August 9, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

9 August 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

What a day! This evening I had a spiritual banquet on your four letters of July 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st.  Those letters were so very wonderful and they helped me more than you know. It is always a brighter day when I hear from you, Dear. Now that so many came at one time I suppose I’ll go without for two or three days. But in that time I’ll read these letters over several more times. I got some other mail also, Dear. There were letters from Mrs. Harry Allen, Scheu’s, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mildred, Dolores Nelson and more letters concerning loved ones lost in action. Whenever a bunch of mail comes that way, I always look for your letters first. It may sound funny but it’s like looking for you in a crowd of people, and inside of me I feel just like I know I would if I really could see you; and as I read the letters it is like taking you in my arms and caressing you as we did when we had the great joy and privilege of being together.

By the way, I’m sorry I cannot type this letter to you but our typewriter was sent in two days ago for some necessary repairs.

This morning I worked on my message and talk to the men this evening on, “How we got our English Bible.” I had just a little time left before dinner so I got a letter off to Lieutenant Erb. As soon as dinner was over, I came back down here and studied for a while. Then the men came by and asked me to pitch for them again. I didn’t really have time, but nevertheless, I finally went with them and pitched again for them. We won again three to two. I walked no one and allowed three hits. I’m teased a lot about my ball playing. I love to play and I like to win, and I try my best to be a good pitcher. I guess I am just lucky.

I studied for a while longer and just before time to eat your wonderful letters arrived. It was so near suppertime that I could not read them, so as soon as I had finished I came back down here and read your uplifting letters before our Bible class. There were 29 men in attendance this evening. All of them entered into the discussion very well and I know it even proved helpful to me.

Stalin, Truman and Churchill at the Potsdam conference. July 1945.

By the way, the big news around here today is the fact that Russia declared war on Japan. Do you remember in last night’s letter I made the remark that Russia might come in now that it looks like Japan is pretty well crushed? Maybe I only implied it, but when I heard the news this morning I wasn’t at all impressed or surprised. Most all feel that Russia only came in for self interest and to be sure to have something to say at the peace table. If it shortens the war, so much the better, but no one seems to trust Russia very far. I do hope Japan quits, otherwise it will be a slaughter and destructive the like of which this world has never known. If they do surrender, we can be expecting a move to the mainland very shortly to patrol and start rounding up enemy soldiers and the militarists. I certainly hate to think of fighting our way in from the beaches until every little pocket of resistance is crushed.

By the way, in one of your letters you informed me that the Chief’s Japanese rifle came through okay. I’m glad he liked it. Was he surprised? I certainly enjoyed his letter and as soon as I can find a little time I will answer it. I certainly love Mom and the Chief.

Day before yesterday you notified me in your letter to send your mail to the Chief’s office. I did so right away. I didn’t realize you were going out to the cottage with Mom on the 6th of August. I didn’t think you would go out till the 13th. If I would have known it a little sooner, I could have been sure you would have received all of them (my letters) and not wait so long for those that go to home address Chicago. Maybe the Chief will stay in a night or so and pick up the letters for you. I do hope you have a nice time up there with the folks and Paul, Gen and the children.

Dear, it’s very sweet of you to want to be sending me something all the time, but really, I’m getting along fine. What I want most of all is you, and of course it is impossible for you to send yourself. Your cookies and nuts were so good and I enjoyed them so much. The one box you sent took almost 10 weeks to get here and the other one with you sent the next day has been on its way about 13 weeks now. If you’re ever moved, it takes much longer. And things being as uncertain as they are, I don’t like to have you go to the trouble to prepare a lot of good things to eat and then have them reach me about 4 to 6 months later. As you know, I love to have your baking, but it is a shame to have it wait so long and see things damaged and not edible after so much handling. However Dear, at the end of this letter I’ll write a request hoping we will not be moved around so much that it will take the package a long time to reach me.

Dear, in your letter of July 18th you told me about how many at NSBC have not paid their pledge toward the new building. It is so easy to pledge and so many never do pay up. I’m glad we have hours paid up now. The First Church of Long Beach is doing wonderfully well. I think they are nearing $100,000 in cash and they only started last November. I’m glad to hear that there seems to be a better emphasis in Dr. Wilson’s sermons. I shall continue to pray for him and the church.

I do hope Bob doesn’t have to go overseas, I know it would be very good for both of them. But I do think they should beware of ever getting their hopes up too high about not being sent overseas. I’m hoping Bob will soon be able to get out of the Army and he may, who knows.

It was really hot today, but it is nice and cool now. You know, I think it isn’t bad at all, but by casual observation I’ve noticed people so often find reason to complain no matter what kind of weather we maybe having.

I’m glad you talked to Maurice and Edith about Berkeley. In my last letter to Dr. Mantey I asked him about what he thought. When I hear I’ll tell you, maybe you will see him before he writes and you will know how he feels. 

Well Lover, it is getting late and I’m tired so I’ll sign off for tonight. God bless you Dear in all things.

Just yours, Dear, because we are one in

Christ forever,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Darling-

Please send me more cookies and nuts; cashew, walnuts, peanuts(mixed).

Thank you Darling,


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