February 22, 1944

February 22, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

I received your grand letter written last Thursday evening and you will never know how happy I was to hear from you my Dear. This letter and several others I have from you are going to be read and reread many times before I receive another letter from you. It will be quite some time before any of my mail reaches you Dear, but remember, I love you more each passing day and that I’ll try and write you a little each day and will send them to you as soon as possible.

Los Angeles Times. February 21, 1944.

It has rained again most of the day. I suppose you have noted in the Chicago papers about the bad rains around Los Angeles and the threatening flood conditions.

I’m glad you like the place mats. As soon as I saw them I thought you would love them so I picked some out for you my Dear. When we get back in our own home and church again, perhaps we can get us a nice dining room set and use them when we have company over after church or anytime during the week.

Yes dear, God has blessed us with many fine Christian friends. My prayer is this that we will live holy and unreservedly for Christ together in all that we do. Sweetheart, writing conditions are very difficult so excuse my poor writing.

By the way Dear, how is Dr. Montey feeling these days? Be sure to give Dr. and Mrs. Montey my love and best wishes.

Well dear, my first six months of service are past and that is just six months less time to endure separation from you. I’ll be so very glad to get back to you my Dear. It is very hard being away from you but knowing this is God’s will for us, I find God even blesses the longing in my heart. Thanks for being such a grand wife and sweetheart to me my Dear. I want to be my very best in order to express my gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His goodness in bringing us together in the wonderful bond of marriage.

Darling, I’m sorry to hear you have a cold. I hope you will be over it for sometime by the time this letter reaches you.

I’m glad Daddy liked the picture of us Dear and I know it must have made him happy because he surely thinks a lot of you Lover. I am surprised to hear about Cletus Loids (?) and Bob Miller having to go into the Army.

In that I will not be able to get my mail to you for sometime, be sure to get the new dress, shoes, gloves and hat for your birthday especially from me. And wherever I am on Easter morning I will be thinking of you dressed in your new outfit with a nice corsage from me Dear. Remember Darling, I love you more than words can ever tell. When you receive my next letter be assured I love you much more than ever. God Bless you my Dear forever in all things.

Yours and yours alone in Christ’s Magnificent love,



Col 3:3

Phil 1:3 forever

Written on the side Happy Birthday Dear and don’t forget to get my presents for you.

Written in pencil on the back:

I hope your allotments come through O.K. Sweetheart, be sure to let me know when they come through.

With all my Love in Christ,


February 21, 1944

February 21, 1944

Dear Darling Sweetheart:-

We have been busy today and around 3:30 P.M. I went over to the Post Office and got the nice letter you wrote me last Wednesday night. It was very sweet and I enjoyed the poetry very much. I’m sure I’ll be able to use them sometime in my services later.

I had my (censored) shot in the series of (censored) today and my left arm is really quite sore and stiff tonight.

It rained most of the day, the sun only appeared two or three different times.

This morning I sent home my dress uniform (Green trousers, Blouse, Service hat and one field jacket). I sent them by express collect because I wanted to keep what cash I have. Please take them out of the boxes as soon as possible and hang them up. I will not be able to get the receipt, (information cut out by censorship on reverse) at our Battalion Headquarters said he would mail the receipt to you if I left a self-addressed envelope. So I left the envelope and I suppose you will receive the receipt in a week or so.

I’m glad you enjoyed the table mats Dear. If God wills, we will have many opportunities to use them. Won’t it be grand when we again can have our own home and our own church?

Paul and Genevieve Vogel and their children. 1943

I got a grand letter from Paul Vogel today. Knowing him as we do – you can imagine what a fine letter he would write. He is surely a sincere Christian and I’m sure he will be used of God to win others.

I wish you could have seen the sunset tonight. I’m sure you would have enjoyed it very much.

Don’t’ forget what you are to do for your birthday and Easter – a new dress or suit, gloves, shoes and hat especially from me. As I said to you before, I want to think of you on Easter Morning in a complete new outfit. And as you wear it, think of it as indicative of my love. As I told you before Dear, I want you to have the best. I love you so very much that the best is none too good for you.

I’m glad you were able to encourage the officers of the junior department to seek to make their room more worshipful by getting some new pictures appropriate for this particular age group. I hope you will be able to get them to develop a worship center idea for their room.  (information cut out by censorship on reverse) that will add much to their feeling of reverence for their opening exercises every Sunday morning.

Lover, it is growing late and I’m tired so I’ll close for now and will write more later. Each day I love you more my Dear and every day I find additional things to thank God for because of your precious love. May God richly bless you in all your schoolwork. I am so happy you are enjoying your Master’s degree work at Northern. So long my Dear.

 Yours and yours alone forever

 in the matchless love of Christ,


(Censored – XOXOXOXOXO)

(Censored – Most likely Col. 3:3)

February 20, 1944

February 20, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

I want to talk to you a few minutes before I send your letter on. Lover, you grow more precious as the moments fly. Words will never be able to adequately describe my love for you, Darling.

San Francisco 1944.

I went to our chapel service at 10:00 AM this morning which was very good. Chaplain Rushing is a Baptist from Virginia, after that I stayed for Sunday school class, there were 11 counting two chaplains and myself. Most of the chaplains who are leaving went into San Francisco to spend the day there. It would have been nice but I decided to save my money and observe the services here. I went over to the Officer’s Club to have my dinner and as soon as I return I started to write this letter to you. I have several more letters I want to write so I’ll cut this rather short and write you more this evening.

Darling, there is one thing I do want to call to your attention before I close though. Didn’t you think “My Utmost” was wonderful for yesterday, February 19th? I underlined this part in my copying, “Some people do a certain thing and the way in which they do it hallows that thing forever afterwards. It may be the most common place thing, but after we have seen them do it, it becomes different.” At the side I wrote these words which I mean wholeheartedly, “Sarah my beloved wife.” You love so beautifully Dear that everything is more beautiful to behold.

By the way Dear, don’t worry about income tax, we have been advised to forget it now we are leaving the country so soon. So long for now Dear. I love you so much. God bless you in all things.

Yours and yours alone in Christ’s Love,



Col 3:3

P.S. Enclosed is this mornings chapel program.

February 20, 1944

Sunday Evening late

My Dearest Darling Wife:-

I didn’t get a letter from you today because they do not distribute mail to the officers here on Sunday. My first chance to get your letter will be tomorrow morning at around 10:30 A.M. As you know, I’ll surely be looking forward to reading them. Your letters are always filled with so much love that I cannot help but thank God for your precious love.

I assisted in Communion services tonight upon the request of the post chaplain. He is a Presbyterian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was a very nice service and there were around 55 present.

It is raining again and from all indications it’s going to keep up all night. It is still very quiet around our barracks because most of them are still in San Francisco, they do not have to be back until 8 o’clock in the morning. I imagine they will be coming in all hours of the night, there are so many who feel they have to have one final blow out before sailing.

Lover, I looked up your birthday and it comes on Tuesday this year, just two days after Easter. In that I will not be able to purchase anything for you where I will be and not knowing how soon we will be able to write to each other, that is by your birthday time, I’m going to tell you what I want you to get yourself for your birthday from me. “A nice dress or spring suit and shoes, gloves and hat.” They will be for your birthday but you will be able to wear them for Easter. You and mom pick something nice. Don’t worry about price-remember quality regardless of cost. I want you to have the best Dear, because your love is so precious to me that it demands the best. Please do this Dear because if I were where I could I would take you and we would go to Carson’s or Field’s and get you a dress, suit, shoes, gloves and hat. I’ll let mom take my place-be sure and tell her of my appointment to take my place and get these things for you. You and mom decide whatever you would rather have a nice spring dress for best or a suit. But be sure to get the shoes, gloves and hat to match if you like. And then on Easter morning I want you to have a nice corsage appropriate for your new dress or outfit. Get a nice medium sized corsage, please don’t get a small one. Also find out what mom is going to wear and get her a nice medium sized corsage from me. And for the Chief a nice red or white carnation for his lapel. I may be many many miles from you but on Easter morning I want this assurance in my heart that you are wearing a new dress or suit, shoes, gloves and hat with a lovely corsage from the one who is yours forever and will cherish you and your love as long as the ages roll on.

Sweetheart, Robert Browning says in one of his works, “that the best is yet to come.” Oh how I thank God that is true, you know I am coming home, we are not going to be for ever apart. The homecoming is already planned, if not here it will be there. I’m leaving it all in God’s hands but I do look forward to the day when I do come back and we are again established in our own home and church. I do so want to get our family started. You will surely be a wonderful mother and I know our children could never have a more wonderful Christian mother than you will be.

I want you on Easter morning to be so well groomed that it will as far as materially can be expressed our joy for the assurance God has given us that we are forever each others. On April 9th, wherever I am, I’ll think of you my Dear, mom with her corsage and the Chief with his carnation going to North Shore.

Well Darling, it is growing later and I’m so tired I think I’ll close for tonight.

Please do this for me won’t you Dear? Because that morning I’m going to be dreaming of how pretty you must be and how much I wish I could be walking at your side and have the privilege of holding you in my arms and press my lips against your beautiful sweet lips.

God bless you my Dear, I could go on and on telling you of my love but I’ll close now and try to get some rest.

Forever and ever yours in the love

 which makes our marriage and love

 life so completely happy,



Col 3:3

Psalm 91

February 19, 1944

February 19, 1944

My Dearest Darling Wife:-

We have had rain all day, it started raining during the night. We have mud now everywhere and I have avoided being out any more than necessary.

Willis’ letter from February 19, 1944.

About 4 P.M. I walked over to the Post office to receive what I had so hoped would arrive today. It was those beautiful letters you had been holding until I notified you. I hurried over to the officer’s club to sit in an easy chair and read the letters. It was nice and quiet so I could really enjoy those beautiful letters. Lover, about all I could think or feel as I read that beautiful group of letters was thank you Dear Lord for such a wonderful devoted wife. I’ve always felt you were God’s little girl – but each day great joy fills my heart to overflowing because everything you do, think or say makes me realize – “No man has ever had a sweeter, more consecrated, devoted, Christian wife than you my Dear,” because the very thought of you makes me love Christ more. You inspire me to do my very best for Christ, and knowing you as I do, I know it makes you exceedingly happy. If God wills I ought to be a real soul winner. If I’m not, it will be my own fault. Because I have Christ and I have you (which is a very tangible physical presence of the beauty of Christ in your heart and life.) Sweetheart, if this letter is disconnected and not logical please forgive me because some fellow has a radio blaring and it’s hard to concentrate. You know it is this modern jungle music which is so annoying.

I can see from what you have been telling me in your letters that you have surely been busy. I suppose you will have exams the last week of February or the first week of March.

I’m sorry I thought I told you what I sent Davis’ from us. It was a box of candied fruit like I sent you, except yours was 2 1/2 pounds and the one I sent them was 1 3/4 pounds.

The Chief must really be happy now that he has two more tires for the car. I hope he is able to get two fairly good ones.

I’m glad you got the Chief’s birthday present and I hope he will like it. I’m going to send him a card soon because I want him to get it for his birthday.

Darling, officers are only paid 10% more for overseas service. Enlisted men’s pay is increased 20%. I’m not sure but I think it is increased as soon as we sail.

Darling, there is so much interference I think I’ll close for now. I’ll write more in the morning – I’ll have the time because mail doesn’t leave here until 3:20 P.M.

Sweetheart, I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you, but I find a great source of joy when I think we will have all eternity to be each other’s and fathom our wonderful, glorious experience of being forever each other’s. Remember my Dear, I’m only yours forever.

God Bless you in all things,

Yours because of Christ’s Love,



Col 3:3

My Utmost has surely been good, hasn’t it Dear?

February 18, 1944

February 18, 1944

Dearest Darling:-

It is about 1 A.M. and I’m really on the spot, when I got up this morning I went to wind my wrist watch only to find it wouldn’t wind properly. The camp jeweler didn’t open until 12:15. I took it in immediately to check it, and he found one of the cogs on the

Advertisement for Peacock’s Jewelers in Chicago.

catch that holds the main spring is broken. And he can’t fix it and neither can they in San Francisco because he has had theses same watches brought to him and tried it but they cannot fix it because they do not have the parts. So he advised me to rush it back to you and have you take it to the Peacock’s and have them give me a new watch in the place of it or fix it immediately and send it special Deliver Air Mail. I’m sending it to you special Delivery Air Mail now. It just makes me sick, just when I need it the most it would have to go bad. Try to have it to me by next Wednesday morning, for if I don’t get it then it will be 2 or 2 1/2 months before it will catch up with me. I happen to know I’ll need it badly, so here’s hoping I will have it back by Wednesday morning. Thanks for all the trouble Dear. I must close. By the way, I hope you have the receipt. If you can’t get it fixed perhaps they will send another like it. Maybe the Chief will handle it for you. Tell Peacock’s I’ll appreciate their help in this emergency very much.

Your’s forever in Christ’s Love,



If it costs us more money go ahead Dear.

February 18, 1944

My Dear Darling Wife:-

Well, it is time to be in bed but I do want to talk to you a few minutes before closing my eyes after today’s activities.

This morning we were busy till noon getting more information. As I told you in my Air Mail Special Delivery, I took my watch over to the jeweler and after finding out the trouble I wrapped it as soon as possible to get it to you. After I came back here I marked all my things with non-fading ink, that is with our number for our movement. It took a long time because I tried to make my things readable – some of the men just seem to smear there’s on their equipment. I finished this work about 9 P.M. and then I took a shower and washed all my dirty clothes. I have them all up drying now.

We surely had a beautiful sunset today. It was one of God’s great masterpieces, I know you would have enjoyed it my Dear. The mountains that I described to you before were partly wrapped by great salmon colored clouds that looked ever so much like stringy taffy.

It was a beautiful day, so nice and warm. You would never imagine it could be February. I got the sweetest letter from Holly’s today – it was beautiful and only makes me more grateful to our Heavenly Father for His goodness to us. They surely love us Dear. I only hope we can serve Christ so effectively and wholeheartedly that their love for us will be justified. I suppose you will soon have a letter from them because they told me in my letter that they had just finished a letter to you Dear. Darling, I’m so thankful for your precious love and may God richly bless you in all things. It is late and I’m rather chilly sitting here in my barracks. I’ll write more later.

Yours forever because we are

one forever in Christ’s Love,



Colossians 3:3

February 17, 1944

February 17, 1944

My Dearest Darling Wife:-

I didn’t write you a note last night because I was busy until very late packing and rearranging some of my things for our voyage. And on top of that, my typhus shot was making me feel pretty achy all over. It gave me a little fever and my joints seemed to hurt some. A lot of the men were pretty sick-many of them stayed in bed a good portion of the afternoon and evening. Today I felt good and really have been on the go. At 9 o’clock we had a special meeting for all Chaplains, it lasted until 10 o’clock. I am the youngest of all the Chaplains by three or four years and they are calling me the baby. We had another meeting among the few of us that lasted until about 11:30.  Then four of us had an early dinner and left for San Francisco to see the Port Chaplain. I wish you could have been along, it was surely a beautiful drive. The mountains and the bay were indeed a wonder to behold. Such scenes always make me think of God’s great creative powers. Someday, if God wills, we will drive our car out here to the coast for a vacation. Then we will be able to enjoy all the great beauty of this land of ours. At least we will plan on it, won’t we Dear?

Golden Gate Bridge. Early 1944.

On our way we passed through Oakland and Berkeley. I also had the joy of passing over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. It was indeed a beautiful site from the bridge. If God wills it won’t be so long until our steamer passes under this beautiful bridge. But the day I’m looking for is the one when I’ll be standing on deck seeing the Golden Gate Bridge looming to the east of our steamer with our boat going east.

We arrived back here at Headquarters around 7:30. I’m quite tired tonight.

I’ll be waiting for those letters you started to me yesterday. I surely hope they get to me before I have to leave here. We have no idea how soon we may leave here and if I did I wouldn’t tell you because too many men’s lives are involved.

In spite of being very busy making last minute preparations, I think of you many times during the day and you know and may be assured I am loving you. Darling, words could never describe to you how much I really love you. All I know is this, “Thank you for being such a very wonderful Christian, (God’s little girl) wife to me.”

Well, it’s late and I’m tired so I’ll close for now. But remember I’m broadcasting 24 hours per day on the station “I love you truly” and the wavelength is Because of Calvary. God Bless you Dear.

Yours forever in Christ’s Love,



Col 3:3

February 15, 1944

February 15, 1944

My Dear Darling Wife:-

I have just put through a call to you my Darling. I want you to know my address so you can send the letters you have been holding.

As it is now, you will be able to write me here. We make out cards addressed to friends we want to know our addresses and after we sail the postmaster at San Francisco will fill in our  A.P.O. number and send them to you so you will know how to address us overseas. And the letters that came here will be sent to the postmaster at San Francisco and he will send them on to us. You will be able to change my address as soon as the postmaster sends you my A.P.O.

Willis’ engraved communion case.

I have my notebook on my lap writing this letter to you my Dear. The phone booth is just across the hall. The operator told me there will be a two or three hour delay. I am so anxious to receive your precious letters I feel it is worth another call to tell you what my address is. Sweetheart, you grow more precious all the time. Well, I’ll try and bring you up to date on what has happened since I typed the short note to you yesterday with the pictures taken recently. We left Holly’s house in about 15 minutes-picked up my communion set at the engravers (had my name engraved upon it so it would be easier to find it if it should be misplaced during the voyage). Holly’s paid for it as my Valentine present. We then went to Hanson’s to say so long, and my how they cried. It surprises me that they should think so much of me. I only hope I will be able to bring them closer to Christ. After that we hurried over to Gail’s school to pick her up because she wanted to go with me to the station. It was really hard saying goodbye to Holly’s. They are so wonderful and their love and kindness I shall never forget. They are going to write you soon Dear. They surely love you a whole lot Dear. The last thing I looked at when I left Holly’s was our picture on their piano. You look so very sweet dear, every time I look at that picture I feel you are just ready to talk to me. We were around 50 miles out of Los Angeles when night over took us, but we did have some very pretty scenery to see until dark. On one side majestic mountains and on the other the fruitful plains and valleys of California. Our trip was very uneventful, mainly because I preferred to go to my berth early. There was a lot of frivolity over some bottles of our legalized spirits on the train. As you know or may suspect there was a lot of noise until the early hours of the morning. Men seem to think they are so smart carrying bottles of this brain Paralyzer aboard the trains. No one else’s comfort is ever thought of, just the satisfaction of their own lust. I got up at 5:30 A.M. and shaved so I would be ready before the rush. Our train pulled into Pittsburgh just at 7 AM. The sky was a beautiful seashell pink with the approaching new day. An Army truck picked us up along with all our baggage and brought us out to camp. We had our breakfast and started through a long series of procedures. Among them was another medical examination, my right arm is a little sore tonight because I’ve started another series of typhus shots-three in number-they are to be taken a week apart. If they are not finished here they will be completed on the boat. I finished everything by 11 A.M., went over to my assigned barracks to await further movement orders. After finishing my dinner I went to the Quartermasters to get necessary issue equipment for our move and my new gas mask. I have most everything I need-now my job is to confine my things in as small a place as possible.

After coming back from the Quartermasters I made up my bed and took a nap. Around 5:30 I came over here to eat and after eating I put in the call to you Dear and here I am loving you more and waiting to hear your precious voice. Darling, I love you so very very much. I thank God daily for you and your precious love.

It has been very windy here today but the wind went down this evening and our surrounding area was beautiful, to the south of us are big gently rolling mountains covered with green grass. Their contour makes one think of great piles of sifted flour. North of the upper Bay the mountains are more rugged. To our east and south spreads the famous “San Joaquin Valley.” Darling, I love you very very much and I believe I will complete this letter after I talk to you, in the meantime I’ll write Paul and Genevieve a short letter.

After talking to you Darling:

It was surely wonderful to hear your voice again-being separated from you this way has been giving me some idea of how Jesus Christ’s heart must have hurt being separated from Our Heavenly Father. If this separation will only help make me a better man I’ll thank God because I do want to be partially worthy of you and your precious love.

We surely had a good connection tonight, you seemed so very near to me when I talked to you. My arms and lips are so hungry for you my Dear. Thank God because of Christ’s finished work there is coming a day when we shall never be separated again Dear. I will surely be waiting for your letters, Sweetheart. They are manna for my soul, just as is God’s words because you are His little girl.

Well, I must close for now because I am so tired, but remember my love shall never grow tired but I assure it will always be as constant as Christ’s love for us Dear.

Yours Always in Christ’s Love,



Colossians 3:3

Phil 1:3 – Forever

February14, 1944

Monday Morning, February 14, 1944

Well my Darling, I finally talked to you and how I thank our Heavenly Father for your Precious Love. I couldn’t go out with the young people for a while because some big old tears had come first after talking to you. Sweetheart, the young people are all so very wonderful to me, the only thing lacking Dear was your lovely presence with us physically. However, I did feel you very near me in Spirit Darling. After having a very lovely lunch we sang choruses and some of the great hymns of the church. It was a lovely evening and I want you to someday meet and know all the young people of the First Baptist Church of Long Beach.

Life Magazine from February 14, 1944.

By the way, Mrs. Holly told me she wrote you a letter Saturday and had to cut it short because of some unexpected business they had to take care of. They said they will write you again soon after I leave here. Mr. And Mrs. P.C. Hansen came to church and sat with Holly’s and me during the evening service. She left in a hurry because she started to cry but made me promise to come by and say goodbye this afternoon. So Holly’s said they would drive me by to tell Hansen’s goodbye. For some reason or other the Hansen’s like me very much, I hardly know why but it does make me feel very very humble and out of my heart I find another thank you going up to God for His goodness to us Darling.

There is another thing I failed to tell you, Saturday morning when we were shopping Holly’s and I stopped in to see Mr. Moore, a wonderful Christian from the First Methodist Church of Long Beach. He is the man who prints “Moore’s Monthly,” the little magazine in which a lot of Holly’s poems appear in. Mr. Moore compiles this magazine himself and many of the fine things in it are written by him personally. It has so many lovely things in it that I sent you a years subscription because it may be of help to you in your work Dear. I also sent a years subscription to Dr. Wilson because I thought it may be helpful to him, Darling.

Well Darling, I want to write a note to my father this morning so I’ll close for now but remember that my love for you grows as the moments fly by. If God wills, I’ll soon come back to you and then we will start our own home and family, and all in all we will have more joy in our hearts because we will know that we have followed God’s leading. And we will be better prepared for the great challenge of tomorrow. God Bless you my Dearest in everything you do, say or think.

Yours and yours alone for the ages of the ages because of

The Redeeming Love of Christ our Savior,



Colossians 3:3 Oh that it may be true my Dear.


P.S. This is a progressive letter – but I wanted to talk to you a little amidst all the activity. I love you Dear.

February 13, 1944

Sunday Afternoon, February 13, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Here it is Sunday afternoon late and I want to drop you a few lines before I go to Young Peoples at the First Baptist Church with Holly’s, Laura, Harry and Gail. I’ll try and bring you up to present, my driver came by and picked me up here yesterday afternoon at 1:30 P.M. It took me about an hour before I had everything ready but Chaplain O’Gorman wasn’t entirely ready so we ate our dinner and left in an Army vehicle with all our equipment to check it through on our tickets to Pittsburgh, California. It weighed a lot more than 150 pounds but they checked it through and didn’t charge us any extra. I also took the box of clothes down and sent it by express to you Dear. You ought to receive it about next Friday or Saturday. You will find enclosed 5 or 6 pairs of trousers, several pairs of socks, 6 shirts, 2 overseas caps, a pair of gloves, 4 sheets, a pillow case, 1 wool blanket, some books, my old alarm clock, 2 pairs of shoes, some letters and something Mom likes, no telling you might have to hide some of them for a while.

By Willis: Small service – three besides organist “Loman,” and assistant Turner.

It was rather late by the time we got home last night and by the time I took my shower and did my reading it was in the wee hours of the morning. I slept till almost seven o’clock. And instead of having just the one service as I told you before, I had a service at 9:30 A.M. and the other at 11 o’clock. I had a real experience at the last service and really felt the power and presence of Christ. A Lieutenant Colonel came to the service and had some very nice things to say about my message and the way I gave it to the men. He served all during the last war and told me that I was the kind of Chaplain they needed in the combat zones. He said that it was very obvious that I meant everything I said and he assured me that the men would respect me for being sincere. Dear, that is nothing in me, if it were a blessing to him as he said it was, it was that little bit of Christ that was able to find its way through me. My prayer is that I may so present Christ that others will be able to say of me as one man once said of Spurgeon, “I don’t know about knowing Spurgeon but I would surely like to know Spurgeon’s Christ.” It so happened that three civilians came into the last service also and they seemed to enjoy it very much. The man said after hearing my message he somewhat regained his faith in Chaplains. But the surprise of the whole thing was this incident. While I was eating my dinner a soldier came in to inform me that I was wanted on the telephone. Upon answering the phone I found out that it was one of the young women who was in the service. She told me that they were from the Vermont Avenue Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles and on the way home Mr. and Mrs. Kay and she talked about my message and was so glad to know me that they were wondering if their young married peoples class could adopt me as their chaplain. They said they would like me to write them and let them know of my work and that daily they are going to remember me in prayer, and also they would love to provide anything I may need to add to my services overseas for the men. Such incidents make me feel so absolutely humble Dear. The Lord is so very good to us that it seems it’s all a heavenly dream. Unknown at 10 A.M. and calling me at 1:30 P.M. to ask me if they could adopt me as their Chaplain. God gives so abundantly, doesn’t He Dear?

By the way, I forgot to tell you that yesterday morning when we were shopping I saw something I was sure you would like, therefore I bought them for you to use, and when I come back and we are in our own church again we will use them when we invite some of our friends and church members over for a little lunch after church. Darling, this is my going away gift to you and I want you to know that every bit of my love is wrapped up in that little gift. God knows the future but this is just my way to let you know I’m planning on coming back to you Dear. We can hope and plan that way can we not, Dear?

We have just now returned from young peoples and the evening worship service, and you know the Holly’s have invited a whole group of young people over here to have a farewell lunch for me, isn’t that sweet of them? Words cannot describe to you or anyone else how really wonderful my whole life has been since we meet on the night of November 1, 1940. Darling, only at Jesus’ feet will we ever be able to know the wonders of Christ’s love and that which is making our married life daily grow sweeter and more inspiring to give all that we have together to Christ.

I have just now put through another long distance call to you Darling and am waiting for the operator to make contact with you. She quoted a 2 or 3 hour delay, it will be late when finally I reach you but I’m calling again tonight because I’m a little afraid I won’t be able to contact you after arriving at the Port of Embarkation. Undoubtedly I will be there a while but I don’t want to take any chances of not talking to you again and hearing your very sweet voice. I may be there anywhere from one day to three weeks or more. But be assured of this Dear, I’ll get a message to you as soon as I possibly can. Lover, I will finish this letter later, I better go and visit with the young people now. I’ll write some more later and will send it tomorrow morning Air Mail.

Willis continues on the same paper the next day. We will post the continuation tomorrow.

February 12, 1944

Saturday Morning, February 12, 1944

Good Morning my Darling Sweetheart:

I finally got into bed around 1:30 A.M. this morning and I sleep so soundly because in my heart I have the assurance that you love only me for all eternity Dear. We have just finished a nice breakfast–only one of those kind that the Holly’s and Laura can prepare for you. During breakfast the doorbell rang and what do you think? The picture of us arrived and they were so happy to get it, Dear. It just seems the Lord meant for it to arrive at this time, so I would be able to see it. If I do say so myself, I do think that it finished up very well. You look so very sweet Dear, I started to shed tears because it looked like you were telling me that you love me so much. So as a result we all finished our breakfast shedding tears. Thank you my Dear for being such a wonderful wife to me. Everything I see, think, do or say somehow or other makes me think of you my Dear.

Willis with his driver from the 603.

We are going out and do a little shopping this morning, take some pictures and then between one and 1:30 P.M. this afternoon a driver from the 603rd group is supposed to pick me up, and then I will go back to Culver City and get the box ready to send by express to you. At that time I’m also planning on taking all my things down to Los Angeles and check them through the Port. All in all I will have a lot to send through. My footlocker of personal things, a combat box with professional equipment, (Bibles, tracts, and good Christian reading material); Val-pac  with things necessary for the voyage, communion set, bedroll including sleeping bag, besides all my field equipment, gas mask, steel helmet, etc. You see I’m going unattached and as a result it makes it very difficult for me because I have to carry all my own things rather than my unit being responsible for all my things through to the combat zone.

I’m planning on holding one service tomorrow at 11 o’clock and that is all, as soon as possible after dinner Chaplain O’Gorman and I are planning on leaving the 603rd permanently. Mr. and Mrs. Holly want me to come back here and stay here until my train leaves Monday evening. And if all goes as now planned that is what I’ll do.

Mr. Holly is also going to take me down town to Long Beach and help me get travelers checks because he says it will be a lot safer for me. I have $83 and a few cents left now, and unless I have some very unnecessary expenses I’ll be all right. So don’t worry will you Dear?

Laura is ironing my clothes now-she is indeed a very sweet person and would do anything under the sun for me. Darling, the Lord is so wonderfully good to us that it sometimes seems I am dreaming. You have such beauty of heart and life my Dear that everything is made more beautiful because of your love for me.

It is such a beautiful day and the sun is shining so beautifully Dear but it could never compare to the sunshine that is in my heart and soul because of the precious love you so bountifully give to me. Well, I will have to close now because we do want to get going on our little shopping trip together. I did want to take a few moments to talk to you this morning thus I took this privilege to write you again.

Your husband, Lover and sweetheart forever in the Love

Of our all Glorious Redeemer and Saviour,



Colossians 3:3