August 28, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

28 August 1945

My Beloved Darling Wife:

There was mail this evening but I was certainly disappointed when I found that none of the letters were from you. I love your letters Dear and they help me more than you fully realize I know. As I have said so many times before, it always makes for a brighter day when I receive letters from my Darling Wife. The letters I received this evening were from the following people: Ollie’s, Karl Anderson, Dr. Bratcher, Dr. Zwayer and several more letters from loved ones of those lost in this operation. Some of the letters I receive are very lovely. And then there was some other official mail.

Newspaper August 29, 1945.

This has been a long uneventful day, but I have been on the go since very early this morning.  Very early I went around to all the companies and picked up the mail for men in the hospitals and called on them. I know how much mail means, so whenever I make a trip to the hospital I always take the men’s mail along. I want to go today because this will be the last time I will see some of the men, some I will probably see later but not all of them. Don, the driver and another soldier and I left here around 9 and didn’t get back till around 3:30 this afternoon. I saw Alrik in one of the hospitals (not the one he is assigned to). He had had his big toenails scraped and removed yesterday. He will be there in that hospital for two or three more days and then return to his own hospital unit. He said he was pretty miserable yesterday but he was feeling much better today. The reason I looked him up especially is because the last time I saw him he wanted a Japanese rifle, so I got one for him with a bayonet. It was just exactly like those I sent home to you and the Chief.

  While calling at the Betty Jane Rothenburg Hospital  after seeing my men, I asked for her and found that she is on nights now and was asleep so I told them not to wake her that I’ll see her in Chicago or North Shore sometime. We will be quite a long way apart now.

  After returning this afternoon I read for a while and then went up to my tent to clean up for the evening meal. After the evening meal I returned to our chaplain’s tent and then read until time for Chaplain Well’s Bible class. After that was over I came to the tent and  started to line things up to write some letters when in came a soldier to see me and talk for a while, a quite a bit of time has slipped by before he left. So before writing this letter to you I wrote a letter to Paul and Gen. I will send it along to you so you can read it my Dear. I mentioned it to them about speaking to you if they really were interested in buying a car to help them in their work.

  Dear, I think that was very nice of you to write to Lauretis Foiles, she is so nice and I know your letter must have been a real source of encouragement to her. I’m glad you are reading the book, “The Apostle,”  while you are out at the Dunes. Sholem Asch has accepted Christ as the Messiah, where did you get the idea he wasn’t a Christian? I don’t know how a man could write such a good work and not be a Christian.

  Sweetheart, it is rather late and I don’t feel too good after the two shots I had early this morning. I ache all over and both my arms are sore and I have rather dull headache. Good night my Love and remember tonight finds me loving you more than ever before. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

 Just yours alone forever in the

 love of our Lord Jesus Christ,


 Colossians 3:3

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