christian life, it is necessary to know Christ and not just know about Him.

We visited with a men for a while, but we left for I wanted to get back here and write some letters. First of all, I wrote a letter to Maurice and Edith and enclosed with it a letter of thanks for the hymn books that she can read to the class if she so desires. After writing to them, I decided to write a letter to the folks, for I have not written them for some time now. And now here I am writing to you, my beloved Darling.

By the way, I got up early this morning and wrote a letter to Lt. Carl Anderson, the officer who came to my quarters to read the Bible and pray. As I told you before, he is the private secretary of General Richardson of the Pacific Ocean areas. Technically, MacArthur is under General Richardson. It is really fine to have a man like Carl in such a place to be a living witness of what God can do for a man. He is surely a very fine man. I hope to be able to see him some time again in the future.

Lover, it is so late and I am tired so I think I will close for now. God bless you in all things, and remember, I love you more tonight than ever before. It is so sweet to be just yours forever.

Now and Forever yours in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. I’m enclosing two poems, I especially like the one entitled, “Blood Donor”.

September 27, 1944

September 27, 1944

 My Beloved Darling Wife:

Another day has rolled into eternity and we are one day nearer home and one day nearer being together. Won’t it be wonderful when we can be together again in our own home? Our one year together was the happiest of my whole life. And I look forward to greater happiness in years to come because the Lord has been teaching us so many new things. It means everything to a man to have a wife and companion like you in the Lord’s work.

This morning most of the time was spent making final arrangements for the dinner following the Jewish Yom Kippur services which began last night at sunset. We had 24 in the services last evening and there were 23 at the dinner this evening. They also invited the commanding officers of the Task Force and the Air Base. The services turned out very well when you consider how little we had to work with, as you realize several things are quite necessary for the proper celebration of any Jewish service, or especially Holy Days.

Just Before Yom Kippur Service. 1944. Willis Reed is in the center.

It was really very hot today and this afternoon I spent some more time reading and trying to catch up on some things I wanted to do for sometime. In my reading this afternoon, I happened to run into a little article which I am sending on to you. I think Dr. Sweet hit the nail on the head, what do you think, Darling?

By the way, I failed to tell you yesterday that I received three other letters besides yours, they were from the Hollys, Ruth Reed and Elizabeth Riley. The letter for the Hollys was just as lovely as ever. I will be so happy when you can meet them. I am so grateful to God for His goodness to us, Dear. You know, when we stop and think about it, He has truly given as a host of wonderful Christian friends in almost every section of the United States. Darling, they love you so much, how could they help it? When I think of you and the fact that your God’s little girl, I cannot but feel very humble and all within me makes me want to be a better man, and at least be partially worthy of your blessed love which is a refining and purifying influence in my life and has been ever been since November 1, 1940.

The letter from Ruth was very nice and she seemed to be so glad to have a necklace from us. She thinks so much of you, Dear. All these nice things people write and tell me about you helps to remove a part of the sting and ache of being apart. For it seems through this whole experience that the Lord is teaching us the joy of following His leading, and in spite of being separated we are being drawn closer together because we are one in Him to the extent that we have sought His will first, even though it meant separation.

We did not finish with the Jewish services until almost 9 o’clock. So as soon as possible I came back to my quarters and wrote a letter to the Hollys. Another fine family in Long Beach were the Cables. I became very well acquainted with them while there. The Hollys informed me that Mrs. Cable had a very serious cancer operation. They had to remove her left breast entirely. I wrote them a letter also and enclosed it with the Hollys. Joan, their daughter is President of the College B.Y.F. and a mighty fine girl. Please pray for her, Dear. I will inform you as to her welfare as soon as I hear.

A year ago tonight I was on the Northwestern Challenger racing across the state of Iowa. I’ll be so happy when we can do all of our traveling together. Perhaps if we can get it over now, we will be able to do the rest of our traveling together.

Sweetheart, it is so late and I am so tired so I will close now and asked the Lord to bless you in all things to His honor and glory. Dearest, you grow more precious as the hours roll by.

Yours now and forever in the Love

Of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Philippians 3:9,10

Colossians 3:3

September 26, 1944

September 26, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

We were pleasantly surprised with the arrival of mail today, Dear. I have three letters from you, they were for September 15th, 16th, and 17th. Your letters surely mean a lot to me. I feel so good all over after reading them. I’m surely  proud of you Darling and I thank the Lord every day for you.

In the letter you wrote me on the 15th, you were all curious about my flight. Well, you will know from some of my later letters that I was in the Hawaiian Islands on detached service. But in order to get there I had to fly down to the islands you mentioned as number nine. Yes Dear, I have flown a good many miles by air. And almost all of it has been over the mighty Pacific Ocean. There are so many things I would like to tell you but that is impossible now. It is comforting to look out and see those powerful engines going on ceaselessly without missing a single stroke on one long leg of our flight. It was on that long leg that we experienced the beautiful sunset. We flew so high that it became very cold for the stretcher patients. However, I spent a good part of the time with the crew where we had heat. In fact, we flew so high to get above one storm that we gave three of the men oxygen to help their breathing because of the rarified air. I also helped the flight nurse by helping to keep the men warm with extra blankets and warm coffee.

Sweetheart, thank Dale for sending me the picture. I enjoyed it very much. Tell the boys if I had anything to do with it I would come home to you right away. As you say, they are surely sweet boys.

You should not go to all the trouble of sending that oil down here for my hair. Say, by the way, if you get me a picture of yourself for Christmas, please don’t send it as a Christmas present or I will probably not get it for quite a while. If you send it as a Christmas present they may hold it back until about Christmas time, and by that time I may not be here. I should really look forward to my Christmas present picture of you, Dear. I was sorry to hear that you lost the slip which makes it possible for you to get your pictures. I hope you are able to get them soon for I’m anxious to have as many pictures of you as possible.

I’m glad to hear you finally contacted Mrs. Kleinsmith, Lee’s Aunt. I know he will be glad to know that you two were able to visit. He is a mighty fine man. He is around 35 years old. Carl Scherenberg will be sorry to hear that you and his wife were not able to get together.

I’m going to write to Edith Jackson tomorrow if I get a chance and thank her class for the books. They are really very good, we used them this last Sunday.

From what you told me in your letter, you must have had a very nice visit with the Pauls. They are truly wonderful people and I appreciate their kindness to you very much. Their home must really be very nice, it must be good to have such a fine place to live. I’ll be satisfied to live with you anywhere as long as we are able to get along, serve the Lord effectively, and give our children a good home background and education.

It was good to hear about Mrs. Starrett, but knowing her as I do I am not at all surprised at the way she is getting along. I will never forget her and how well they got along together. Mrs. Starrett is one of the very finest Christians. I was also glad to hear that you heard Mrs. Blachely speak. I’m surprised you haven’t heard her before. She is very good. I taught Chinese Sunday school under her for 2 1/2 years.

I’m sorry to know that Maurice injured his ankle. It will make it difficult for him to work under such conditions. I hope it doesn’t take too long to heal. He will probably have a good time when he is out in Kansas with the young people.

Really I am glad to know you are going to have a regular Sunday school class. I think the way you have been teaching is very unfair to the children and to yourself. It was a surprise to hear that the quartet is going to be dismissed at North Shore. Although I’m glad to know they are going to have their own choir from now on.

Do you remember a year ago today? Well, I arrived in Chicago from Boston at about 11:10 after graduating from Chaplain School at Harvard on the day before. You will remember that we were together until the next day until a little before eight at the Northwestern station. At that time I boarded the Challenger for Long Beach and my first Army assignment.

Well Sweetheart, it is very late and I am tired so I’ll say good night and may God richly bless you in all things. Be sure to give my love to the folks.

Yours always and forever in 

The Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

August 14, 1944

August 14, 1944

My Beloved Darling Wife:

I love you more than ever my Dear and I am so happy to be always and forever yours. I’m so thankful to have your letters for I can read them over again if mail fails to arrive for us. I suppose we will have to wait several more days. I just wish you knew how much it means to me to have your letters.

This has been another unusual day for this time of year because we had several little showers during the day and quite a high wind at times off of the ocean. Early this morning my driver and I went to the Infantry area to see Lieutenant Murphy about some future plans. Later, we went up to the post office and picked up a few papers which arrived for the Red Cross.

About 10 o’clock we went down to the farm to see some of the men about some things. While down there I had a good visit with Private Lee. I was able to have a good visit with some of the other men also. We made a few plans for the future. We arrived back here at headquarters just in time to clean up and have our dinner.

After having my dinner, I took enough time to write a letter to Stan and Letha. It wasn’t a long letter because, as you know, there is not a whole lot you can talk about down here. And besides, I informed them that I was depending on you to keep them informed of what I’m doing. It surely means a lot to have such good friends as they and the Vogels, doesn’t it Dear?

I had some work I wanted to do for some time around my quarters, so I took the time to do it this afternoon. I was able to finish the job in about one hour and a half. Later, I finished reading the book of Revelation which means that I have read the entire Bible through this year. As usual, I read all of my devotional material which was very good I think.

We played ball again this evening and we won by a score of 12 to 1. I pitched and had good luck at bat, I think you know what I mean, don’t you Dear? I really love sports of any kind.

After the ball game was over I hurried back from the Air Base and took a shower with my old reliable brackish water. By the time I finished, Corporal Dubner and my assistant had arrived for our class in Hebrew and Bible history and archaeology. I really get a real joy out of these classes. Two other men who usually attend couldn’t come this evening. I learned a lot from reading the Bible through this year Dear and it is helping in our class discussions.

Darling, it is getting late and that is about all the news so I think I will retire and try to get a good nights sleep. Remember that each passing day finds me more in love with you. God bless you in everything lover, it is such a foretaste of the glory divine to love and always be yours. Give all of our friends my love.

Always and forever yours in Christ

Jesus who makes us one,


P.S. Enclosed you will find some more pictures.

Colossians 3:3

August 10, 1944

August 10, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

I suppose about now you are resting quietly up at Lawsonia. I met a man this evening who has been there many times and said it is really a beautiful spot and he says you ought to really have a good time. I’m not sure what time you will be getting up there, but I suppose it will be about the time I go to bed. Dear, another day has slipped by and I find that I love you much more than ever. During our evening service this evening I asked for the men to tell of some things they were thankful for. We were singing, “There Shall be Showers of Blessing.” At the end of each stanza I would ask for others to tell what they were thankful for. And I told them I was most grateful for Christ and you. I meant it with all my heart, Dear. I always love to tell others how much you mean to me and how much you inspire me in working to be a better servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I told you yesterday, we spent the greater part of the morning delivering magazines and papers to the various outposts. It gave my assistant and I real opportunity to see many of the men and find out if there was anything we could do for them.

After dinner I packed another box for you, Dear. I hope it reaches you in good time. You have not received the second box I sent yet, have you? In the box I mailed today you will find the following things: nine shell necklaces, six bracelets, one belt made of palm leaves and shells, four pieces of coral and two fans made of palm leaves.

Now as to the necklaces, you do what you like with them. Be sure to save one for Jeanne Wychoff and I think you had better save one for Rachel’s girl, (for some reason or other I cannot think of her name). Also give one to Emma Laymon, I want her to have one for sure. When I wrote to Ruth Reid I asked her if she wanted one, so if she does I’ll let you know and you can give her one. Darling, I want you to keep the three nicest bracelets for yourself. And you can do with the rest what you like. As to the shell belt and fans, they are a special gift from Mofete and his wife to you. The belt was made by Mofete’s little nine-year-old girl. The dyes used in the fans and belt are made from the bark of the scrub trees. As you know, Mofete’s wife is many miles from here and he hasn’t seen her since his arrival here. Someday I’ll be able to tell you how the fans and belt got out here for you. When I tell you the story you will appreciate them much more than ever I know. By the way, the shell bracelets are made large on purpose, if you want to make them smaller all you have to do is remove the shells on either side, (be sure to leave enough of the palm leaf cord to sew to). Perhaps you can pick up some snaps in the $.10 store and sew them on, however, I should think little hooks of some kind would be much better. Most of the coral is all white with the exception of the one, if you will look closely you will know that it has a light pink color. If I am able to get some nice colored pieces I’ll send them to you later.

We had another ball game this evening and we won by a score of 10 to 8. I pitched for our team and had good luck at that. It was quite dark to play ball by the time the game was over. As soon as we finished, my assistant and I left immediately for the midweek service at the farm. They were 10 in the service this evening. The men are really getting to the place where they can sing some of the courses very well. None of them had ever sang any of them before but all seemed to enjoy them very much now that we are singing them. I have taught them three of them so far, they are “Do You Know That You’ve Been Born Again”, “It’s a Grand Thing to be a Christian”, and my old favorite, “Wonderful Jesus.” Remember how well our young people used to sing that chorus? And the times when we would have the men hum softly and the girls whistle. My other great favorite is, “Every day with Jesus”. I think I will teach them that chorus in the near future. It will surely be grand when you and I can get together again and sing, Dear. I have always enjoyed singing with you.

I used as my scripture text Joshua 1:1-9. I sought to challenge them to accept and seek to make Joshua 1:8 true of their lives. And to note with interest the last part of the ninth verse.

After the service was over we sat around and visited for awhile and now it is quite late. It was during this time that I found out that Corporal Jensen had been at Lawsonia on several occasions and he told me that he thought it very nice and that it ought to be ideal for what our denomination has in mind. He said they were surely fortunate to get it for such a reasonable price.

 Some more pictures of the Bob Hope Troupe on the Island being entertained by the natives. From Sarah’s scrapbook – July 1944

I’m going to enclose newsletter a card which Katherine Riley sent me taken on the inside of Tremont Temple. I thought you might enjoy seeing the interior of this great church. Evidently this picture was taken from the first balcony. I have attended five services in this church and every time I was there it was filled to capacity. On two occasions I had the privilege of being on the platform with Dr. Brownville. On another occasion I was on the platform with all the chaplains who were attending Chaplains School. (Let me make this clear, all the chaplains who were in the service who were attending Harvard were asked to go to the platform and be seated.) On one occasion I was on the platform with Charlie Taylor, the evangelist who I also had a part in a program with him at Long Beach, perhaps you remember me telling you about it.

Darling, it is so late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight. May God bless you in all things. I do hope that your experience of this and next week will be very much worth while.

With all of my love in Christ



Colossians 3:3

P.S. I finished reading II Corinthians today.