August 29, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

29 August 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Wife:

This has been a long tiresome day and all I have done it seems very little of real value was accomplished. I only received two letters today; one from my grandmother and the other from the wife of one of our men lost on this operation.

  Well, most everything is ready now. I hope the next move I make will be back in the direction of home and you, Dear.

August 30, 1945.

 It isn’t very easy to try and write a letter when you cannot tell what you’ve done;  I’m certainly getting sick and tired of censorship regulations. We are not allowed to say things because we would be divulging military information and then we listen to the latest news flashes from San Francisco and they go into great detail to tell about such and such an outfit and what it has done and will do.

  Oh well! Someday perhaps we’ll be able to write letters without having someone else reading them, and better yet, if God so wills we will be together in the work we enjoy the most and be able to have our time for devotions, prayer and good long talks like we used to have.

  I was so hoping there would be some mail from you because mail will probably be quite uncertain now for quite a while and I’m sure your mail will take longer to reach me now. Mail will be scarce for a while anyhow.

  We have a nice cool breeze this evening and I’m sure it will be good for sleeping.

  Dear, your descriptions of just sitting out there looking at Lake Michigan, going down into the Sugar Bowl makes me so lonesome to be with you, and then of course it brings to my mind a lot of memories. Remember some of the good times we had together Dear just talking, planning and looking into the future? This time apart has been very long and hard, Dear. And I do pray to God that we will never have to be separated very long again on this side of Eternity. Darling, I don’t mean that to be selfish in our life service for Christ; but I’m longing more for you than this heart of mine can express in words.

  By the way, I sent a box of things home to you today. It was some extra things I didn’t want to carry along. There is one shirt that a rat got into and really ruined the collar but I sent it home because I can probably use it when I work in our garden or when we go on a vacation together. Also you will find in the box my ax-knife combination which I do not want to carry anymore. I sent home my old field jacket which I wore through this campaign. It is very dirty and we are not supposed to wear that type now. It isn’t too good but if I don’t use it, perhaps you can make something out of it. You will also find enclosed a good pair of civilian made combat or mountain climbing boots. An officer who went home some time ago on the point system only had them for a short while and was going to burn them, I saw him and asked for them, they are just a little large for me but I hated to see them destroyed. Ask the Chief to try them on and if they fit, he is entirely welcome to have them if he would like to have them. When you see them you will note they were hardly ever used. More things go to waste than you can imagine. I also enclosed a few books and pamphlets. Sweetheart, it is rather late and I’m tired so I’ll close for tonight. God bless you Dear in all things.

 Yours alone in Christ’s Abiding Love,


 Colossians 3:3

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