August 30, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

30 August 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

This evening I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of two more of your letters, they were for August 17th and 18th. The postmark was August 20th Chesterton, Indiana 11:30 AM. They must have held these letters for a couple of days at Johnson’s store. That wasn’t bad time for them considering how air travel has been tied up for the move into Japan. You will never know how glad I was to see those letters, for I know it will be quite a few days without mail in the offing. I also got another fine letter from Arthur Mitchell. I’ll send it to you so you can read it after I answer it.

Chesterton, Indiana 1945.

  We spent most of the morning preparing our chaplain’s supplies and equipment for shipment. Right after dinner they left here. And then almost the entire afternoon was spent cleaning up the chaplain’s area in the place where our Chapel used to be. About 4:30 I studied until a little after 5 when your good letter arrived here. After eating I came down to this tent and studied a little more for my message. I spoke this evening on Nehemiah using the fourth chapter. I used the idea of the breeches in the walls and burned gates as an illustration of the home front spiritually; and that we are not return to spiritual and moral isolation, but catch step with Christ in the mighty tasks before us or we will find the Sanballat’s and Tobiah’s of sin, frustration, despair and war and its miseries pouring through the breeches we did not repair and build on our moral spiritual home front. Some are leaving very shortly for home so I wanted to let them know the inspiration Nehemiah affords for our day. There were only 21 in attendance but that was good considering the fact that there is so much to do now.

  By the way, I sent two more things home to you today. One was an envelope of some good pictures I took out of Cornet. I like especially those of the children. I also mailed home to you a copy of the orders on which I was awarded the Bronze Star for Heroic achievement. I thought you would like to have a copy for yourself. I got an extra one so you can have it. I hope it gets through to you all right. Be sure to let me know when you receive the pictures and the citation orders.

  For about the last hour it has really been coming down. It seems like it always has to rain when we have to move. Mud is the Infantry soldiers constant companion it seems; especially in combat or on the move.

In your letter you said why don’t I tell you more since censorship regulations are lifted. For us they are not and probably won’t be for some time. We will just have to wait till I’m home and then we can really talk things over. Letters cannot tell all or express all even at best.

Dear, the new brown dress you are making sounds very nice. When you get a little time, send me a drawing of it. (I love your little drawings, they mean so much to me).  Do you plan on wearing it this fall, Dear?

  On the 18th it sounds like you were on a real shopping tour in Valparaiso and Chesterton. I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay Johnson’s such outrageous prices. I do hope the Vogels had a good time while out to the cottage.

  Lover, it is getting late and I’m tired so I’ll say goodnight. God bless you my Dear in all things.

 Yours alone forever because we are

 one in Christ,


 Colossians 3: 3

 P.S. I surely liked the picture of the folks and you, and also the one of you and the Normans. For some reason or other the pictures seem fuzzy; I love them just the same.

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